I'm searching allies/clan mates and competitors!

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Hi summoners,


I'm searching allies  and competitors for Battle Realms, Battle Realms WOTW (Version 1.50q).This game is an unique  fantasy-rts.

EVentually, we could create a clan and several teams in the best case.

We could organize regular trainings or just ordinarily play for freetime-deadline.

I found a private server where we could compete and train.

I wanna sponsor tournaments in consideration too.

Additionally, a Website-Admin and creator would be great for the competition-platform where we could exchange.


Game name: Battle Realms

Developer: Liquid Entertainment
Release year: 2001
Kenji's Journey:
Official Intro:

Addon: Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf
Developer:Liquid Entertainment
Release year:2002
Grayback's Journey:
Official Intro:


You can contact me @ ICQ=385917220

@ Webchat IRC: Channel:#Grimbat

or @ here



Greetings Orko

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