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FiLTH, a friendly progressive guild looking for skilled players for our 20 Man MYTHIC Team.

We have just transferred the guild and 20 of its members from frostmane to silvermoon, a more populated server with a wider variety and choice of people available to fulfill our raid roster.

With pushing 12/13 Mythic in WOD and killing 89/90 bosses through out WOD expac we are confident of pushing top 20 server ranks this time around.

What do we offer?

A stable raiding guild, friendly environment and some good times. Teamspeak 3, glossy forums/website, youtube channel, live raid streaming,Twitch channel , logs after every raid to go with streams and a raid whatsapp group on smart phones. We also meet up for real life events twice a year. We also have a PVP team pushing RBGs @ weekends and last season pushed guardian ranks. Always people online to join you in adventures till late in the night. We also have a guild raiders whatsapp grp for keeping in touch with each other daily, building that bond and synergy a team requires and thrives on.

FiLTH also hold event nights every couple of month with some great give aways of gold, mounts and so much more. Games consisting of naked brawls, scavenger hunts, team relays and many more activities on the night. FiLTH is a fun place to be and most who join love calling it there home and family.

When do we raid?

Wednesdays, Thursdays Sundays and Mondays from 8.45-11.45 pm server time. If most of those times are bad for you, please do not apply. We are trying to keep a solid team with the same people on all the raids. We need players who can join full raids, not just half raids. We really need players available 4/4 raid nights to keep the team synergy and progression.

At the start of the expac or new raid we intend on pushing a couple more nights to give us a good start for a few weeks. Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sun, Mon and a possible Tuesday.

How do I apply?

If you’ve made it this far, and you are interested in our guild and ready to kill some bosses in Mythic or wanting a solid raiding guild ready for legion , then head over to our Guild website and hit 'apply here' at the left side , below the FiLTH banner.

Thanks for reading.


For more information add MrRoboto#2229 / fozzy#2286 Battle tag in game.

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Still looking for:

DPS - Rogue, Mage, Warlock, Shadow Priest

Healers - Holy Priest, Disc Priest, Mistweaver Monk, Holy Paladin, Restoration Shaman

Tanks - Guardian Druid

To apply go to

Then click "Apply" on the top right, under the banner


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