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    Hi all, I'm the creator of that site and tool. Thanks so much Stan for sharing. The site is down due to traffic. It's getting periodically "buffed" by my provider. So all I can say is keep trying as I'm on it and trying to get the site up and running constantly. To those of you that managed to use the tool, hope you found it useful and thanks!
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    To celebrate Heroes 2.0 release, every player that logs in between April 25 and May 22 is entitled to a bundle with 20 free Heroes. Redditor Soulless2k4 has put up a useful tool that helps to determine the best Gold value of Mega Bundles. It requires basic input, just select Heroes you own and you'll quickly get results with Gold value of all the bundles. Bundle Value Calculator Visit this website Please keep in mind that the website receives a lot of traffic and @Soulless2k4 is working around the clock to minimize its downtime! Select Heroes you own and click on "Ready" The website will provide the total Gold value of Heroes you don't own for every bundle
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    Sorry, this is bullshit. Why should i progress with my item-level if i get no benefit against enemies from it? WoW lives (and dies) with farming items/ressources. Removing the advantage from high-end-equipment will ruin all other releated components of the game... Completely! Fail! Blizzard!
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    I'm really chuffed about it being on icy-veins, I'm such a fan of the site!
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    The 97th Tavern Brawl is called 'An Ancient Recipe' and it offers players the chance to try out Journey to Un'Goro decks. The rules of this Brawl are simple: you choose a hero and you get a premade deck with the Un'Goro deck recipe for that class. The deck archetypes are the following and we even have guides for most of them: Quest Druid Dinomancer Hunter Elemental Mage (guide for almost identical deck here) Quest Paladin Quest Priest Quest Rogue Elemental Shaman Quest Warlock Quest Warrior All deck recipes have pretty good winning chances. This is a nice chance to play with cards you don't own and get to know the new Hearthstone expansion better.
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    Plate armor is usually designed around the thought of protection. This being a T20 set - and Mythic at that - has all the traits of something that looks very sturdy, an almost immovable Fort Knox. It is therefore quite ironic that - this Full-Plate set in particular - has the most holes in it out of all the Full-Plate armor in the game. It should therefore be more aptly named as the Spongebob-fused-with-Green-Lantern set. Of course, I jest!
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    That could really complicate things because gear rewards in Timewalking get scaled up (Currently to 855+). This means that trinkets that were BiS back in the day might be a lot better when scaled up compared to even 945 Tomb of Sargeras trinkets. The most prominent that comes to my mind are the trinkets that massively (Over 60%) reduced powerful cooldowns in Siege of Orgrimmar. This would mean they'd have to nerf the trinkets into oblivion, and then no one does LFR Timewalking anymore because the rewards are bad. The reason why Black Temple would work is because the devs don't need to worry about OP trinkets. First of all they already need an overhaul because of how we evolved our stats. Armor Penetration, MP5S, Spell Damage, Hit Rating, and the list goes on. All of these trinkets need to be replaced anyway. Now, doing a proper LFR Timewalking like how we do with dungeons, 1 xpac at a time, would take such considerable effort, one might wonder if it's not better to just redesign the entire raid and just use the raids as a map, and slap an "end-game raid tier" sticker on it. But then it'd just be a downgrade to a proper new raid and one loses sight of what the point was in the first place. In WoD we had Molten Core "revisit" and a lot of people with rose tinted glasses were absolutely ecstatic about it. During their first visit they realized it was not great and the rewards were bad compared to the time investment. I'm not saying all old raids would be like this, but the moral of the story is that things may seem a lot more exciting than it ends up being, and in the end, we all go back to current raid tiers instead.
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    Hyper-link goes to the wrong page. You want this page.
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    I'd have to go with The Butcher, Tracer, or Azmodan. Abathur is a close second as well. Butcher, because who doesn't want to take down an ETC in less than 3 seconds even without percentage based damage, Tracer because you can NEVER kill her, and Azmodan because your health pool is so big you can live through a ton and deal 1.5K in a large area on an 8 second cooldown. Like Abathur because his locusts tear down forts so easily and just because of his play style. More of a list, but still with the same idea :)
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    So, Rogue gets Maiev Shadowsong, the warden who jailed Illidan Stormrage for 10 thousand years. Shaman got Morgl - a frog with a stick. Blizz pls.
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    So much this ^. Also don't understand people who pay for mythic (previously heroic) carries. The goal is to play to get the lootz if you pay get all the lootz at once the incentive is gone beyond going into lfr blowing up dps charts and calling everyone newbs. Had an old guildy who dropped like 200 to get full heroic set and then all he did was complain he was bored, >_>
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    Old decks wont necessarily be bad, especially during the first week or so after the new set is released, when everyone will be figuring out how to use them. A quality older deck that you know well can easily beat a new deck that your opponent isnt used to. Heck, I still sometimes play a Paladin Nzoth deck that I havent updated since Karazahn, and it still works well.
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    Kitty cats, ALL OF YOU! Quest OTK mage, with Tony, a.k.a Exodia Mage (EXODIA OBLIDERATE!!!!!) The deck will/should have the freeze mage stalling core, plus the quest, plus spell discovering cards, like Babbling Book, Primordial Glyph, Cabalist's Tome (not sure about that) etc. Now, on to the combo : After you finish the quest, you play 2x Sorcerer's Apprentice, then cast 1x Molten Reflection on a Sorcerer's Apprentice, then play the quest card (9 mana total). On the next turn you play Archmage Antonidas plus the 2nd Molten Reflection on a Sorcerer's Apprentice, and VOILA! Infinite Fireballs.
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    Also it really isn't like they thought "they'd get away with it", ofc everyone was gonna notice the ilev scaling immediately on day 1. So I myself believe them when they say they just didn't want people ti judge the system based off a text announcement before the patch. Having said that, maybe it should have been tested on the PTR first and then they wouldn't have to panic change these things, but I can also see the logic in not wanting to use "only" the PTR crowd to judge the new system. All in all, considering how A LOT of people just judged the system as terrible without having played it or read anything about it and just went crazy when they saw the words "ilevel scaling", I'd say Blizzard wasn't exactly wrong in doing what they did. Seriously like 99% of the people talking shit about the system over on our facebook page didn't even read the explanation of the system (and I'm guessung haven't played 7.2 yet either).
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    Not included in notes = afraid of player backlash.
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    You implemented it - Fine. You failed at balancing this thing at the start - also Fine. The One thing that is not explained why people who do not play in DPS specks must Suffer? Why restoration Druid or Holy priest must suffer for that decision? 12 - 15 second - i doubt that there were included Tanks and Healers... If this is a 12 second fight for a current DMG dealer with average ilvl 880. Then Resto/Holy will spend one minute to kill a single useless mob. 1 min to kill a flower that spawned from herbalism... That change forces you to spend double or triple time on your world quests, just because someone failed to correctly generate item levels and scaling. I personally believe that there is more ways to increase difficulty at the end game, than this.
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    The nerf to Tassadar is actually quite significant. While it won't truly effect his top end play on well coordinated engages, it does make him harder to execute in hero league with randos that might wander back and forth a couple times before diving. I think Varians are really well thought out. No big change to the overall play since taunt is still most important and they didn't really nerf anything to it. As we all predicted, who cares about a larger slow, slow is slow. Doing that more often does matter. Rag: Finally they nerfed sulfuras smash, and doing it in cooldown is perfect. It is a high-risk ultimate with really good reward, but at 1 minute it wasn't risky enough. You burned it early in every team fight or even just to secure a single pick. 20 seconds is just enough to make that a thought. Tychus is back to chewing up and spitting out Diablo all over again... Will this finally be enough to fix Cho'gall?! No, no it won't.
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    Just to be clear, you start with them in your opening hand, and have the option to keep it or to Mulligan it.
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    A look at Patch 7.2's most crucial aspects for returning players and alt-friendliness - Artifact Knowledge, gearing and leveling. Artifact Knowledge Is the rate at which you gain Artifact Power. Your main goal should be to reach Artifact Knowledge Level 26 as soon as possible, because there's a significant increase in the multiplier in 7.2. If you lack Order Resources, keep in mind you can buy Order Resources Cache for Blood of Sargeras. Patch 7.2.5 added a bag with up to 4,000 Order Resources (Abundant Order Resources Cache), but we don't know what plans Blizzard has for it just yet. Artifact Knowledge Level 25 = 24,900% Artifact Knowledge Level 26 = 100,000% The % increase at AK Level 26 is huge, don't waste your time with World Quests or other AP content before you get it! Reaching Artifact Knowledge Level 1 - 25 Knowledge is Power is a repeatable quest that can be turned in for 500 Order Resources up to Artifact Knowledge Level 25. If you have a main that has reached AK Level 25, you can buy Artifact Research Compendium: Volumes I-IV for 1,000 Order Resources that can be sent to your alts to instantly reach AK Level 20. If you boost your AK Level with the research compendium to a certain level, the last 5 Artifact Knowledge Levels must be reached by repeating the Knowledge is Power (2,500 Order Resources) With AK Level cap being increased up to 50, you'll be able to buy additional compendiums At AK Level 30: Artifact Research Compendium: Volumes I-V At AK Level 35: Artifact Research Compendium: Volumes I-VI At AK Level 40: Artifact Research Compendium: Volumes I-VII At AK Level 45: Artifact Research Compendium: Volumes I-VIII At AK Level 50: Artifact Research Compendium: Volumes I-IX Example: Let's assume you've got AK Level 25 on your main and can purchase a compendium that will instantly teach your alt AK Level 25 Artifact Research Compendium: Volumes I-IV. Using it will make your alt have AK 20, but the last 5 levels have to be reached, by repeating Knowledge is Power five times. Artifact Knowledge Level 25+ At this time, you will no longer be able to continue your research You need to start and finish Assault on Broken Shore to be able to research again After you finish the Assault, the accept the "Seeking Lost Knowledge" quest at Deliverance Point Once finished, return to your Order Hall and turn in Delivering Lost Knowledge You can now continue your Artifact Knowledge Research (Discovered Lost Knowledge) and don't forget to learn AK Level 26 by consuming Empowered Elven Tome in your inventory Gear Another interesting aspect for returning players and alts is gear. Patch 7.2 makes gearing up super fast. Crafted Gear & Obliterum The Obliterum Forge is now available to everyone and Obliterum has never been cheaper Crafted items have ilvl 835 Obliterum can upgrade items up to ilvl 875 Dauntless Items Discover an item appropriate for your specialization with ilvl 850+ Can be purchased from Warmage Kath'leen for 400 Nethershards each (e.g. Dauntless Hood) you shouldn't be really spending Nethershards on them, because they drop in Demon Assault Scenarios and from all Broken Shore content (bags, caches, mobs, the Sentinax) Demon Assaults Check the Broken Isles map periodically for Demon Assaults. Not only are they a great source of experience, you'll receive Dauntless tokens and epic quality gear from the last boss Dungeons Normal dungeons drop ilvl 825+ Heroic dungeons drop ilvl 845+ Timewalking drop ilvl 855+ Mythic dungeons drop ilvl 865+ Grandiose Armor Kits World Quest rewards (Farseer's Grandiose Armor Kit) that instantly upgrade items from your Order Hall Set to ilvl 870. Relinquished Items Discovers an item appropriate for your loot specialization with an ilvl 880+ Relinquished items (e.g. Relinquished Relic) can be purchased from Thaumaturge Vashreen for 5,000 Nethershards each The items have a chance to contain a Legendary item, so if you're a freshly-leveled 110 and would like to slot target your Legendary items, Relinquished items are your safest bet World Quests Broken Isles World Quest rewards now scale up to ilvl 865 World Bosses When Nether Disruptor's up, you'll have access to Broken Shore World Bosses that drop ilvl 900+ loot. Don't forget to bring a Seal of Broken Fate for bonus rolls. Leveling Mostly revolves around the Armies of Legionfall reputation grind, more information can be found in our guide. Focus your effort to unlock flying at least on one of your characters (Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two) Flying's account-wide and once unlocked, you can use it on any character (even at Level 100) Flying significantly speeds up leveling
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    Personally, I have found vanish to be a very valuable card in this deck. Yes, sometimes it is a dead card in your hand, and you aren't likely to want extra copies from mimic pod, but when you need it, vanish can be a game-saver. Late game against a freeze mage, to bounce multiple frozen charge minions back to your hand. Early game with prep, to clear an opponent's board while returning quest minions to your hand. Clearing enemy taunts off the board to close out the game. Occasionally just as a desperation bounce mechanism to complete the quest when you draw badly. Vanish is a heavy card, and is going to need prep to have an early impact, but if the game runs to turn 8, 6 mana to clear the board plus 2 5/5 chargers may be just what you need to win.
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    Spyrian posted new Hero Level XP Values for Heroes 2.0 today on behalf of Lead Game Designer Travis Mcgeathy. Players can now calculate and convert Hero levels for Heroes 2.0. Blizzzard (Source) *Posted on behalf of Lead Game Designer Travis McGeathy* If you’ve been following Heroes 2.0 news, you’ll know that we’re updating the experience curve for hero progression. We’ve been making adjustments to XP values for some hero levels, and have settled on ones that we’re happy with. We want to take this opportunity to get the actual numbers into the hands of the community so you can get an idea of what level your heroes will translate to when Heroes 2.0 launches: Hero Level: XP Required in Heroes 2.0 Level 1: 0 XP Level 2: 100,000 XP Level 3: 250,000 XP Level 4: 400,000 XP Level 5: 500,000 XP Level 6: 600,000 XP Level 7: 700,000 XP Level 8: 800,000 XP Level 9: 900,000 XP Level 10: 1,000,000 XP Level 11: 1,100,000 XP Level 12: 1,200,000 XP Additional Levels: 1,200,000 XP Your heroes will be converted over to the new levels when Heroes 2.0 releases. As previously mentioned, even though we increased XP requirements for lower levels, you will not lose any Hero levels. Instead, lower level Heroes will be set to the amount of XP required to reach that same progression in the same level they attained before. As always, thank you everyone who has been playing and testing out the system in the Open Beta.
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    I'm surprised nobody suggested the D2 Druid as a possible hero. Considering when Cassia was revealed they were talking about the Diablo Anniversary so it could be a D2 Druid Werebear/Werewolf growl
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    I completely agree. It is REALLY hard to approach a MOBA if you're new, specially when you don't have access to the characters. It is often discouraging, and make those potential new players feel intimidated, with that "Where do I start?". Giving new players this huge batch of Heroes will allow them to try them out in Training Mode and experiment so they can find their favorite playstyle and characters.
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    Good thing I decided to hoard gold instead of buying heroes in the last few months. Now I will get a considerable amount of heroes for free, and get to keep my amassed gold for myself. It's good to be stingy sometimes :P
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    Meanwhile I've been burning my gold before release and right now have 15 pieces to my name... I wish we got shards for the heroes we have, since I am only missing about 12 total and will probably only get 3-4 in these bundles. Oh well, Blizzard has been plenty generous with this 2.0 launch, so can't really complain.
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    GUYS, 20 FREE heroes is a huge deal! Granted, as someone who also owns 44 heroes it's not. But for instance my girlfriend really enjoys HotS but doesn't have enough free time to properly play. Currently. Being given 20 heroes to experiment with and to be able to play with them in the future is a huge deal for many HotS enthousiasts.
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    In addition to what Blainie said, Kill Command triggers either two or four attacks. You'll have your main pet's damage, Hati's damage, and the chance of Jaws of Thunder proccing for both your pets, which hits for 50% of the damage of your original Kill Command. It's also further increased based on mastery; the tooltip is adjusted based on your agility but not mastery. If you have 100% mastery, Kill Command will hit twice as hard as the tooltip suggests for example. In addition, as a mythic raider, the highest Cobra Shot I get while using Dire Frenzy usually ends up around 900k on a good fight; my highest Kill Command however is usually around 1.7 million. If I'm lucky and have Jaws proc while I have every single buff up, it will easily total anywhere between 2.5 and 4 million for all four attacks. Refer to my above comment; you'll really want to prioritise kill command more a little bit more now I'm guessing :P Damage over time effects now increase/decrease based on your buffs during the dot rather than when you cast it. So basically if you cast AMoC and then 5 seconds later cast BW, you'd get 10 seconds worth of that BW damage applied to your AMoC dot. The reason you use AMoC before BW in your opener is because you want to have as much focus starting BW off and have as much time on it to fit kill command and cobra shot in. If you're wasting 30 focus and a global cooldown on AMoC instead of a KC, you're missing out on potential damage. Especially in the opener where you have the full duration of BW and Aspect, you're pretty much spamming Cobra shot and Kill Command backwards and forwards, and if you have lust you're not running out of focus at all during this time so the idea is to fit as many Kill Commands in as possible. It's the difference between one tick on AMoC not having the extra damage from BW, or one Kill Command not having the damage bonus. Also, to answer your question on furious swipes over any of the other talents, I guess it really is your own preference. In a generic cookie cutter advancement not relying on any legendaries etc, you would want to go furious swipes as that's an additional 10% beast cleave damage, which is quite a lot and a lot of fights in NH, and M+ have to an extent some level of cleave that's quite important. If however you're like me, and have the legendary bracers, you might want to go wilderness expert to get the extra second on Aspect if it's the difference between generating enough focus to getting an extra kill command in during BW or not, or if during lust it's an additional attack or two from your pet via Thunderslash. Unleash the beast is also a viable alternative if you're working on a progression boss that's single target; if you're working on Mythic Krosus as opposes to Mythic Spellblade, you'd want the additional 2% damage from BW as opposed to the beast cleave damage. Realistically after you've gotten the new traits, as well as Jaws & Pack, the rest is up to you to put in in the order you need to prioritise for your dps. The guide is here as exactly that, a guide, it's not gospel that you need to follow word for word, do what you think is best for your current dps needs.
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    ETC definitely became mid to low tier after nerfs, but still was playable, just not a faceroll tank anymore. His current armor trait is really good, adds significant survivability if you pay attention to your trait uptime and save guitar solo to refresh its duration instead of mindlessly spamming it instantly after using powerslide and face melt. Still considering that he was definitely not super high tier after nerfs, the buffs were nice. The original trait's range was actually so short most AA heroes couldn't benefit from it just because they would need to literally hug you to proc the effect; the trait was only really op in racing PvE creeps like on Battlefield of Eternity. Echo pedal was way too strong, as it was basically an improved burning rage but on lv7 instead of lv13, and was gloriously overpowered in both split-pushing with stage dive and getting quick kills after locking enemies down. Now you have to choose at lv7 if you want to either have blowup potential (pinball wizard) or waveclear and split push potential (echo pedal), as there isn't a clear cut choice at lv7 anymore. Tassadar wasn't a real support ever, and especially after his initial rework he was defined as a pseudo support, as original khala's embrace was removed. The nerfs hurt QM definitely, but in competitive gamemodes, especially in higher levels of play, Tassadar was way too strong of a character and needed some kind of nerf. Uther's rework is something we all have been waiting for, really hoping he will now have a real niche where he is playable, the lv1 mana cost reduction quest seems like one of the most solid foundations of a talent build we have had in a long time, and hopefully the new build eliminates some of the structural flaws that have hindered Uther's performance since... forever. Zarya is same deal as Tassadar, a hero that becomes significantly more powerful in coordinated environment and needed something to make her less oppressive in high level meta. Hoping she (and Tassadar) will still remain playable in lower tier play too. Both of those heroes are both able to do significant damage (Tassadar with his Archon, Zarya with auto-attack and Q) and dictate damage trades very efficiently with low cooldown shielding as well as enable numerous carry heroes like Illidan, Valla or Tracer to become huge threats to the enemy team. Auriel changes are nice, glad to see that Blizzard tries to make both heroics of a hero playable, like they did with Greymane. Auriel was in a fine spot pre-nerf, and hopefully will now become a staple, i kinda like that hero actually. TL: DR All changes have reasoning and all were more or less needed on the long run to balance out the game. Still waiting for Arthas nerfs tho.
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    I like to include Fire Fly. It is such a good one drop. Even on turn two, you can play both elementals. It synerziges well with Knife Juggler, Darkshire Councilman, and Ravasaur Runt during mid-game.
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    I'm not sure why you held onto the coin for so long. If you had coined out Imp T1, you would have been able to hit face with it on T2, and you would have been in a better position to fight for the board, which would have let your Darkshire Councilman get in some face damage as well. Since you were only 5 off from lethal before he killed you, these little things could've made a difference. The Rogue quest generally needs to spend the first few turns doing very little to fight for the board, so that's your opportunity to develop your board and push face damage.
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    Let's not. D2 was a great game with dense atmosphere and a good story. Personally I liked the atmosphere in D1 even better, but D2 was very good. That is out of the question. But everything Blizzard has realeased in the last years (D3, D3 AddOn, Heart of the Swarm, Legacy of the Void) was pathetic - concerning story, characters, dialogues, atmosphere. The gameplay was great, I don't deny that. Just look at the render-videos. How fantastic those videos were, e.g. in BroodWar. Emotions pure. And now look at the vids in SC2. Sure, the quality was better. But the content? Pathetic. Boring. Just action and lame dialogue: "I will kill you." "Rah, vengence, I am the biggest megamosher of all time, I'll kill you". There was exactly one great vid: The vid that told the story of Kerrigan, being abandoned on the planet. Which was already told in BroodWar, but never visualized. There was no big action. No screaming about killing everybody and being the universe greatest. No. It was just a fantastic piece of art. With lot's of emotion and truely great. It was the last glimmer of what Blizzard once was. And the last thing I want to see is Blizzards great old games getting raped by the new game design Blizzard uses: Huge explosions, zero characters and story. I get sick if I think of how they will probably alter everything D1, D2, SC stood for and what made it great.
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    They should cut the cast time down on chaos bolt. If you're not going to be able to cast them very often it's not like you can string a bunch together anyway.
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    That's game experience, now brawl design. It's a really clever brawl. I don't like this brawl for the same reason I don't like the Sgt Hammer one on towers of doom, it's a snowball. Get a lead, you win. It's not my favorite, for creativity I still think the Blackheart's siege defense thing is way crazier.
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    I didn't do too badly with my JUG packs
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    "I need healing" Predictions: Passive: Cyber-Agility - Able to jump over hedges. Ability 1: Swift Strike - Linier dash + damage Ability 2: Deflect - Reflect range damage & parry melee. Ability 3: Fan of Blades - AoE wave clear Ultimate 1: Dragonblade Ultimate 2: <Will never be chosen> Overwatch Map: Escort payload / a Domination map.
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    Ah, I see what you mean, but I don't think I was all that clear. I meant that it would only put an emote into chat. So like (taking the syntax directly from Smite, it wouldn't work in HoTS for obvious reasons) VEL would put a laughing emote into chat; VVS would put a sad emote into chat etc. I guess I'm not explaining it very well but I didn't mean replace the ping system, I like the way it is in HoTS. I just meant that instead of pressing Return and typing or selecting an emote, you could use a quick button combo. The UI customization would be awesome though I think if I changed anything now, I'd just end up confusing myself. But I would scale down the top bar somewhat in size
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    Alarak rework, and making double cross baseline sounds very good. Alarak in general had really poor talent balancing (some were terrible some were ridiculously overpowered and mandatory to pick up), and making some of his auto-include talents baseline and making some new talents for him sounds something he really needs. Gameplay wise he is in an "all right" spot, although his winrate is pretty trash. As Alarak is one of the highest skill floor heroes, I'm not worried about making him overpowered, would actually like for Blizzard to give him high power level to reward people who are good at the game with a hero that actually gives value for playing well. Even though we already have a lot of those "skill heroes" as melee assassins, more wouldn't hurt.
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    But, to be fair, this kind of requirement isn't a test of skill or something to work on, but rather a challenge of semi-scheduled playtime. I mean, I work from home and still I almost missed today's.
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    I used Honorbuddy for quite a long time, but they got me during the ban wave in December. For me, it was a way to get through tedious parts of the game while maintaining a good relationship with my wife, keeping my grades up in college, and working a full time job. I never cared to bot professions (except for fishing and that silly catfish mount from Margoss). I didn't really want to influence other people's gameplay. In the end, rules are rules and everyone has a reason why they broke them.
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    CoF alone isn't enough to make Val worth taking. You also need 80% mastery and either Sephuz's Secret.or Tak'theritrix's Shoulderpads . Of the two I prefer Tak'theritrix's Shoulderpads especially because it received a wee buff in this patch to make the duration longer. Once you have all that junk Val can now be used. Now if you check top logs you'll see that the vast majority of players still stick with soul reaper. There are a few DA users that pop up here and there. Its basically just to give you a different rotation/spice up things. DA takes a bit more planning to use than soul reaper and a different rotation that some people may prefer. Or they just need a change of pace from doing more or less the same rotation the entire expansion. So with a lot of junk DA becomes viable but most prefer the ease of soul reaper. Also she's not quite as buggy but if there is other stuff to hit she may get bored and attack other things. Myself I'm not a huge weak aura person. However, we have a bunch of people who like them here. We had a few people contribute weak auras in our resource page. I would check them out there and see if any work for ya :D
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    Nice! Big win for Blizz! Damn botters piss me off!
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    I have been playing this deck a lot this month, and am at almost exactly 50% from ranks 10 through 3 over more than 230 games. I was about 40% vs shamans and warriors, which was almost exactly offset by dominating druids and rogues at about 60%. Also did well against mages and warlocks, got destroyed by paladins and hunters the few times I faced them, and broke even against priests.
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    Adjustment by a few percent would have been okay, but this, wow... Nerfed from a potential 40% down to 16% before anyone has even gotten to rank #4. And here I was thinking I would some day appreciate the vulnerable mechanic.
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    I would get over 500 loot chests. But honestly, getting so many chests instantly takes the fun out of the new system. I would most likely get everything I don't have yet and then the whole system becomes pointless. However the level scaling has been optimized so we can still get tons of chests from our heroes. The riot about the amount of chests is a bit too much. 70 chests are still a lot. I guess players are as greedy as Blizzard.
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    As much as I want to get into the new content, this is a very understandable and in my opinion cool approach. That way I can enjoy the content even more because I have to look forward to it :) I am hyped!
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    People are losing their heads over this but what do you expect in the type of content that we have in Legion? World Quests are meant to be relevant throughout the expansion and we're not in a strict Timeless Isle or Tanaan Jungle type scenario where they can just increase the HP/Dmg of that subset of mobs. His argument stands and the reasons for doing this stand as well. What would you have them do while still keeping the base Legion zones and World Quests relevant?
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    What's the point in getting good gear then? For example i invested 1000h into a character (gearing) and i need the same time to complete a World Quest as fast as a fresh 110 newbie? First i could take 1-2 mobs with my boomkin on low gear, then at better gear i can pull a lot of mobs and down them. Now its the same b%&@!$it Blizzard STAHP PLZ!