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[US-Thrall][H] Divided-Allegiance Mature/Raid/Social

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Divided-Allegiance is recruiting for all like-Minded people.[/size]

US and EU Players in community[/size]

EST and PST are our main time zones. We have officers all over the world for others as well.[/size]


we started in Asheron call back in beta, 1998 we played that for 7 years, we then moved on to SWG, and then WOW like most other guilds, we have played games like Earthrise, Xsyon, AOC. We used to be called different names from Dark's Avengers to Blood Rage, we decided to stick with this name for the past nearly 4 years so it was less confusing. Anyways, our members love to beta test games; we have tested almost every P2P MMO on the market. Our guild motto is Real life comes first, we created this guild to get away from the elist , and people to like to yell and scream on TeamSpeak or Vent, we are here to have fun, because after all its a game.[/size]

About us.[/size]

We have a solid structure throughout our guild to keep things organized. We will raid 10 man’s at the start, and progress from there. We will have a raiding group for those that like to raid, and we will have a more social group for those that dislike raiding or those that may just like to hang out. We have done this in the past in all of our games and it works out nicely for the community as a whole. We do not recruit for numbers, but for active community. We look for mature members who are like-minded like ourselves, we do not deal with any sort of drama, so if you are a guild hopper stop reading and do not bother trying to apply. We are a guild that is about PVP, PVE and Crafting, we have a great mix of all three types of players. [/size]

We will be playing other games in the near future, like Elder Scrolls Online and Repopulation so if you are interested in a community who will be playing all these games, well here is a good chance to get to know us. We don’t treat new members poorly like a lot of guilds may and ignore you because they are after numbers, we get to know each member this is why we have the application process so we can weed out some bad members right off the bat. We do understand that when playing games online, some people like to start drama, well we have a person who deals with these people, this is his only job is to start and sort of drama that may occur.[/size]

Goals for World Of Warcraft: We will get enough level 90’s to raid 10 man dungeon’s we are almost near their now. We will expand on more once we get to that point. We will have weekly events that offer gold, items and over all fun time. We will be running dungeons for low levels and higher levels, we are the type of guild that would rather group than solo so if you are a dungeon crawler you are looking for the right guild right here. If you like to chat it up on Teamspeak this is the right guild for you. If you like to have a good time , then guess what this is the right guild for you. If you are a guild hopper, look elsewhere.[/size]

Games we Play[/size]

WARZ (1 Private Servers)[/size]

League of Legend[/size]

Elder Scrolls (Beta)[/size]

Repopulation (Beta) Soon[/size]

Games we have played:[/size]

Asheron Call 1[/size]


Age Of Conon[/size]

Fallen Earth[/size]

City Of Hero’s[/size]



World OF Warcraft (Thunder Horn) (Retired)[/size]



Secret World[/size]

We use TeamSpeak and have a 50 man TeamSpeak... [/size]

Our Motto: Real Life Comes First![/size]

When raiding and grouping, we require members to be on TeamSpeak during those times.[/size]

Apply here to Join[/size]

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We are Currently looking for a dedicated Healer prefer Pld, Mnk, Druid and Range dps Prefer Hunter or mage

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      [A] [EU] [Tarren Mill]
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      Status (Pre-Purge. Expect More.)
      6/7 Heroic EN
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      Loot: Individual until we settle on a core roster
      Voice: Discord
      At the moment we're in need of Druid/Sham/Pally/Priest heals as well as all DPS classes. Higher item level is of course better but anything above 850 to start out is fine.
      Apologies for the text. Pasted from my word document.
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      Our logs if you are interested:
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    • By BobSacamano

      We're looking for new members. Emerald Nightmare is done, and we have a couple of months til something new comes out. We'd like to try our hand at Mythic raiding. Not expecting to be a full clear super hardcore guild. Just to have some fun working on things together. This is a new venture for us, so we're open to applicants who also haven't had a chance to try mythic raiding.

      Here's the long short of who we are as a guild. I'll try to keep it brief and to the point instead of endlessly listing our amazing achievements and trying to razzle dazzle you into joining our team.

      We've been around in one form or another since Mid-TBC. We've been raiding solidly in our current state since early MoP, achieving all ahead of the curve achievements in both MoP and WoD. Our numbers dipped a bit (a lot) with the large player dropout that occured in WoD, but Legion is great and everything is on the up and up. We're back into our element.. 

      Our guild is very social outside of raiding. We have a couple of marriages to speak of that spurred from the guild, long lasting friendships and all that candy coated stuff. We do a yearly (sometimes twice a year) real life meet up that we refer to as Minus Fifteencon. We have an active facebook group, and we hang out on mumble regularly outside of raids. So if thats your thing, I guess we have it!

      We're looking for applicants that excel in whatever role it is they play. Someone who takes the game seriously, shows up on time, researches fights, has consumables, can take constructive criticism. We clear content efficiently and have fun doing so. Our focus is heroic level raiding, but we're now eager to have a god at Mythic raiding and start kicking butt in there.

      We currently raid Tuesday/Thursday at 9 PM CST.
      We're adding optional (but encouraged) scheduled events each Wednesday and Saturday for clearing as much Kara and Mythic plus as possible.

      Our current needs are strictly for ranged DPS. One with a geared/able healer offspec would be perfect.

      High Need:
      Shadow Priest

      Medium Need:
      Elemental Shaman

      Dalthar/Segata (that's me) mmcleister#1115
      Cerwyn sueshi#1637
      Tiktiki Lyntiki#1261
      Kassak ZeroCaliber#1576

      tl;dr: We're fun, we're pretty laid back, we're pretty good at the game, and we're recruiting a whole bunch of DPS.

      Apply at: