Blind Player Levels to 100 in Hardcore Diablo 4

Starym Avatar by Starym

We’ve seen an Echo of Lilith kill already, and now it’s time for an even more impressive achievement! Tyleniphe, a blind player, has survived all the way to level 100 on Hardcore difficulty!

This wasn’t an easy triumph either, as the journey saw a dead character along the way as well, a level 87 Necromancer in a particularly painful way.

But Tyleniphe persevered and finally got that last ding today with a Ball Lightning Sorcerer. We can hear the screen reader in the video in case you’re wondering what that strange sped-up sound is.

There was even a Shako off Duriel a few days before the final level!

Here’s the longer version of the clip above:

Huge congratulations to Tyleniphe! And, as he says himself, the next challenge ahead is the Abbatoir of Zir!