Gear Systems Overview

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This page goes over everything we currently know about the gearing system in Diablo 4.



This page will be updated as more information becomes available throughout BlizzCon and beyond.


Item Rarity in Diablo 4

The progression of item quality has changed very slightly from Diablo 3, with the following item rarities dropping in the new game.

  • Normal
  • Magic
  • Rare
  • Legendary and Sets
  • Ancient Legendaries and Sets
  • Mythic

Set Items and Bonuses

Unlike in Diablo 3, the developers wanted players to not feel stuck with a single set and playstyle that is forced by the power of set bonuses. Instead, Legendary items are going to be just as powerful as set items, if not more so, which will allow players further flexibility in the builds they choose to play.

While the end-goal of Diablo 3 was to aim for a set supported by legendaries for most builds, Diablo 4 will see players obtaining sets much earlier, but then replacing them later on with the more powerful legendaries.


Legendary Powers

Legendary powers are hugely varied and, in Diablo 4, the developers wanted players to be able to choose based on what their current build needed. While some items will give you more defensive capability or maneuverability, others will ensure your damage is as high as possible when entering a fight.

You can work to combine these into the perfect combination for a balanced build.


Mythic Items

As you can see, there is now a new rarity above the current maximum, known as Mythic items. They are the top quality of item and players will only be able to equip 1 at a time.

They will each have 4 legendary powers on a single item and, as of the current state of information, it is not yet clear whether there are unique mythic-only legendary powers or if they are simply the same as the standard legendaries.



Runes are making a return in Diablo 4 in the form of conditions and effects.

You will be able to socket these into items to create legendary powers, which can be catered to your desires and needs.

You will be able to combine any condition rune with any effect rune, for maximum flexibility. The runes that were displayed in the panels at BlizzCon are as follows.

  • Condition Runes
    • When you freeze an enemy, activate the next socketed rune.
    • Every 3 seconds without moving, activate the next socketed rune.
    • When a pet dies, activate the next socketed rune.
    • When you are stunned or frozen, activate the next socketed rune.
  • Effect Runes
    • When active, reduce a random skill cooldown by 15%.
    • When active, gain a random shrine effect for 7 seconds.
    • When active, your next thorns hit deals 30% more.
    • When active, gain 500 damage barrier.

Rune Progression System

The team confirmed that a progression system will be in place, but no more info was given.


Gear Trading

Trading will be present in Diablo 4, along with the personal loot system that we saw in Diablo 3. If an item drops for you, only you will be able to see it unless you pick it up and drop it again. Once you have dropped it, only players in your party will be able to see it.



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