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Hearthstone - Jungle Cup Series#3

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Hi summoners,

we (GrimBatol) introduces to you the Hearthstone -Jungle Cup Series.

The Cups will be 2 times each week:

Wednesday: 18:00 CET (Central Europe Time)

Sunday: 15:00 CET

Until 30 minutes before the Cups will start  you have the time to register yourself.

The special amplification and a main quality of the Series is the Jungle Card.Participants get it in figurative sense and can only use them in Bronze match,Semi-Finals and in the Grand Final.
The Jungle Card (Rule) is suspended for Cup#3.


Single Elimination

Best of:

- Base Rounds (bo3)

-Bronze match(bo3)

-Semi-Finals and Grand Final(bo5)

GrimBatol Homepage,Forum: http://www.grimbatol.gamersites.de

In the Forum(-> Allgemein) you find the Rules and an complete overview.

Registration + Grid Link: http://binarybeast.com/xHS1502064


#1.-#6. :Top3 Spots in Hall of Fame

#7. :  Hall of Fame + Cash prizes

Hall of Fame: http://www.clanplanet.de/_sites/render.asp?rn=&clanid=66022&id=284910

Upcoming 3.Cup:

Day: Sunday,08/02/2015

Time: 15:00 CET (Central Europe Time)

Server: Europe

If you have questions/demands, please leave them under this thread here.

Greetings Orko


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