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Healthy Status Effect in Diablo 4

An overview of the Healthy Status Effect in Diablo 4.




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Status Effect NameEffect Description
HealthyBeing Healthy means to have above 80% Health remaining

Healthy is a type of status effect that affects both players and enemies during combat in Diablo 4. A character or target is Healthy when they have 80% or more of their maximum Life left.

How to Apply Healthy

The Healthy Status Effect can be used by both the player and enemies. Different classes have different ways of playing around Healthy. Some skills, items, and passives can make use of this effect, and some Legendary Aspects can also enhance this effect, such as the Aspect of Three CursesAspect of Three Curses.

Here are some examples of Skills or Passives related to the Healthy Status Effect:

BarbarianEnhanced Lunging StrikeEnhanced Lunging Strike
DruidEnhanced PulverizeEnhanced PulverizeUrsine StrengthUrsine Strength
NecromancerAcolyte's HemorrhageAcolyte’s HemorrhageCoalesced BloodCoalesced Blood
SorcererEnhanced HydraEnhanced HydraInner FlamesInner Flames

How to Recognize Healthy

Players can tell if they are in good health when they see a thin red ring inside the circle around their Health Orb. This means that their health is above 80%. The exact number of how much health a character has can also be checked by moving the mouse over the Health Orb.

The first image above shows the red ring, indicating that the Healthy status is active, and the second image shows what the Health Orb looks like after losing the Healthy status (2nd image).

Additional Information About Healthy

The Healthy Status Effect is not a condition that characters or enemies can apply, but rather a state that can be exploited to the players’ or enemies’ advantage.

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