[Fizzcrank/Aggramar][H] <Rum Runners> (6/7 N) LF DPS and Heals

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Hello my name is Zirleficent and I am the Dread Admiral (Guild Master) of the Rum Runners. We are a new Horde Guild on Aggramar/Fizzcrank. We are looking for some more people to build out our Normal raiding group to get going in Legion. Our current plan is to raid Friday evenings 6:30 to 8:30 (Central) and Saturday 5:30 to 8:30 (Central) using personal loot. Most of us work during the week and can't do the late night weekday raiding so we started our own thing. We also tend to run dungeons and other content throughout the week.

We are currently 6/7 Normal in Emerald Nightmare with just 1 raid behind us. We are really needing some DPS and Healers to fill out our group. 

We use Discord for Voice Chat and will help anyone gear up. We are looking for friendly people that want to run normal and eventually heroic level raiding, mythic dungeons, world quests and old content in a laid back fun environment. We don't take things too seriously but can buckle in and focus when necessary.

If interested please reach out to me my battle tag is Ziriuso#1680 I would be more than happy to answer any questions.

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      Guild Name:  Kindred
      Faction: Alliance

      Raid Times: Friday & Saturday 9:00pm - 12:00am CT
      Current Progression: 6/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare

      Openings: Rogue, Arms/Fury Warrior, Balance Druid

      Website:  https://kindredorder.com/
      In game contacts: Luna, Illitick, Werlockholmes, and Fidempse
      Many of us have been raiding and playing games together for years. We are serious about getting bosses down, but we are also a community of friends.
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      Hi! CatBus Raiding Academy. @Arthas-US
      Raid times are:
      Fri/Sat 22:00 to 1:00 EST (EST is also server time)
      We are a semi-hardcore guild that started in HFC WoD. We aim to build a communicative, encouraging, teamwork-focused raiding environment for players with mythic raiding in mind. Our group is aimed at raiders who are limited on time but not skill and who are looking for a raid with constructive communication.
      Our goal is to run a fair guild based on fair principle. We plan to build a mythic core of 25 players. We use EPGP to distribute loots.
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      **Quick info**
      Guild Name: Automaton
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      Realm: US - Bleeding Hollow
      Realm Type: PVP
      Realm Timezone: EST
      Raid Times: 9PM-2AM
      Raid Schedule: Friday and Saturday
      Openings: All
      **About us**
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      **General Expectations of members**
      Give prior notice if you will be absent from attending progression raid. Give prior notice if you will be if you will be arriving late or leaving early for progression raid. Have working knowledge acquired by research on progression fights. Be respectful of the raid's time. Not everyone defines fun the same (e.g. please concentrate while on guild event) Excessive raid failure will not be tolerated. We currently use Teamspeak as our method of communication during raids. Being able to listen is a requirement. **Loot**
      Loot will be distributed in a loot council system via master loot, so as to ensure that loot is distributed for the maximum benefit of the raid.
      **Class needs**
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      <Toxin> is looking for members to fill out all roles in the raid teams! We are a laid-back guild whos primary goal is providing a well knit group of raiders who fit into our two raid teams. We have one team that runs on weekends(Sat/Sun 1-4pm PST), and one on weekdays(Tues/Thurs 6-9pm PST). we will be using personal loot as we begin raiding in Legion and request that an 80% attendance be maintained as well. 

      Outside of our raid teams we offer an excellent drama free community for your friends and family to join and enjoy the game with us all. As well as a knowledgeable group of players willing to help those who want it. 

      If you have any questions feel free to contact our GM at 17hmmorris@gmail.com, our weekend raid leader on b.net(Russ#1411), Our Weekday Raid leader on b.net(Red#13988) or myself on b.net(futuresiinz#1685).

      Alternatively you can apply at http://toxinguild.gamerlaunch.com/

      Current class wants and and needs are as follows.

      Paladin: Holy/Ret
      Druid: Feral/Balance
      Priest: Shadow/disc
      Monk: Windwalker
      Shaman: Resto/Ele
      Warrior: None
      Warlock: Any
      Mage: Any
      Rogue: Any
      Hunter: Marks/BM/Surv
      Demon Hunter: Havoc
      Death Knight: Unholy/Frost

      Paladin: Holy/Ret
      Druid: None
      Priest: None
      Monk: None
      Shaman: Resto/Enhance/Ele
      Warrior: Fury/Arms
      Warlock: Any
      Mage: Any
      Rogue: Any
      Hunter: Marks/BM/Surv
      Demon Hunter: None
      Death Knight: Unholy/Frost