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[Enh] Set Bonus vs Ordos Warforged

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I'm currently gearing my Enh shaman, and was wondering if I should replace my (Head/ Shoulders / Chest) Warforged Ordos gear with pieces that will give the set bonus.


Here is my armory


Should I replace them with the set from Flex? or Normal?


Ignore the PvP gear, they are going to be replaced with SoO LFR gear.

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Quick answer; replacing your shoulders with flex or normal set shoulders is a dps increase of about 5%.  Given the magnitude of that, I'm inclined to say that it'd also be worth it to replace the helm or chest (and the legs, obviously) for the 2pc if those drop first, but I'll edit this post with that information once I'm done checking.


Edit: Flex helm still a sizable dps increase from the 2pc bonus, so the chest will be as well. Checking the 4 pc now.




Final results, the 2pc is worth dropping down to raid finder from warforged.  It's that good.  The 4pc, not so much; it's a dps increase, but only a small one, which doesn't make up for a large gear deficiency.  When you get more pieces feel free to chime in again with your updated gear and I'll take a closer look at what you have then.


Happy raiding!

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