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    Can't they just add a map filter that players can select individually? So they can choose by themselves which maps they wanna get queued?
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    We present our fifth Heroes of the Storm Meta Tier List for the Genji patch of April 2017. Our fifth Heroes of the Storm Meta Tier List for the month of April 2017 is here! Welcome to Icy Veins's Meta Tier List for the Genji patch. The goal if of this list is to try and detail game's current metagame state. The prime goal of such lists is to inform players regarding popular and trending team composition drafting strategies (i.e. the drafting metagame). Although tier listings are generally the product of balance, many factors come into play when discussing the relative perceived strengths of heroes, including player regions, maps, play style, skill level, and, of course, personal perception. As such, any tier list - including this very one - should never be interpreted as gospel, but rather, as a guide to better grasp what to expect with regards to typical drafting experiences. One useful application of such lists is to allow you know which heroes to look out for in terms of practice and counterplay, ultimately improving your knowledge of the game. Using the list As stated above, tier lists are easy to mistake for gospel. As new strategies are discovered and experimented with, so changes the perception of the relative strengths of each hero. Tier lists still prove to be useful as a snapshot of player expectations in terms of drafting. Although it is generally considered preferable to focus on high tier heroes (Prime and Core tiers), it is important to note that Heroes of the Storm's wild character and map designs make it so that any given hero's tier position is prone to fluctuate depending on the situation at hand. One classic example of such is that of Kerrigan on the Infernal Shrines map. Although we currently judge her to be a mid-tier hero, her drafting priority shoots up to first-pick or first-ban material on this specific map due to the nature of its objective. Certain heroes also synergise so well with each other that the sole fact of having the opportunity of drafting them together is generally enough to increase their potential. Tassadar and Tracer, for instance, are generally nightmarish to deal with for many. There are too many examples of these interactions to reasonably produce here, but we invite you to consult our guides to know exactly where and when each hero shines. The guides have been linked in the lists below for your convenience - just click any of the hero names to access them. If you're newer to the game, also consider visiting our glossary for a comprehensive list of discrete Heroes of the Storm terms. Additionally, a + or - sign (or several of them) indicates short-to-medium term predictions (which is to say, about a month) for tier increase(s) or decrease(s), respectively. These may be updated after significant balance patches and/or when clear trends are emerging. Prime Tier - Prime tier heroes are considered to be extremely strong in all situations, and show no obvious weakness. They are very often banned or picked right away, as they generally dictate the pace of most matches. Core Tier Warrior Assassin Support Specialist Anub'arak Falstad Lúcio↓ Nazeebo Arthas+ Gul'dan Malfurion↓ Sylvanas Dehaka Li-Ming Rehgar Probius↑↑ Diablo Ragnaros↓ Uther↑↑ Artanis↓ Samuro Johanna Thrall Sonya Valla Varian (Tank) Zeratul Zarya Muradin↑ Core tier heroes are strong in a wide variety of situations and have few counter-picking possibility. They should form the core of your team, and be picked after Prime Tier heroes have been distributed. Viable Tier Warrior Assassin Support Specialist Chen Alarak Auriel Azmodan↑ E.T.C.↓ Chromie Brightwing↓ Gazlowe Leoric Genji (new) Kharazim Rexxar Greymane+ Li Li↑ Jaina↓ Lt. Morales Kael'thas Tassadar↓ Kerrigan Lunara Raynor The Butcher↑ Valeera Varian (Damage) Zul'jin Viable tier heroes are generally well-rounded that have either fallen out of favour, or, inversely, are on the rise in popularity, due to the current Prime tier contenders. Niche tier Warrior Assassin Support Specialist Cho'gall Cassia (new) Tyrande+ Abathur Stitches Cho'gall Medivh Tyrael Illidan Murky Nova Sgt. Hammer Tracer The Lost Vikings Tychus Xul Zagara Niche tier heroes have niche application on certain maps or for certain team compositions. They are generally picked to "round out" your team composition when your team composition is missing out on key components, such as a "jungler" (mercenary camps), a solo laner, or solid waveclear. Bottom Tier - Bottom tier Heroes are deemed to be either considerably weaker than the majority of other Heroes, or much more challenging to play properly. Although they may situationally shine, these Heroes are generally avoided by most players. Monthly metagame assessment It seems I'll have to remove two tiers for our next tier list because the game is probably in the most balanced state it's ever been. Here's to hoping it'll last because such states are great for experimenting with team compositions without feeling like you're missing out on picking or banning that one overpowered guy. What might be the cause of such a state, though? On one hand Blizzard has been (relatively) steady with the nerfs. On the other hand - and I feel this is the most important reason here - there has been an overload of e-sports, notably with HGC, to teach players how to draft. There isn't all that much to say today, so I'll go over the new heroes and some of the more notable bounces. Cassia's a good pick against melee-assassin-heavy team compositions, especially if your team is running their own blinding effects for that extra synergy, but she doesn't really fit in a meta that's looking to be defined by warriors and supports. This is mostly due to her limited sustained damage and keen vulnerability to crowd control. Niche tier. Genji's looking balanced to me, though he is very difficult to play well, and tends to be quite counterable. On top of this, since he's an Overwatch fanboy favourite, I think his win rates are going to start out really low until we have braved the initial wave of juvenile excitement that drowns him. It should be noted that two of the heroes he does really well against - Tracer and Tychus - are both out of meta themselves, meaning he might not find a place until they do. With abysmal waveclear and mercenary camp claiming, I can't really justify picking him over some of the other melee assassins. Still a good Genji is a good Genji, and the hero's surprisingly fun. Viable tier, barely.
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    i love braxis and warhead though, pushing with the zerg or landing some good nukes is amazing, also that starcraft music daaaayum
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    Honestly they need to make a new token entirely for account balance and have wow tokens a whole separate currency. Because the prices are getting out of hand. I, as a strictly wow only player shouldn't have to pay insanely high token prices all because tokens can be used as currency for other games. It's insanely unfair. I barely make just enough to buy a token because I don't want to burn myself out of wow. I raid mythic 3 nights a week and wanna play some alts. I don't grind gold. And i cannot afford they extra $15 a month right now. I don't play the AH, because I play the game to have FUN. Not grind gold.
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    7 Year old son picked up Legendary Demonic Tyrael skin his box just yesterday. Proud, I was... and sad that I got Emojis instead.
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    With a site as large as Icy Veins, our forums might seem like the best place to advertise your latest piece of work in order to generate some more attention for it. We're absolutely fine with our users advertising themselves here, especially if they have some quality content to show off; however, there are some rules that need to be followed if you are promoting your content. The number of self-promotion posts must contribute 10% or less of your total post number. This was introduced to stop people simply spamming their videos in a thread and never contributing to the forums in any other way. You must put some kind of warning on the video if it features some form of content that might not be appropriate for the age groups that will be playing Blizzard games. This is fairly self explanatory - if the video features swearing but the content is still necessary for users to see, then please post a warning for users. The video must contribute to the forum discussion and should be posted in the correct forum. Post your video in the respective game forum that applies best to your game. If your video is not of a Blizzard game, post it in the Off-Topic forum. Your video must not feature any form of content that violates our general posting rules. Read here. If you have any questions, you can always ask in this thread or by messaging one of us.
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    I lost my shit at Brightwing.
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    >2.0 and loads of hings that used to be only available through giving money become free >People complain >Free stuff happens more often than normal gameplay >People complain
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    uhh what? this....? im confused, we get 1 free card woo hoo? what... this has to be promotion for something coming soon, or something cause what? why? like i.. i dont even know what to say i am so mind blown
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    Seriously though, didn't Blizzard retire the Battle.net name....
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    There's a new update arriving in the coming weeks and it's going to bring a much requested feature to HS: completing quests while playing with your friends! The other big feature coming with this update is importing decklists, allowing you to easily copy and share your favorite decks without resorting to screenshots or outside sites! No specific ETA has been given and if you want to know all the details check out the announcement post below. Blizzard (source) Hearthstone’s upcoming update has a lot of cool stuff in it, but we wanted to call special attention to a couple of features that we’re particularly excited about. We think you’ll like them too! Friends Forever When the new Hearthstone update arrives, you’ll be able to complete quests in Friendly Challenges! Just issue a Friendly Challenge to someone on your Friends list and rack up credit for nearly any quest you can receive. Last year, the Friendly Feud allowed players to complete quests when they played with a friend. You gave us a ton of positive feedback about that event, and a lot of you asked us to have Friendly Feuds more often. We thought that was a good idea, so we took it a step further! There are some minor caveats. For example, any quests that can’t be completed as part of a Friendly Challenge aren’t eligible, such as those that require you to play vs The Innkeeper or watch a match. Most everything else is fair game though, so now you’ll have a reason to make friends with a recent opponent that isn’t just to send them a compliment. Sharing is Caring You’ll soon be able to easily copy and share decklists with Deck Importing! No more screen shotting decklists, or staring at a web page as you carefully build a deck, card by card. Trying—and sharing—a new decklist will be as simple as copy and paste! Here’s how it works: If your deck is already full, when you select the Hero portrait at the top of a deck in your collection, you’ll see a Copy button*. Press that button and your decklist will be copied to your clipboard. If you paste your decklist into a text document, it will look like this: Click to view sample decklist. See that conveniently highlighted ‘code’ near the bottom? That code also works on its own, making it easier to share a decklist with friends in chat or social media. Importing a decklist is easy. When you go to create the new deck, Hearthstone will “know” when you’ve got a valid decklist on your clipboard, so you’ll be asked if you’d like to create a new deck with the one you’ve got copied. Then you can watch your new deck be built before your eyes. You can also import decklists to Tavern Brawls! Don’t have all the cards a deck requires? No worries! In that case, it works just like a deck recipe. Any cards you don’t already own will appear insubstantial and you can select them for suggested replacements. You might also notice that your golden and non-golden cards now stack in decklists too! Deck Importing is great for finding and sharing new decks, but it’s also helpful for managing your library of decks. Save the code for decklists you rarely use, and when you’re ready to play one again, just copy and import it. The new update including these features will arrive in the coming weeks. We’re super excited about them, and we can’t wait to hear what you think! * Desktop users can use ctrl+c to copy a decklist (you’ll get a confirmation when your copy is successful), then ctrl+v when viewing My Decks to import a decklist.
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    I really dislike the idea of Map Rotations as well. I want to play all of the maps and have fun, but instead I am stuck with the same maps, all over again for the whole week. At least my favourite map is back - Battlefield of Eternity, here I come! I don't really miss Dragon Shire, I never really liked the map. Then again, I'd take it over Hanamura anytime.
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    I agree that map rotation is a bad idea. Of course I have maps I do not like too but with a full map pool the diversity of game experiences is so much greater. The huge amount of sweets In a supermarket is too much, you are barely able to make a choice but here a limitation is the wrong way. And yes, kick out Hanamura or rework it, always boring too short games no matter who wins. I feel like a babysitter for a car and the fact that an enemy in stealth can block the movement is strange, the payload has no idea that there is an enemy close, so why would it stop? :D
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    Bummed to see infernal shrines go away. Really glad sky temple didn't go away! Now we have all new maps for the new/returning players to relearn... Warhead will be a huge headache for this reason. I find it the worst because the snowball is so easy and early. Get early picks, win a boss because you have 10 first, gg other team. They tried to put a comeback mechanic in with the boss and fort capture mechanic, but at 7 health the game is barely long enough for these to kick in, and they are too available for the other team to steal and lock you out of if they have a lead. The boss eating mechanic and being in the middle of a two lane map makes it REALLY hard to race and sneak it if you're behind. You can never catch the other team that far out of position to not at least contest. Bribe is also broken, 1 stack buys you a "bruiser" camp with a massive heal mechanic. Most heroes with bribe also have some sort of global, so you can steal the other teams camp with essentially no threat of being punished because you global out with the token. There is a portion that is still people drafting the wrong heroes, but that's not all of it, and that's the only part that can fix over time. The rest needs a rework. The thing that makes me disheartened is that all of this should have been caught in beta or play testing.
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    I got a four key foot pedal to have movement on and the razer naga to bind my abilities to. I'm trying to overcome my current situation. I'm not about to just give up.
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    Warlock is the worst class by far. Its quest sucks so bad, without a new expansion and fitting cards, there is no way you can play that quest viably (Is this even a word?) For zoo, quest is slow, and reward is not great, 3/2 imps die to pretty much everything. For control, quest is so underwhelming again. After Reno Jackson and other important cards in renolock rotated out, and as Kazakus is not enough to define an archetype (maybe in priest, it is), control variants became much weaker. Some players tried to play handlock, with cards like Humongous Razorleaf, such as Trump and StanCifka (this guy loves handlock I guess) and deck seemed to perform badly, so that Humongous Razorleaf started seeing play in priest, not warlock. Loss of Dark Peddler and Imp Gang Boss affected zoo harshly, especially the IGB was a perfect minion for a zoo deck. And then there was Power Overwhelming, gave some explosive power to zoo. New egg and Ravenous Pterrordax can't fill their role, at least, not in standard Discard zoo w/o quest seems playable perhaps, Clutchmother Zavas is good card for that archetype obviously. And there are still cards from Karazhan.Though we have a problem, mage and taunt warrior are pretty common in ladder, and they just laugh at zoo. Also, midrange paladin is the new 'deck-to-beat', and zoo can't do that too. Not much is seen to be refined for warlock, even by pros. While it is one of the best classes is wild, in standard, it is extremely rare and fragile to so many different things. If you're sure you will queue against pirate warriors and midrange hunters all day long, you can play it though.
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    I am so unbelievably hyped for this, but I never could have guessed those two ultimates.
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    "This person must be leading the country!" Thanks Google Translate!
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    I actually just leveled them to 5. They are certainly had to play and VERY map specific (pretty much limited to just Cursed Hollow, Warhead Junction, and the new OW based map), but they pretty much ensure no matter how badly the early game goes, you won't be behind in XP. TLVs main problem is the same as Aba: You're basically committing to 5v4 teamfights until late in the game, where they actually have some decent damage potential (enough to take out a lone assassin who gets careless). This makes maps with contestable objectives hard for TLV to play well, as any XP gain they gain is offset by the map objective. Outside of the three aforementioned maps, I'd never recommend them. The root problem is if you make them any better then a niche map pick, they'll quickly be overpowered. Maybe if Blizz creates more passive maps you could justify them more. The OW map is actually an EXCELLENT map for them, as they count as three escorting heroes for the payload, allowing easier contests of the other teams. More maps like that, and they could shine.
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    Blizzard is really selling their fish well. I think this is a great thing to show people that HotS is different from the likes of LoL and DotA. I honestly think it's a much better game given how it keeps the concept simple to teach new players how to play, but at the same time it is filled with layers of complexity that rewards more experienced players.
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    Way too much are these competitions made for only US. US also had earlier release of heroes 2.0 so this might be compensation from blizz to eu, so let us please enjoy it, ty. :-D
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    I am going to change the talent's description if it helps avoiding confusion. Yet, it does not change my perception of the talent being worse than others at Level 20. To go for a talent that will net you ideal value every once out of 30 or so times you cast it is not good enough to make it worth recommending. Of course you can claim it's good in an ideal world. If it works for you, feel free to pick it. But I've had too many games that have been decided by Zanshin.
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    Game isn't balanced because of one hero? Anyway, Vikings were always like that and it's good that they are; 3 heroes with 3 different things about them plus the way they can apply lane pressure to all lanes during an objective? Yeah you might lose objective but then you have one hell of an exp boost. Many heroes burst them down anyway; Jaina, Zeratul, Valeera, Nova; which is why they are called counter-picks. Nice tier list as usual. Surprised Arthas isn't Prime tier but I guess he wouldn't be totally all-rounded perfect for it yet ;3
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    Smart of Blizzard. Strike while it's hot. Dyrus genuinely liked the game, and plans to keep playing it some. So its just smart to try and drag more of his fans into the game. Maybe, with enough of this they can get him to swap from league to heroes for stream. That would be the ultimate coup.
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    Figured they misspoke, but seeing as it's in the press release stuff, aswell. It seems kind of stupid making "an exception" if they're trying to rename, though.
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    Well, there's still plenty of confusion to go around, as the actual launcher is called the "Blizzard App" in your taskbar, so no one really knows what the hell they're doing right? So once again, goodbye, actually cool name full of tradition and history and "welcome" Blizzard App/Launcher, generic sounding branded entity.
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    Alright, let's break this down for you. Only one good legendary - the crafted legendary sucks, as soon as you get literally anything else, replace it. Trinkets - nightblooming frond is useless. Get yourself a Convergence of Fates or a Bloodthirsty Instinct to match with / replace the Entwined Elemental Foci Tier gear - you don't even have a single piece of tier gear - at that ilvl that's about 150-200k dps you're missing out on there - this should be your number one focus. Opener - you're not using your burst rotation at all - BM is capable of some of the highest burst in the game in the shortest amount of time since all our abilities are instant cast Titan's Thunder / AMoC - You're not using them on cooldown. Since you don't have tier gear, it's better to just use them every time they're off CD and wait til they're back up the next time to sync with Bestial Wrath. Memorise the BM hunter guide on here - talents are fine but your execution of the rotation is way off.
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    Why does blizzard hate enhancement shaman so much?
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    Genji and D.Va got announcers... Meanwhile I'm still waiting for The Lost Vikings and Lil Ragnaros announcers. 😟
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    good for her *claps* she did a pretty good job with war crimes and thrall, I felt she did a great job with the material and keeping most characters personalities pretty close. You are writing books with characters not your own so you have to work a bit harder to stay true to source material. I imagine she got some lore writing job now that metzen is gone. I think she will do very well in the position :D
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    Mill decks I've tried always had the issue that I had to come from behind to win. Being able to heal up with a combination of Brann Bronzebeard and Antique Healbot. Since both are no longer in the current Standard card pool, along with Gang Up, I'm just not convinced milling really works anymore. But if you can find a viable deck, not tier 1, just viable I'd like to see it. Always found that deck type to be entertaining (for me at least).
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    I can't think with Blizzard's head, but making a lot of players angry by lowering the number of maps playable just doesn't seem to be a good tactic. I guess new players who are interested wont stay only because they need to play on 9 maps, not on 13. If they enjoy the game, they'll stay. The variety of the maps was a positive thing for me as a newcomer. Now I feel like they take away something and make the game a bit more monotonic.
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    Yes, definitely, and Kolento adds them to his own quest deck in two copies each. Nothing better than eating murlocs and pirates alive. No, why? This is a fairly fast combo deck, where Doomsayer does basically nothing. Against aggro, it may sound good to slam it on board Turn 2 to stall, but what about what you try to accomplish? I believe as slow as you are at completing the quest, it gets harder and harder to win, against pretty much anything, because minion quality in this deck is abysmal. And both crabs should help you against most of the aggro decks anyways, all of them except new mid hunter (it is basically an aggro deck with Savannah Highmane and Nesting Roc), actually.
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    If we get Leroy Jenkins as a character in Heroes of the Storm, I would love him to be voiced by the original Leroy Jenkins
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    http://www.checkmywow.com/reports/RwY82kzvctGZahdm/143555884/10 You have incredibly low vulnerable uptime, almost no use of patient sniper, and it seems you forgot about windburst and aimed shot. You have the legendary belt so you'd be better off not running the meme build and instead go for trick shot. You at least seem to know that you should aim to hit aimed shot right as patient sniper is about to end, but you could definitely do with some practice. You have the legendary gloves too, so your aimed shot usage/damage is quite low for having them. Your burst is practically non-existent; MM is known for having burst and on your Trilliax kill you didn't even hit 800k. You don't have 4 piece tier set (probably because you're running meme build) and you have shocking trinkets. Your mastery is fine; so that's not an issue - but you're missing a neck enchant which is 600 mastery. You spent almost half the fight at max focus. I think you need to go back and read the rotation and really practice it, and aim to get better trinkets. You've got at least a basic understanding of the rotation but your execution of it is very poor. The guide itself has all the information you need, and if that fails - look at warcraftlogs to see what the top players used on that fight as a suggestion. In terms of talents, look at your legendaries and what the guide suggests for the fights. You barely have to talent swap in NH, and with the belt the main/only thing you ever want to be changing is volley or AMoC for AoE vs ST. Barrage is utterly useless for the amount of focus it costs - plus it's damage is too low compared to volley, especially if the adds are up for more than a few seconds.
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    Yeah, I was REALLY surprised the self destruct isn't even a heroic! Not sure I like the heroic being completely tied to which "form" you are in. That means her base kit has to be RIDICULOUS, otherwise you have half a hero if you go pilot build. I do think as a lane bruiser she will be insane due to the two health bars and booster escape. She might be the strongest bully in the game now.
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    A lot of changes, very excited to see a lot of minor adjustments for multiple heroes. While a lot of people consider them probably unnecessary, I think they are very good to do some soft balancing to the game and improve the talent diversity. A lot of theese changes seem a bit brutal tho, hopefully Blizz will revert them if they ho wrong. Excited as the new Alarak seems superb, very challenging but with huge payouts. Also new Tyrande seems very powerful, not sure if her forced niche is the right nice for her tho. D.VA seems a bit underwhelming at first glance, probably too easy to counter to be viable without any buffs.
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    hungering weapon is so hungry it ate empowered i'm not sorry XD
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    Core concepts contain useful information for players that are new to the game or have previously played a different MOBA. Blizzard mentions what makes Heroes stand out among other MOBAs. What Makes Heroes of the Storm Unique? It's about Heroes like Abathur (doesn't engage directly in combat), Cho'gall (two players play a single Hero) or The Lost Vikings (a player controls three units at the same time, imagine Starcraft). The game has a fairly large pool of battlegrounds with different objectives. Heroes of the Storm doesn't have an in-game shop for talents. Instead, they are designed like in a MMORPG You'll level up as a team and there's no individual leveling For individual Hero guides, don't forget to visit our guide section! Struggling with the new rewards system? We've got you covered! Blizzard (Source) Heroes of the Storm is the MOBA that continues to defy conventions and expectations. In the Nexus, fast-paced battles are waged across various battlegrounds, each with their own unique objectives to consider. Here, your heroes have a meaningful impact on their battles through the decisions you make and the talents you choose. There’s no item shop to consider, no slow-paced games to wear down your resolve; be prepared, this is a much different kind of MOBA experience. In the Nexus, you fight hard, fast, and will work as team to counter enemy strategies and advance against your opponent. As you consider the advice we offer in this guide, we also encourage you to download Heroes of the Storm and charge into the tutorial. HERO SELECTION AND ROLES The Nexus has gathered many of the bravest and most heroic characters from across Blizzard’s game universes, and more still are being called to serve. Whether you favor the heroes of the Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, or Overwatch universes, you’ll find epic characters to explore and command. Heroes in the Nexus are categorized as Warriors, Supports, Assassins, or Specialists, and you can find a detailed breakdown for each of these roles here. Despite these roles, Heroes of the Storm offers a number of Heroes who will challenge your expectations. Abathur Rather than interacting directly with a battle, Abathur aids his team from afar using his Symbiote ability. Players who choose Abathur will need to have a supreme map awareness to make ample use of his long-range abilities. Cho'gall Two players must work in harmony to command different aspects of this Warrior and Assassin duo: The Cho player controls movement and basic attacks, while Gall dishes out most of their ability damage. Both players can employ Cho and Gall’s separate abilities, but they must work in concert to take full advantage of them. The Lost Vikings The specialist team of the Lost Vikings are three separate Heroes commanded by a single player. The Vikings can be split up to push multiple lanes, or brought together to focus on their target. They are a challenge and a handful to master, but can be deadly in the hands of a skilled player. Our Hero guide offers biographies for every Hero in the game, as well as specific information about their abilities, comparative damage, utility, survivability, and complexity. Familiarizing yourself with all the Heroes will be instrumental in learning how their abilities synergize, as well as what works most effectively against them. Keep in mind that following the launch of Heroes of the Storm 2.0 in your region and lasting until May 22, 2017, all players who log into the game during that time will automatically receive 100 Gems, which can be used to permanently unlock one (1) Mega Hero Bundle of their choosing. More details about this offer are available in our blog, here. We encourage you to check that out as that is a great way of picking up a ton of great heroes right from the start! TEAM LEVELING – RISE TOGETHER For a team to be effective, its members will need to act as one. The leveling in Heroes of the Storm reflects this philosophy, with each player contributing to a shared pool of experience. Team experience makes it easier to make rotations without losing the lane, and ensures you’re not fighting with teammates over gold and experience. Keep in mind that gaining levels faster than the opposing team will present your team opportunities for executing power plays at crucial talent-earning levels, which you’ll be able to capitalize on together. You will rise as one, just as you will fall as one. Work together and you will reap the benefits of your efforts. Disregard, and your team will be torn asunder. As you explore the Nexus, keep on the lookout for helpful suggestions from the community as these will be invaluable assets in your battles. THE TALENT SYSTEM – FORGE A LIVING WEAPON In Heroes of the Storm, every Hero has their own diverse kit of skills and abilities that you will be able to choose from as your team advances. Starting at level 1, every few levels your team earns will present you with a set of talent choices that offer new tools or enhance your existing abilities. In Heroes of the Storm, talents have replaced what you may have come to know as the ‘item shop.’ These talents allow you to react to the battleground, your team composition, or the opposing team composition. A Hero’s kit is unique to them, and offers you different strategic opportunities to employ during the battle. Pressing the TAB key brings up a menu where you’ll be able to see which talents your team and your opponents have chosen. As you gain familiarity with the talents that are available to each of your heroes, you’ll make better and more informed decisions about how to react to the ever-evolving battle at hand. At level 10, each member of the team will select from one of two powerful Heroic Abilities which greatly enhance your Hero’s effectiveness in the battle. When unleashed in succession with other complementary Heroic abilities that your team has chosen, these can be absolutely devastating against your opponent. Choose, but choose wisely; once your Heroic ability has been selected, the choice cannot be undone. As such, having a keen understanding of the talents and abilities for each of the Heroes is paramount to achieving success in the Nexus. DYNAMIC BATTLEGROUNDS – THE CHANGING FACE OF BATTLE Heroes of the Storm features a wide range of battlegrounds, each offering unique gameplay and powerful objectives to master. Completing objectives creates advantages for your team, and are the primary points of interest and conflict on each Battleground (they’re also where team fights tend to erupt). Be warned: if you’re focusing on an objective and the enemy’s not present, it’s a good bet they soon will be. In addition to the various objectives each Battleground offers, you’ll also be able to earn the allegiance of the Mercenaries who populate the world. To do so, you must first defeat the neutral mercenaries at their camp site, and then stand on the beacon nearby to capture them for your team. Determining the optimal time to capture a mercenary camp is crucial, and can be of great value when you need to distract the enemy team from capturing an objective. For breakdowns of the different battlegrounds and the objectives they offer, check out our Battlegrounds page. GO FORTH WITH HONOR We hope you’ve found this overview insightful, and more importantly, that it gets your blood pumping, engaging your insatiable hunger for victory. You have a wealth of experience to acquire in Heroes of the Storm, and we know you’ll be up to the challenges ahead. May you go forth with honor, bring glory to your teams, and have a blast in the Nexus.
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    Following the Heroes 2.0 launch, CarbotAnimations have uploaded a short cartoon trailer for the new version of the game. CarbotAnimations are well-known for creating funny animated videos for several Blizzard titles. We're looking at the HeroStorm 2.0 trailer, packed with cool new features!
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    Resurrect is easier to channel now, but it can still result in feeding a second kill to the other team. At least Aegis has a small burst of damage in an area around the target, which helps to dissuade enemies from piling onto your teammate. Resurrect has a greater ease of use now, but it is still best when your team is already winning team fights. I don't think there are very many situations where it will help to win a team fight more than Aegis will.
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    You definitely under-performed on Tichondrius, but still contributed more than enough damage to clear the fight. On Chromatic Anomaly (CA) you absolutely murdered him. As both of these fights are major DPS checks in Nighthold, I think this indicates you have a massive consistency issue. Based on your logs, armory, and your post I think I can help you fix a few issues: 1) Stop casting Scorch. Looking at several fights throughout the raid I noticed that Scorch not only outpaces the number of Fireballs you cast by a wide margin, but tends to be your most cast spell in NUMEROUS encounters. For example during your CA kill you cast Scorch 29 times (your most cast spell) compared to the 20 times you cast Fireball. The only time you should be casting Scorch during this fight is the brief period of time in which the tank brings the boss to the add, after that you should stop casting it unless the boss is at 30% health and you have the legendary belt; you do not. Use Fireball as your primary Hot Streak generator. 2) You have taken RoP, but you rarely cast it. During CA you cast it one time and it no one way lined up with your burst. This bring me to my next point: why on Earth would you waste 5 seconds of RoP before pull? You're effectively only getting 5 seconds of RoP if you do it this way and by the time you use Combustion you either have a second or two left or its already gone. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of RoP, make sure to do the following: Never have both charges on CD. Try to keep one charge in the bank and keep the other one if you are approaching a significant DPS check and need to squeeze out some additional damage. Line your RoP up with your Combustion. Remember that Combustion can be cast off the GCD, so this means you can cast Combustion right as your RoP cast finishes. If you do it this way you will get maximum overlap between the two. Now you're pumping out guaranteed crits with 50% increased damage for the next 10 seconds; that's insane. Be mindful of mechanics. On Tichondrius if DBM says you're about to get his aids, don't cast RoP because you'll just have to move to the other side of the room and you'll have wasted a charge. Thinking ahead is key. 3) Start casting Phoenix Flames more consistently. On Gul'dan I noticed you seem to expend all of your charges at once and then are relegated to casting them as they trickle in. There are also several incidents where you seem to notice later on that you are maxed on charges and frantically try to dump them. Always try to keep at least one charge in the bank, but never let yourself cap out at three charges for more than a few seconds. That is a waste of your weapon talent and DPS. 4) Stop instantly consuming Hot Streak the moment you get it. While this works out to be an instant spike, it is a long term DPS loss. After you get a Hot Streak, cast Fireball and consume Hot Streak the moment Fireball finishes its cast. This ensures that the likelihood one of those spells will crit is significantly high which makes chaining your Hot Streaks more consistent, not to mention the chance that they both crit and refund the Hot Streak is also reasonably probable. In other words, doing this will increase the chance that you'll maintain a steady supply of Heating Up and make juggling Fire Blast charges much easier on you. 5) Pay attention to bracer procs. You seem to cast only one or two each fight, so you're missing out on massive amounts of damage. If one of these procs pops up during your Combustion/RoP combo, stop and hard cast. The damage is absurd. 6) You're over stacked on crit. Thanks to the two piece bonus making enhanced pyrotechnics insanely good, it's much easier to ensure you'll get the Heating Up proc you need to Fire Blast into. Anything above 55% is pretty much worthless and 50% is arguably the smartest bet, especially since Combustion no longer increases Mastery by 100% of your crit. Start cutting down on the crit and try replacing it with some Haste, which will make casting Fireball much more appealing to you. Haste also indirectly increases the power of your bracers as it becomes easier to cast Pyroblast in time before the proc wears off which means you're effectively going to enjoy more procs. I'm currently sitting at about 52% crit and 21% haste and my Fireball is a 1.67 second cast time. If you can't get the haste you need right away, swapping your ring enchants for haste and your neck enchant for mark of the claw will help your transition greatly. 7) Focus on yourself! Unless you're in a guild with tools, clearing bosses is clearing bosses regardless of what your DPS is. Meters checking is pointless and only creates toxic behavior; use it as a tool to help you improve yourself as a player, not as a way to compare yourself to others. While your overall performance was not in line with what your gear is capable of, your guild cleared without issue and that is what is important. Hope some of this helps!
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    Lots of them are bots. Give me at LEAST a couple days before you start complaining about a reply, okay? I have a life too :P That said I'll look at it late tonight, in all likelyhood. It takes time to comb through logs and take a proper look at everything - and time is something that I had in short supply up until today
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    in the end, everyone will find the easiest/quickest way to farm AP/gear. Whichever system you choose, there is always an optimal way to balance effort/gain. That will be the equilibrium on which people play. Whether it is running lower lvl keys with overgeared to get 3 chests, or +10keys while being overgeared to get 1 chest with 3 items. Only difference is there is no longer a true incentive to run a dungeon within the three chest time limit. But as, people still will want to invest as little time as possible, they will still be inviting overgeared people. Not because they need upgrades but because the want to reduce risks. However I do think people looking for gear upgrades will appreciate this new system more. As it rewards them just as much (gearwise) for finishing just intime as it would finishing it within 3chest time.
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    pepsi is superior duh fun fact, coke was made before refridgeration and was meant to be drank hot, while pepsi post fridge thus meant to be served cold, so if you drink pepsi hot and coke cold they actually taste identical.
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    You are absolutely right. People who are comfortably and anonymously playing a videogame are not interested in some other guys' anonymous tips or helpful comments (most of the time anyways). You might even get some weird flame back! classic example: me/average helpful guy: "hey Jaina, try to play a bit safe in your lane when you don't see the enemies on the map." Jaina: "stfu 0 kills shit waveclear l2p" me: "... But I'm playing ETC..." Sure, there are exceptions, like when you're a new, enthousiastic player who is learning his stuff. I got more than a few tips myself. But bottom line: NOT being salty is way more important. Be neutral, take a gamble next game if you think your teammates are really scr*wing you over.
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    What he means is with this deck you need to be the one taking the fight to them instead of the other way around. Like with almost all other aggro decks your opponent needs to be the one reacting to the situation.
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    Added predictions for Arthas and Greymane. In a nutshell: +. Thanks to everyone for the comments and feedback, as per usual.
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    Oh I'd believe that. My experience of LoL was 3 games and a lot of people being absolute maggots to each other (want to keep this polite). But die once and everyone in your team will attack you, being very aggressive towards lane (person mid didn't want jungler to clear wave and then go into jungle), just not the team game it's marketed as. (Incidentally I only stopped playing it due to issues with updating) HoTs though (compared to Smite) has it's toxicity extending wayy past the game; like reddit and here turn into sour eggs when any hero from Warcraft or OW is released or if people self hype. Since it's a team game, I thought people would like somewhat "yay lets help and be logical" but it's way more limited than it should be. But those peeps are gems when you find them (thankfully a good few on here)