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    If you're seeing this message, you've most likely just tried to make your first post on our forums. Firstly, let me welcome you! We hope you enjoy your stay here at Icy Veins and that we'll be seeing you around frequently, joining in the fun that can be had. When an account is first made, their first post needs to be approved by one of our moderating team. This is in place to stop spammers being able to simply spam the forums with their unwanted links to download movies and so on. If you're seeing this message, the best thing to do is wait and one of our team will have it approved ASAP. If it isn't approved within 24 hours, something might be wrong, so message either me or one of the other moderators and we'll look into it for you. Thanks!
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    At the beginning of legion they said all artifact appearances you unlock will be usable in the future as transmog options :)
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    Please note that the use of third-party software (also known as "bots") is against the ToS and will get your account suspended. This article is purely informative and doesn't promote botting in any way. Blizzard has filed a motion for default judgment against Bossland, the creator of third-party automation software (also knowns as bots) and the company demands a total sum of $8,740,235.41 for damages caused by the creator. Bossland is well-known for creating bots for every Blizzard title According to the motion, the bot creator sold 42,818 copies of bots in the US and Blizzard estimates a single violation (sold copy) to be worth $200 More details are available over at Torrentfreak. This is a follow up to our previous post, where we wrote about Blizzard winning a lawsuit against Honorbuddy. Let's hope this one ends good for Blizzard, so we can all enjoy a fair gaming environment and normalized AH prices!
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    You're right ofcourse, but I really appreciate the fact that they, in fact, demanded a very reasonable sum. Blizzard therefore (probably knowingly) shows all of their fans and audience that it's not about the money but about fair play in all their games. This sum is negligible for Blizzard as a whole, but the symbolism is huge. You can't get away with cheating in Blizzard games anymore. They will get you in the long run. They are doing something about it, for all of us out there.
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    If you've been making gold by stockpiling Defiled Augment Runes selling them on Tuesdays when raids reset or with a new raid release, don't make this in 7.2. You can acquire Defiled Augment Runes easily through World Quests now when a building that grants the Heavily Augmented buff is active and the item will become even more common. Many players will be farming the Broken Shore for gear with their alts, so we will see a huge increase of runes in the market and a price drop and Tomb of Sargeras is slated for a later release in 7.2 (similar to Nighthold). The safest bet would be to slowly start dumping your supplies before the Patch goes live.
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    About the AP thing, I agree with how they put it, with a bit more explanation: The problem here is that a specialization's power is connected directly to the artifact level/power that the specialization has. And this complicates a lot of things. When you look back, the first level of "power" is the character, i.e. a level 60 character is more favored than a level 50 character. Back in the day, it was also considered a major issue to have different sets of gears, not just for roles, but also for encounters (Resistance gear in Vanilla). Blizzard agreed and started streamlining these "power" issues, one stat to cover a few (In the end, it was decided that Stamina was simply the way to go to offer toughness across the board for all encounters) Next up, was the issue with dual specialization (wotlk) (It was made easier to switch) but then you still often had gear for the different specializations. If you were a Warrior, you wanted "Defense rating" as a tank to make yourself crit immune but is entirely undesirable for a dps spec. Blizzard agreed again, and decided to make tanks crit immune baseline (char level + 3 (Raid bosses)), removed other defensive stats as well (Such as parry) so things like crit rating is both defensively (for tanks) useful but still useful for DPS as an offensive stat. The entire problem was almost solved in MoP, with the exclusion of some expertise and hit rating issues (Solved in WoD, at the cost of losing reforging). Now in legion, these extra complications have arisen once again. Gear is dependant on the roles (Artifacts DEFINE your power) but also again on gear (Good tank legendaries are not great dps legendaries, and at the cutting edge level raiding, every 0.1% counts). So while WoD almost nailed it on the head as to make all previous problems disappear, this initially seemingly awesome feature (leveling artifacts! Powerful legendaries!) introduced in Legion, ends up being a problem because, not having them exactly right means you cannot perform as well as you _could_ if they were. And then comes the point where people feel forced to keep pushing themselves so they _do_ end up with a max level artifact and _do_ eventually get the legendaries they need. And this causes people to burn out. (i.e. "Euphoneous: I'll probably never step foot in Maw again." Don't get me wrong, I think the idea of artifacts and legendaries is amazing. Being able to become better and better is an addicting mechanic. But perhaps for Mythic raiding, artifacts should always be maxed out and you get no legendary effects. (And it is scaled down to an epic ilvl). Something has to be done for cutting edge content, and my suggestion just now probably isn't the best option, but it is fair.
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    I know where i will be headed first :P And they should totally do this too ;) #makenomimrstaypuft
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    This sounds like a very good way to get people to login and then immediately log off.
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    Top guilds or not, give them all 6 month bans. Exactly how does an 8-day suspension solve the problem? After that they're back in business with maybe less advertisement (it's insane in trade chat) and what's best they only lose one week of revenue. Super logic. It's like banning botters for a week.
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    Blizzard doesn't want people to earn money off of their products in any way from within their games (Websites are fine (ad-revenue, donations etc.)) unless Blizzard provides those means themselves (Real Money Auction House). This is in line with almost any game, developer and publisher. Imagine going to a very busy fast-food restaurant with a big line, and a person stands there telling you that if you give him 1 dollar, he'll make sure you can skip the line (By means of buddies occupying lines or whatever). This way, that person is making money off of a service provided by another company. Now this isn't a 100% correct metaphor, but perhaps this shows you that it does seem fair that companies take action against this sort of thing.
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    LOL @ this whole situation! I actually just based that rando guess off the teaser; i thought that effect looked a bit like a building warp. Guess I was right! Honestly pretty excited to try this guy out.
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    Best guess, fenix long shot hope, karax weird possibility, building-based probe specialist 😛
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    I posted this on Reddit, posting it here also since I think this community will enjoy it. Tl;Dr - I decided to do some economic correction to help the raiding guilds on my server (and because I'm lazy) and in doing so discovered a market that I hadn't touched before. Finding how strong it was, I did a little math and religiously abided by my numbers. Earned 675k net in about 9 days w/ 20min a day active and an hour or two a day AFK crafting. I'm a warlock. Sorry, I'm a warlock Summon-Stone-Dropping-Raid-Slave-That-Is-Expected-To-Summon-Everyone-Back-Every-Freaking-Boss-Because-They-Are-To-Cheap-To-Buy-Bloody-Tomes. Until 7.1.5 this didn't really annoy me since tomes were about 750-800gold per on my server and that is really just an outrageous amount to pay. With 7.1.5 and the change to Tome mats, I literally squealed for joy - but my joy was short lived. A day after 7.1.5 tomes were still at 675-725g per. This kind of made me mad, the cost to make tomes were down to around 125g per and people were putting them up for a 500% markup, wtf?! I'm as red blooded capitalist American as they come, but this was ridiculous. So I crashed it. Hard. I bought out all the Sallow pigment on the AH for under 145g (all 250,000g worth of it), made it all into tomes and listed all 2000ish of them for 10% markup (5% to make up for AH cut, 5% profit). I sold a few 100 to guildmates wholesale but the rest was on the AH for 1/5th the price of the market. I got hate mail. Literal - freaking - hate mail. THREE people took the time to send me an in-game letter telling me that I was ruining their market (duh) and that I should do some disturbing things with myself and/or my family. Oddly I only had two people whisper me raging, the other three must have been too cowardly to talk to me directly. So I decided to do it again. And again. 4 times I did it, each time spending around 200k - 250k on mats and making around 2,000 tomes listing them for 10% markup on the AH and getting around 95%-100% sell-through on 48 hour listings. After almost a month of battering the tomes market on my server the prices had stabilized around 165-180g per tome, I found this acceptable and stopped flooding the market. The weird thing was that pigment hadn't moved in price, it was still around 135-140g per. So I decided to make some gold just for me and started selling tomes at market value (sometimes slightly higher since I posted in sets of 10 and people seem to like that). After all of this, I had my spreadsheet made and wanted to use it a bit so I started buying, crafting, and selling aggressively for normal market value...and ran into about 20% sell-through. I found this odd since I only raised my prices by about 40g per and wasn't being undercut much. Talking to my guild one night it kind of hit me, people didn't know that tomes were so much cheaper. The prices had been so high for so long that no one even looked at them anymore. My raid team was mostly shocked to find out they had dropped so low in price. The next day I did some marketing and kept posting in trade that I had tomes on the AH for 185g per. 100% sell-through. After that the market really took off and in the past 9 days I've had 98.2% sell-through on 24 hour listings at standard market value of 196g per average. Around 8,989 tomes sold, making me a gross of 1,761,844g and a net of 674,175g. That's my goblin story. Some people play the AH for personal profit, some people to pay for game time, I did it because I was sick of summoning people 10 times a night.
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    SECRETS OF AN UNHOLY DEATH KNIGHT Pet management -If you need to grip something right off the bat, use the abominations grip first, its difficult to use his when he is in close to the mob, so use his then use yours as needed. You CAN use the abominations grip at any time by moving yourself out and commanding him to come to you and then gripping from there, i suppose you can command the abomination to a spot and grip when he gets there too. -You should have infected claw.Make best use of it for AOE by applying some festering strikes around while your abomination stacks up wounds and then drop death and decay and start cleaving your way to the top of the dps meter - The abomination is stupid, he stands far away from you and if you are doing any sneaky stuff, its better to dismiss him and resummon when it is safe . - The zombies that spawn, from army of the dead, and apocalypse, blow up when they die so if they are still alive after you are done killing something, wait until they die before moving on so they don't needlessly aggro something. - The shambler does cray dmg but sometimes he spawns in unfortunate places, dont be dpsing stupidly close to other groups. -The gargoyle has a long range so if you cast him he will probably sit where he is for his duration, so dont cast him somewhere that a patrol will aggro on him and the group. Legendaries - after tons of dummy beating and simming, ive taken the helm with the bracers although im willing to bet the trinket is much better but i dont have it to test unfortunately. -Still using the bracers, they are still pretty good and crazy good with RNG. Abilities - Anti-magic shell is very useful for reducing damage,BUT, you can also use it to build runic power for something ( I used this to get crazy uptime on breath of sindragosa in WOD ). It also prevents you from getting stunned by that lightning debuff from the thunderers in halls of valor, and stops fel detonation from being applied to you in court of stars. Use it frequently and learn what it can and cant do. - You can use yours and your pet's deathgrip to interrupt shielded casts ( I use it all the time on those seer type casters ) -If doing 5 man content, you better be watching for dead healers and tanks and be johnny on the spot with that battle rez. In raids, when it gets called for,be the one to get it out, incase everyone else is stupid or dead. -Use deathcoil as much as you can when runes are on cooldown. Otherwise you are wasting runic power and losing out on possible scourge of the world buffs. Personally i just watch festering strike, if festering strike is on CD(meaning there are multiple runes on cooldown) i start hammering on the deathcoils, try no to overcap on wounds. -if you get your three stacks of soul reaper on the first clawing shadows great, but refresh it before it falls off, you can refresh the buff making it 18 or 19 seconds long instead of 15 FROST DK'S - Don't take any crap from em'
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    I think deep down we all realize that this is still Todd's fault!
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    dude....i looked you up mate...your are at the same gear level as me (you might be even better)...even the same legionaries..and your logs...are horrible. Ain't going to candy coat that. So this got me attention....so i took the time to look at your logs and compared it to mine and started to look for difference, doing this to help myself improve...what am I doing different then you...find that and do more of it! bwahahahhahahaha. (1) step 1 look at the simplest fight in NH to compare....Krosus the "patchwork" style fight. (2) step 2...look at log length ... my raid is 3 min...your raid is 5 mins...your raid sucks and longer the fight less weight on your initial burst on your DPS average. (3) step 3...look at burst...you peaked at 1.5 mil I peaked at 1.8 mil..why? ....deadly grace pot? GTFO...use prolong potions. (4) step 4 count the cobra shots....i feel i been slacking and casting way to many cobra shots....this is my weak spot as a 10+ year hunter I still have trouble not using a GCD.....but we appear to have the same amount of CS....so guess you have the same issue! :P (5) Step 5 count the KC...holy shit look at mine compared to yours....i had 50 HC in 3:37 ...you had 47 in 5:02 sec....<------found the problem.
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    Oh poor blizzard having to spend some of the almost $400 million dollars they got from hearthstone last year on content, poor things. We should go to 4 expansions a year and double pack costs, maybe we could get an extra voice actor in this year...
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    I've written and re-written this answer several times. It's hard to word this just right because clearly you are intelligent and already understand the generalities of being a tank. What it comes down to is this, being a tank in many ways is like being a manager at a corporation, you are really a support role more than anything. Your job is to keep the healers alive, keep the boss positioned properly, and to make sure your co tank doesn't get murdered by boss. you are a support guy. So how do you know if you are doing good? Shortest answer: If people aren't complaining, you are doing a good job. Its that simple. If the healers aren't screaming at you that you need to pop CD's that you are hard to heal, you are doing good. If the co tank isn't screaming TAUNT TAUNT or PICK UP THE BLEEPING ADD. You are doing a good job. If you are handling tank mechanics well and not blowing up the dps because you moved in the wrong place or didn't soak something. You are doing a good job. So that being said another key thing here is Ask. Ask your group am I doing well, should I change anything etc. I assure you, if you have any flaws, they'll let you know. So, i can write things a good tank will do, I can write things that help tanks improve. However, the judge of your abilities will be in fact other people. Dps and healers have meters we can just read, as a tank you don't have that luxury. The short and sweet is that if people aren't running their mouths, you doing good :D
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    Better, worse, good, bad, love, hate. These are empty suggestive words I cannot use as legitimate criticism because you omitted, willingly or not, to provide a useful context. The talent section of the guide provides situational alternatives to this build anyway, which more or less moots your statement. What is objectively true, however, is that some of the talents that were listed yesterday don't even exist anymore. Let that sink in for a moment and try and understand how that might affect your perspective. Another objective fact: the suggested build is relatively well supported by data as a factor of effectiveness and popularity. Unfortunately, Sylvanas is currently a bit out of meta, making it difficult to obtain a reasonable sample size - hence my use of "relatively well supported". We also haven't even had a week to get data for the newer talents. Fortunately for you, Icy Veins generally hires strong players with strong ties to professional players, for discussion purposes, to take some of the guesswork out of this equation.
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    This orc hunter just pure stylish/gorgeous and the Wayfaring set looks really good on her! :) - - - - - - - - - - And there's my worgen druid, Amitaa. What can I say, I just love purple. :) Everything started with the leggings... this is my own selection around it. "Bear with me, please." - Guardian Druid < Wowhead Outfit Link >
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    We present our fourth Heroes of the Storm Meta Tier List for the Probius patch of March 2017. Our fourth Heroes of the Storm Meta Tier List for the month of March 2017 is here! Welcome to Icy Veins's Meta Tier List for the Probius patch. The goal if of this list is to try and detail game's current metagame state. The prime goal of such lists is to inform players regarding popular and trending team composition drafting strategies (i.e. the drafting metagame). Although tier listings are generally the product of balance, many factors come into play when discussing the relative perceived strengths of heroes, including player regions, maps, play style, skill level, and, of course, personal perception. As such, any tier list - including this very one - should never be interpreted as gospel, but rather, as a guide to better grasp what to expect with regards to typical drafting experiences. One useful application of such lists is to allow you know which heroes to look out for in terms of practice and counterplay, ultimately improving your knowledge of the game. Using the list As stated above, tier lists are easy to mistake for gospel. As new strategies are discovered and experimented with, so changes the perception of the relative strengths of each hero. Tier lists still prove to be useful as a snapshot of player expectations in terms of drafting. Although it is generally considered preferable to focus on high tier heroes (Prime and Core tiers), it is important to note that Heroes of the Storm's wild character and map designs make it so that any given hero's tier position is prone to fluctuate depending on the situation at hand. One classic example of such is that of Kerrigan on the Infernal Shrines map. Although we currently judge her to be a mid-tier hero, her drafting priority shoots up to first-pick or first-ban material on this specific map due to the nature of its objective. Certain heroes also synergise so well with each other that the sole fact of having the opportunity of drafting them together is generally enough to increase their potential. Tassadar and Tracer, for instance, are generally nightmarish to deal with for many. There are too many examples of these interactions to reasonably produce here, but we invite you to consult our guides to know exactly where and when each hero shines. The guides have been linked in the lists below for your convenience - just click any of the hero names to access them. If you're newer to the game, also consider visiting our glossary for a comprehensive list of discrete Heroes of the Storm terms. Additionally, a + or - sign (or several of them) indicates short-to-medium term predictions (which is to say, about a month) for tier increase(s) or decrease(s), respectively. These may be updated after significant balance patches and/or when clear trends are emerging. Prime Tier Warrior Assassin Support Specialist Artanis Ragnaros Lúcio↑ - Malfurion Prime tier heroes are considered to be extremely strong in all situations, and show no obvious weakness. They are very often banned or picked right away, as they generally dictate the pace of most matches. Core Tier Warrior Assassin Support Specialist Anub'arak↑ Falstad Brightwing Nazeebo Arthas↑ Gul'dan Rehgar Sylvanas Dehaka Jaina Tassadar↑ Diablo Li-Ming E.T.C.+ Samuro Johanna Thrall Sonya Valla Varian (Tank)↓ Zeratul Zarya Core tier heroes are strong in a wide variety of situations and have few counter-picking possibility. They should form the core of your team, and be picked after Prime Tier heroes have been distributed. Viable Tier Warrior Assassin Support Specialist Chen- Alarak Auriel Gazlowe↑ Leoric Chromie Kharazim Muradin+ Greymane Lt. Morales Rexxar Kael'thas Kerrigan Lunara Raynor Valeera Varian (Damage) Zul'jin Viable tier heroes are generally well-rounded that have either fallen out of favour, or, inversely, are on the rise in popularity, due to the current Prime tier contenders. Niche tier Warrior Assassin Support Specialist Cho'gall Cho'gall Li Li Abathur Stitches Illidan Tyrande Azmodan+ Tyrael↓ Nova Uther Medivh The Butcher+ Murky↓↓ Tracer Probius (new) Tychus↓ Sgt. Hammer The Lost Vikings Xul Zagara Niche tier heroes have niche application on certain maps or for certain team compositions. They are generally picked to "round out" your team composition when your team composition is missing out on key components, such as a "jungler" (mercenary camps), a solo laner, or solid waveclear. Bottom Tier - Bottom tier Heroes are deemed to be either considerably weaker than the majority of other Heroes, or much more challenging to play properly. Although they may situationally shine, these Heroes are generally avoided by most players. Monthly metagame assessment The reworks that have had me rewriting guides all week have been hit or miss; although Anub'arak and Arthas have come out as clear winners for these reworks (which also included hefty buffs, not so coincidentally), Tyrael (who wasn't buffed) remains as unpopular as ever, and probably won't be seen for a long time thanks to the removal of one of the game's strongest talents, Imposing Will. But hey, at least, he gets some spell armor and Judgment does more damage. Speak of nerfs, it seems that last month's wave have had their intended effects: Murky, Tychus, and Protection Varian have been hit hard. The removal rework of Tychus's basic attack range and of the That's the Stuff! talent has opened the door to plenty of tanks to rise. Murky and Protection Varian, two crowd control beasts, being weaker means that strong support heroes without cleanse (read: Lucio) can now be played without actually feeling like picking them has downsides, and being 15 places ahead in winrates ahead of the second highest winrate healer, Rehgar, shows this. Since we're dealing with a tank-centric metagame, I wouldn't be surprised to see double healer compositions becoming popular again. In this vein, Tassadar has been seeing more and more play, potentially because of his ability to do everything. Probius probably needs buffs. His design is relatively simple when compared to some of the sub-40%'ers, which generally have their winrates justified by how difficult they are to play. But Probius isn't one of those, leading me to believe he's just undertuned. Last but not least, Gazlowe's rework, which also came with significant buffs, has made him a lot stronger, if not only for the fact that Robo Goblin can now contribute to team fights. If Gazlowe games are somehow allowed to reach level 20, he becomes quite oppressive with Butcher-level basic attack damage and some 55 armor (!) to play around with. Speak of The Butcher, he's been on a steady rise over the last few patches, despite a meta that wasn't all too favourable to melee assassins. I'd keep an eye out for him. I suppose I should add that I'm also expecting E.T.C. to become first tier material unless something dramatic happens.
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    You're right. Let's hope Blizzard mess more with new Support mechanics; they already stated they will give more emphasis on Supports and Specialists this year as opposed to the last wave of Assassins we saw by the second half of 2016.
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    Maybe a new era of hero design is nigh, but most likely he's just bad and will be fixed soon™. I definitely like how he isn't just another hero that can participate in fights, but is rather a hero that should stand aside and hope your team wins the fight (well, to some extent). Thanks for pointing it out, we'll be fixing it shortly! I feel like he's countered by way too many heroes, and listing all of them would be useless I believe.
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    I understand your point, but you can't ignore the fact that theoretically, Blizzard lost alot of subcribers just because they were unable to compete in a botting-environment. Their game basically is infiltrated with players (bots) who don't behave the way real players do. Which makes it an unfair environment. Alot of people feel at a disadvantage and the game as a whole is less appealing. That's a tough fact to explain in monetary figures, but it's misuse of property. (also, I realize I quoted the wrong person. But my point stands)
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    1) Crit is best stat when you have shoulders, aim for as much as possible. It will always sim the highest even above 35%. Haste only scales with the boots, is mediocre with belt as you no longer need that focus regen. 2) Boots and shoulders does require a lot more attention and your timing needs to be bang on, I think for you Hawgs, definitely still run belt as it takes a lot more thought out of your timing and lets you focus on other things.
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    I wouldn't really call it greed. If you look at the trend in the euro, it has been decreasing in value compared to the dollar for quite some time, currently (before the price hike) it is cheaper to buy packs in euro's then it is in american dollars. After the price hike, it will be slightly more expensive to buy in euros then american dollars. I am not sure how much you know of the game industry, but in general, it costs a large amount of money to export games to other countries. So when you consider that you are currently paying less for a game that costs Blizzard more to export, and if the current trend in conversion rate between euros and dollars is to continue (which it might or might not, I am no expert on finance so I can't even really speculate only extrapolate from the trend over the past few years), then it only makes logical sense for blizzard to implement a small price increase. Blizzard as a corporation also has an obligation to their board of directors and stock holders to show growth and profit, and it is hard to defend making less money in a region that costs you more to export to then you do in your home region. On top of that, Do you have the right to be unhappy about it, sure no one wants to pay more money for a service they are already using, but I don't think it is unreasonable or even unexpected.
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    Thanks for the clarification @Laragon, @Stan ^^
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    If I remember how it worked, he is "unlocked" for those that don't have him as long as 1 person of the group has chosen to be one of the heads. You can't have 2 people missing him playing together. Win 2 games and then you have both forever.
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    Cho'gall won't be on rotation. It's just an event (the same that was around when he was released and wasn't available in the in-game shop). If player A owns Cho'gall and invites you (player B) to play as either Cho or Gall and you win two games, the Hero will be automatically added to your Hero collection. Then, you become player A and can "spread the Hero" to other B players that haven't unlocked him yet.
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    As long as they keep doing massive hero re-works. I won't be too upset. They have a large pool to pull from for the next month-ish to keep us happy enough. Hopefully it means they are also working on a few new ones.
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    It's not hard to see why top-end raiders would want to make some real money doing things like this. WoW is one of the hardest popular games to monetize, especially for the amount of work that pro players put into it. Not to say I agree with selling runs for real money, but if Blizz wants this to stop happening, especially from notable raiders, they need to also step up the Esports scene for WoW, or find ways to support WoW streamers/content creators.
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    I just want to see them swappable, instead of destroyed when replaced. They are a piece of gear, essentially, and should be treated as such. Really sucks that we lose them to replace with something else. Especially for classes like Druids, that off specs could greatly benefit from. Can't even count how many times I had to think, is this slight upgrade worth it, considering the major upgrade I could get in my off spec.
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    pandaland.......... timewalking?
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    later today i'll revisit this topic and post a screen shot of my action bar, I use the default UI with almost no action bars. The big thing is you need to put things where you will remember it and have the more frequent abilities you found yourself using on "easier" to reach keys. So for me, for whatever reason my 3 key is my power button key, my left middle finger is apparently the most important, so I keep marrow rend right there with death strike to the right of it. That way one of my main abilities are right there and i don't have to stretch or move my hand, now that of course will differ from person to person, but again i'll post my person one later today :) (or tomorrow, im bad at deadlines XD)
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    psh let em have it. At this time i've had to save highmountain from the drogbar like 80 times and I had to reorganize and restore their governments infrastructure, the legion can have it at this point, its just a big stick in the ground anyways >_>
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    And if you can somehow get a Coldarra Drake from Kabal Courier, clown fiesta time! One more thing, after seeing the new quest card for priest, wonder if majordomo quest priest could be a thing for priest. Get you Majordomo Executus on board which is also a deathrattle. Then, once you get amara, increase the health of Ragnaros the Firelord to 40, and with Raza the Chained, hit your opponent for 8, many times for free. That does not seem viable enough, but if you can get it right, it is unstoppable.
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    I know Icy Veins is not a dedicated Starcraft resource, but I should tell this story to uninitiated, because it's way too much KreyGasm for me to handle. This announcement has been made on March 3, right? You know what also happened on March 3? A very big event for Starcraft Brood War. 10 years ago, on March 3, 2007, a Korean legend Bisu has revolutionized PvZ matchup for years to come. More story here, courtesy of Team Liquid guys. For those who have no clue, Bisu is famous for his outstanding Probe micro. He almost singlehandedly made Probe the most op unit in the game, (I'm dead serious, google any video named "Bisu Probe Micro"), so it only makes sense Blizzard add it to HotS like that. I can't even explain how much I'm pumped, being an avid Starcraft fan for all my life, pretty much. Is it a coincidence? I hope not.
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    Okay, spill: Who's your spy at Blizzard...
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    Was hoping for the Necromancer to be released in time for S10. Bit disappointing.
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    It's Garrosh from a 3rd timeline.
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    I think chance of getting a new class is somewhere around 0.01%. They will not rework interface and add a lot of new cards to existing sets without a very good reason. Undead themed expansion and undead tribal tag would be... niiiice. BTW, I am starting to see the reason of removing conceal. It looks rather broken with adapt that brings +attack or poison or windfury.
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    Most of the Warriors that are highly contested picks have at least one stun in their arsenal. There was nothing wrong with Warbringer having a stun; it was the combo with Taunt that led into deeper cc chain follow ups that was frustrating to play against that was the problem. He already had a dismal early game performance, and this nerf will emphasise that. Removing the stun also harms the other two builds for him, as it means that, unlike most other Warriors, he has no way to interrupt channelled casts on enemies. That puts him on the same boat as Leoric, but he still has a niche to fill due to the way he can swallow hp from other high health Heroes, whereas Varian has had some notable competition overtake him on those specs recently; Sonya in particular is performing really well, and can solo camps far quicker, more safely and with less downtime than him as well. On top of that, the change literally makes no sense. The change of someone moving from 75% to 85% slower for one second will be barely noticeable. We all expected some kind of nerf, because yes, the combo was obnoxiously strong when it had follow up, but this just completely overshot the mark. It's a shame, because the last patch that swapped his Banners for tools like Mortal Strike and Shattering Throw felt great.
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    A guide that focuses on gold gain "on the go", no tedious tasks required. Highlights All materials sell fast No need to check out crafting value vs. profit You make gold "on the way" engaging in a wide variety of activities that don't focus on gold making, such as World Quests or Glory of the Legion Hero. Blood of Sargeras Get Boon of the Bloodhunter. It gives a lot of extra bloods. You will notice Bloodhunter's Quarry dropping from enemies. It will contain anywhere from 1-5 Bloods of Sargeras. Engage in content that gives you a lot of bloods, the best are Mythic+0 dungeons. After having acquired enough bloods at the end of the day, visit this website (EU) to determine the most recent gold value of Blood of Sargeras. On most servers, you will get the maximum value from Potion of Prolonged Power, but we'll be focusing on raw materials. Find Illnea Bloodthorn in Dalaran. If you found which item has the most value, create a macro depending on the item you'd like to buy: /run BuyMerchantItem(1) - Order Resources Cache /run BuyMerchantItem(2) - Lean Shank /run BuyMerchantItem(3) - Fatty Bearsteak /run BuyMerchantItem(4) - Big Gamy Ribs /run BuyMerchantItem(5) - Leyblood /run BuyMerchantItem(6) - Wildfowl Egg /run BuyMerchantItem(7) - Cursed Queenfish /run BuyMerchantItem(8) - Mossgill Perch /run BuyMerchantItem(9) - Highmountain Salmon /run BuyMerchantItem(10) - Stormray /run BuyMerchantItem(11) - Runescale Koi /run BuyMerchantItem(12) - Black Barracuda /run BuyMerchantItem(13) - Aethril /run BuyMerchantItem(14) - Dreamleaf /run BuyMerchantItem(15) - Foxflower /run BuyMerchantItem(16) - Fjarnskaggl /run BuyMerchantItem(17) - Starlight Rose /run BuyMerchantItem(18) - Leystone Ore /run BuyMerchantItem(19) - Felslate /run BuyMerchantItem(20) - Stonehide Leather /run BuyMerchantItem(21) - Stormscale /run BuyMerchantItem(22) - Unbroken Claw /run BuyMerchantItem(23) - Unbroken Tooth /run BuyMerchantItem(24) - Shal'dorei Silk /run BuyMerchantItem(25) - Arkhana /run BuyMerchantItem(26) - Leylight Shard Example: I found that I will get the most value from Fjarnskaggl, So I create this macro: /run BuyMerchantItem(16) You can adjust the amount of stacks you want to buy, but the best is to just spam the macro until you're out of bloods if you want to deplete them all. Enchanting Greatly synergizes with blood farming. You get a lot of gold by disenchanting everything. Don't disenchant BoE purples! Chaos Crystal is the main source of income and disenchanting epic gear has a chance to yield a Blood of Sargeras. The key is to obtain as much gear as possible from World Quests (look for quests that award purple items when doing your daily cache), Mythic+0 dungeons, LFR and other sources. If you're doing Heroic dungeons, disenchant every rare item to get Leylight Shard. Disenchant all green gear you come across into Arkhana. Sell all crystals, shards and dust. Order Hall Missions To further improve your gold gain, don't forget about missions that award gold! If you're success chance is 200%, you're guaranteed to receive bonus gold. Don't forget to put everything in the Auction House. Closing Tips Mobile Armory is far more comfortable to use than the in-game Auction House. Legion Companion App can be used for Order Hall Missions. Sell all Defiled Augment Runes you get from LFR, Order Hall Missions.
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    I went from rank 11 to rank 7 with this deck (two swaps) and shamans were very manageable.
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    Blizzard : "Here's some announcements of competent changes!" Me : "Finally! They look like they care about their game and know what they are doing!" Blizzard : "nvm lol we have no clue" Me : "nvm lol".
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    I like that we are able to aim now, this will make fishing for off spec legendaries better. There are many classes where I haven't bothered to fish simply because there are only 1-2 legendaries i want and I don't trust RNGesus, I've gotten Kiljaedens burning wish 3 times (on different toons mind you). So the new changes are a nice addition to the system. My only wish is that legendaries were character/class bound and not spec. What I mean is that your helm would do one thing as frost but when you switch to unholy or blood it would do something else. I don't mind fishing for a couple legendaries, honestly getting mine has been really fun, however, its a pain needing effectively 6 legendaries (assuming 3 spec class) for one character. I wish the legendaries would be altered like WoD gear was where you can reuse same gear for different specs. (wait did i actually mention something in wod was good, ITS THE END OF TIMES) *note I am aware you can still equip a offspec legendary to use as a stat stick, i'm referring to abilities being transferred, kinda like how tier set works, you have your bonuses but when you switch spec you have your other bonuses*
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    Emmm, I think those who went from Diablo to WarCraft team over did their work. The role of legendary items became a must have. At the beginning it was fun to get one. Right now if someone does something wrong and they cant make a decent amount of dmg, or heal main reason - I do not have Legendary items. Starting to miss times when Legendary items were really Like Legends (Ulduar, Black temple)
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    Is this really the way this will work? It seems like this incentivizes us to make a bunch of alts that are the same class as our main to farm legendaries to ship over. I feel like this can't be right.
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    My frost mage Thespia. The name of this set? Ice Queen