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Vulnerable Status Effect in Diablo 4

An overview of the Vulnerable Status Effect in Diablo 4.




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Status Effect NameEffect Description
VulnerableVulnerable enemies take 20% increased damage.

Vulnerable is a status effect in Diablo 4 that makes a target (an enemy or a player) take more damage from all sources. It increases the damage taken by 20% for a certain duration.

Vulnerable is one of the most impactful status effects in D4, because it can help players to temporarily deal more damage to enemies, but it can also make them more vulnerable to enemy attacks.

How to Apply Vulnerable

Vulnerable can be applied by both the player and the enemies. Different classes have different ways of inflicting Vulnerable on their targets. Some skills, items, and passives can cause this effect. Some Legendary Aspects can also enhance this effect, such as the Aspect of Biting ColdAspect of Biting Cold.

Here are some examples of Skills or Passives related to the Vulernable Status Effect:

BarbarianViolent Double SwingViolent Double SwingExpose VulnerabilityExpose Vulnerability
DruidFierce Storm StrikeFierce Storm StrikeElemental ExposureElemental Exposure
NecromancerInitiate's Bone SplintersInitiate’s Bone SplintersEvulsionEvulsion
RogueFundamental PunctureFundamental PunctureMaliceMalice
SorcererMystical Frost NovaMystical Frost NovaIcy TouchIcy Touch

How to Recognize Vulnerable

When players inflict Vulnerable on an enemy, the enemy’s health bar will glow purple, and a yellow text will appear on the screen, indicating that the enemy is now affected by the Vulnerable status.

Vulnerable Enemy Interface Diablo 4

On the other hand, if players are afflicted by Vulnerable, their health globe will display purple cracks.

Vulnerable Player Health Globe Diablo 4

Additional Information about Vulnerable

Vulnerable can be exploited by players to deal more damage to their enemies. Some skills, items, and passives can greatly benefit from this effect. But some Legendary Aspects can also enhance this effect, so keep an eye out for gear that can greatly boost your damage output through Vulnerable stat rolls such as “+ x Vulnerable Damage” or “+ x Vulnerable on Critical Strike”, as well as Affixes that can modify this status effect.

However, Vulnerable can also be dangerous for players if they are exposed to enemy attacks. Once a player is vulnerable, there is no way to remove the effect before it ends. Therefore, it is important to avoid getting hit by enemies that can apply Vulnerable, or use defensive skills, items, and passives to mitigate the damage.

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