Hardcore Race to World First 100: June 5th

StaffAvatar by Staff

Things are getting very interesting in the hardcore race, as we have a new leader! After the very first level 100 and softcore winner arrived yesterday, we now have the Hardcore race end to look forward to. And it’s looking like today’s the day, as cArn_ has taken the lead, but Ben_ is very close behind! The two leaders are on levels 95 and 94, respectively. Meanwile, long-time leader Wudjio seems to have taken some more time off to actually sleep as he’s down on 92!

It may go down to the wire on this one, with just over 1 XP “box” separating the top two players at the time of posting. Keep in mind there are also players in their respective groups that aren’t tracked below, but they are slightly lower level than their respective streamer members.

Let’s see how it all ends today! You can watch cArn_’s stream here and Ben_’s here. Also make sure to check out D4race for the full rankings. As you can see from their streams, Whirlwind barbarian is the way to go, and you can find our guide for it here.