Level 60 Sorcerer Clears Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeon

StarymAvatar by Starym

Here’s a player really pushing what is and isn’t possible! They managed to clear the most difficult NMD with only a level 60 Sorcerer!

Liquidmetal777 purposefully tried to get as low level a clear as possible to finish the max level NMD. They even turned off the seasonal XP buff! They also had a plan for leveling multiple characters if they couldn’t get it done with a low enough level, but as it turned out, the first Sorc was the charm. You can check out the gear, stats, and legendaries at the 13:40 mark.

The Hydra bug that makes them attack at the same level as the monsters in the dungeon helped out a lot. The Barber also helped out quite a bit. However, everything was still a one-shot so the 4 revives were very precious! It’s not exactly what you’d call a fast run, but it got the job done!