LoN Bombardment Crusader Skills and Runes

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On this page, we explain how to choose and use your skills when playing LoN Bombardment Crusader in Diablo 3. Updated for Patch 2.6.10 and Season 22.

Active Skills
Left Mouse Button Bombardment Icon Bombardment Barrels of Spikes Barrels of Spikes Right Mouse Button Steed Charge Icon Steed Charge Spiked Barding Spiked Barding 1 Condemn Icon Condemn Vacuum Vacuum 2 Iron Skin Icon Iron Skin Reflective Skin Reflective Skin 3 Consecration Icon Consecration Bed of Nails Bed of Nails 4 Akarat's Champion Icon Akarat's Champion Prophet Prophet
Passive Skills


The playstyle of the build places heavy emphasis on movement, encouraging you to constantly weave around enemies to keep up Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan and prepare density for a Belt of the Trove Belt of the Trove proc. While the belt's effect is autonomous and aims for itself, a significant portion of your burst will come from your own Bombardment Bombardment cooldown, which you should do your best to synchronize with an Iron Skin Iron Skin Reflective Skin Reflective Skin activation and a physical damage cycle from Convention of Elements Convention of Elements. Condemn Condemn Vacuum Vacuum will be used to group up enemies and maximizing the profits of individual Bombardment Bombardments. The rest of the build is dedicated to keeping you safe: trigger Akarat's Champion Akarat's Champion on cooldown, use Consecration Consecration to balance damage with some healing, and speed off on Steed Charge Steed Charge whenever trouble stirs too close to you.


Skills and Runes

Bombardment Bombardment is the namesake and primary damage dealer of the build; you will be taking the rune Barrels of Spikes Barrels of Spikes, uniquely scaling with your Thorns damage. Belt of the Trove Belt of the Trove will inherit the rune you have chosen, aim and trigger it by itself, but you are in charge of your own cooldown — keep an eye on the rotation of Convention of Elements Convention of Elements and sync your Bombardment Bombardments with the physical cycle, adding Reflective Skin Reflective Skin for massive burst (see this build's gear page for more information).

Steed Charge Steed Charge is one of the best survival tools at this squishy build's disposal: allowing your Bombardment Bombardment Crusader to cut a swath through his enemies, circle them in relative safety while waiting for belt procs and cooldowns, and otherwise cover distances from fight to fight. You can choose between several runes, but the general recommendation is the Thorns-scaling Spiked Barding Spiked Barding, which adds a smattering of damage to your mobility skill — useful to finish low health mobs with.

You will be taking Condemn Condemn in the build, but not as a damage-dealing skill — your priority is the crowd-control of Vacuum Vacuum. This rune choice procs Strongarm Bracers Strongarm Bracers and stacks enemies near you to maximize the benefits of the Bombardment Bombardment AoE. It goes without saying, but in high progression environments this skill can expose you to a lot of danger as well by grouping enemies on top of you. Depending on your choices for the utility slot, you can counteract the threat with the hard crowd control of the Shield Glare Shield Glare blind, or with a well of healing energy in the form of Consecration Consecration.

While it is usually perceived as a defensive cooldown, resist the urge to trigger Iron Skin Iron Skin when endangered; the rune Reflective Skin Reflective Skin will be fuel for your burst damage, and you will benefit much more if you pop it right before a Bombardment Bombardment — even more so if you synchronize it with a Physical cycle of Convention of Elements Convention of Elements.

You have some freedom in your utility slot; Shield Glare Shield Glare Divine Verdict Divine Verdict can provide a source of hard crowd control and an additive damage increase against affected enemies (strengthened further if you carry The Final Witness The Final Witness). Provoke Provoke can stick stragglers to you for the inevitable cannonade (especially good if you carry a Vo'Toyias Spiker Vo'Toyias Spiker), and Too Scared to Run Too Scared to Run will enfeeble them. The general recommendation for GR pushing however is Consecration Consecration Bed of Nails Bed of Nails; it offers considerable healing along with a smattering of damage in a spec that struggles for recovery.

With the amount of cooldown reduction stacking in the build, the Crusader mainstay Akarat's Champion Akarat's Champion will have decent uptime of about 60% — more than enough to warrant its inclusion, especially considering its multiplicative damage increase, the Prophet Prophet value of additional defense, and a cheat death in this vulnerable spec.

This concludes the overview of the active skills, now let us look through the passives.



Even though its attack speed properties will be for naught, Fervor Fervor is nevertheless taken for the considerable 15% cooldown reduction. Notice that if you reach the 61+ CDR breakpoint purely through gear, you can freely swap Fervor Fervor out for another synergistic passive like Long Arm of the Law Long Arm of the Law or Indestructible Indestructible.

The task of Bombardment Bombardment is to deliver the damage, but the spec relies on Thorns at its core, and as such will not skip on the 50% increase of Thorns from Iron Maiden Iron Maiden.

Considering the dependency of your burst potential on the Bombardment Bombardment cooldown, it is no surprise you will be taking Lord Commander Lord Commander, shaving the considerable 35% off the downtime. You will also receive the added benefit of more frequent Steed Charge Steed Charges.

The Akarat's Champion Akarat's Champion of Crusader passives, Finery Finery takes a firm fourth spot in the build. Boosting Strength by 1.5% for every socketed piece you have equipped, it adds a solid chunk of damage and toughness on a properly geared character.



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