[Fizzcrank/Aggramar][H] <Rum Runners> (7/7 H) Fri/Sat Casual Guild

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Rum Runners on Fizzcrank/Aggramar Horde Side


Who are the Rum Runners?

We are an established Horde casual raiding guild on Aggramar/Fizzcrank US that raids on the weekend evenings.  Our goal is to see content and progress as far as we can while maintaining a relaxed laid back environment.  We like to have fun and goof around but can focus and be serious when we need to be.  Most of our members are working adults or college students.


We are a group that is accepting all levels of raiding experience and willing to help our members learn about their class and how to raid.  We are not looking for the super hardcore or for people that have to have Ahead of the Curve Achievements and if the occasional pear shaped run offends you then we are not the home for you.  But if learning, having fun and seeing content sounds like something you want to do then we could be the home for you.


What are we recruiting?

We are recruiting all classes and roles.



Our current progression:

·         7/7 Emerald Nightmare Normal

·         3/3 Trial of Valor Normal

·         7/7 in Emerald Nightmare Heroic.

We do supply Flasks, Buff Food and 300g/night for progression raid repairs.


Loot Distribution

Personal Loot

Raid Schedule

We have a farm night that focuses on gearing up characters to move into our progression raid nights.  We have two progression raid nights where we focus on continuing to push through harder content.

·         Farm Night

Thursday 7PM to 9PM Eastern

Minimum requirement is ilvl 835 and all 3 relics in artifact.

·         Progression Nights

Friday 7:30PM to 9:30PM Eastern

Saturday 6:30PM to 9:30PM Eastern

Minimum Requirement is ilvl 850 and rank 20 in artifact.


Expectations of our Members

·         Have a positive attitude

·         Be willing to help other members and work as a team

·         Come prepared to raid with studying encounters

·         Do not criticize other members.



To join the guild please reach out to one of the contacts below via Battle.net.

Zirleficent (GM) - Ziriuso#1680

Wikedzoot (Recruitment Officer) - Sickoftv#1213

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Progression Update

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At this point we could really use a few ranged dps and some additional healers to cement our raid group.

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To respect the 1 bump per week rule, you need to not post a reply to the topic when you modify the original post.

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One Week Bump,  We are still looking for members and open to all looking for a casual laid back env to enjoy WoW in.

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One Week Bump,  We have ventured into EN Heroic and had some minor progression in there Saturday Night.  We are going to continue on it in upcoming raids.  We are still looking for members to grow our ranks.  And in the somewhat near future we will be setting up a 2nd raid team that runs later in the night on the weekends.

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We are still recruiting to expand our roster to allow more flexibility in our raid team.  We are also starting a late night run on saturday nights in addition to our normal raid times.  This group will start at midnight eastern time to allow for those that cannot normally make our earlier raids to attend this run.

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We are still openly recruiting anyone that would like to join.  We may not be bleeding edge progression but we have fun playing the game and knocking out what we can.

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Anyone interested in joining can also contact me on Wikedzoot-Fizzcrank or at BattleNet ID sickoftv#1213

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We are still looking for some more tanks/heals for Mythic Keystone Runs.We could use some tanks for Mythic Keystone runs, and healers/dps for Nighthold.

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