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Hearthstone - Jungle Cup Series#20 - Last Cup

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Hearthstone - Jungle Cup Series #20 - Our last Cup

We welcome you to our last Cup: Hearthstone - Jungle Cup Series#20 in Series.For the future we are planning to establish a Hearthstone - League.More informations are coming up soon on our homepage = http://www.grimbatol.gamersites.de

We thank you for the great and tensioned Cups.

A vicarious Quotation by Soren Kierkegaard (The Concept of Anxiety,1844):     The moment is that ambiguity where time and eternity are consolidating at each other.   


Hi summoners,

we (GrimBatol)  convey you and are announcing the  Hearthstone -Jungle Cup Series.

Our last Cup will be on this Sunday,15:00CET.

Until 30 minutes before the Cups will start you have the time to register yourself.(Cup#20:14:30 CET)

History Section:

The Hall of the Airs of the magician order of the Kirin Tor assigns Rhonin, a former pupil of Krasus, to observe one of the last strongest Forges of the Orks,Grim Batol in Khaz Modan.The mission is placed after the Second War between the first Alliance and the Orcs on Azeroth.Additionally, Krasus gives him the instruction to rescue the Dragon queen Alextrasza who is captured by Grimbatol.
Beside the Alterac-crisis another Bastion of the Orcs near to Lordaeron respresents a danger, Dun Algaz.

The Dragonmaw Clan is claiming Grim Batol.Nekros Skullcrusher, an Orc Warlock who is instructed by Zuluhed to lead Grim Batol, is possessing the Demon Soul.

By the help of the Demon Soul the Dragonmaw Clan was capable of catching the Dragon Queen Alextrasza.Grim Batol is able to breed Dragons for its purposes.The Orcs are using Dragons in combats to receive advantages by air positions.It is an effective defense and attack against the patrols of the Dwarfs who are from the Arie Peak mountains.They are using gryphons as an advantage too.

Rhonin meets soon new allies who are helping him to accomplish his mission.The nightelve Vereesa Windrunner and the dwarf Falstad Wildhammer become essential fellows and abandon their own missions to support Rhonin.His old master Krasus,known as Korialstrasz, reinforces him with magical equipement beside the upgrades he already received of the Kirin Tor in Dalaran.

Together the fellows are retreating adventures and are forced to meet a main rival of the Dragon Aspects,Deathwing , former known as Neltharion who is interventing.

Please listen to: 

The additional Tribut counts to Gnarl, the Henchman Master who appears as your Master in the Game Overlord.


Release year: 2007

Development: Triumph Studios

Publishment: Codemasters


 This time there will be 7 new prizes for Rank1,Rank2,Rank3.

More informations about the new Jungle Cards you find below.


Upcoming 20.Cup:

Day: Sunday,03/05/2015
Time: 15:00 CET (Central Europe Time)
Server: (EU)Europe,(NA)North America, Latin America,Asia
Registration + Grid Link:

Cup Modes:
Registration: Open
Type: Single Elimination
New Rule Format: "Conquest"


#20: Hall of Fame (1.rank-3.rank)

#20: Jungle Cards for 1.rank, 2.rank,3.rank

Jungle Cards for 1.rank:

Name: Kryll , Card effect: Sabotage



Name: Gnarl , The Henchman Master , Card effect: The Retreatment of the 3 Silmarils



Name: Korialstrasz , Card effect: Conundrum



Jungle Cards for 2.rank:

Name: Vereesa Windrunner , Card effect: Archery



Name: Rhonin , Card effect: Seer Sphere


Jungle Card for 3.rank:

Name: Nekros Skullcrusher   , Card effect: Demon Soul



Name: Falstad Wildhammer   , Card effect: Siren Call of the Gryphon



How to use? : http://www.clanplanet.de/_boards/read.asp?rn=&clanid=66022&id=26#firstnew


Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame: http://www.clanplanet.de/_sites/render.asp?rn=&clanid=66022&id=284910

Best of:
All matches (bo5) but Bronze match(bo3)
- Base Rounds (bo5)
- Bronze match (bo3)
- Quarter-Finals.Semi-Finals and Grand Final (bo5)

GrimBatol Homepage,Forum: http://www.grimbatol.gamersites.de
In the Forum(-> Allgemein) you find the Rules and an complete overview.
Please be involved to our weekly Polls at the Homepage.According to them , we can focus on your wishes and opinions.

Importing request: We want YOU!

We are searching for  new sponsors for the cup series.We agree to eventual content changes for the series.

The main thing is that we want to hold on the idea of figurative cards.We are focusing on keeping  Jungle Cards in combination to the real Hearthstone equipement.You are welcome to develop new Jungle Cards too.

If you have interest, please contact the Cup admin  over BattleNet  or over Webchat IRC .

The special amplification and a main quality of the Series is the Base Jungle Card.Participants get it in figurative sense and can only use it in Bronze match,Semi-Finals and in the Grand Final.
Jungle Card effect:Deck Restriction:You may determine how much rare and epic cards you opponent may use in a submatch of a round(match)The selected number may not be among 2.
Base Jungle Card: http://i62.tinypic.com/2ebbf6e.jpg

Base Jungle Card is suspended for Cup#20.

We have totally  integrated further 15 new Jungle Cards.
They are playable in figurative sense, in addition to your real Cards in Hearthstone.
Each one is available for every participant.They cost 0 mana.

The 6 common Jungle Cards:
You can use them in all matches(rounds) for 1 submatch.(changed of former Rule: only allowed in Bronze match,Semi#Finals,Grand Final)
Its a voluntary decision of each pariticipant to use the Jungle Cards or not.Besides, both players of a match have to make an agreement about the use,before the start of a match, if they wanna benefit of them or not.

Course of the use of  the common Jungle Cards (ingame): You have to write the Card name which you wanna use  into the Chat,one turn before your opponent's next turn.  In consequence, the Card effect will be active for the next turn of your opponent.
For example: You wanna  play in the first turn of a submatch of the match the Kobold Jungle Card.During your turn you write it into the Chat(Kobold Jungle or just Kobold).After you finished the turn , the effect Noggrin's Revenge will be active for your opponent.He has to use damage spellls on his own hero or own minions if he is possessing such suitable spells yet.(For Example:Mage:Frostbolt,Warrior:Shield Slam or Whirlwind too).Another important thing is that you may spare the Jungle Cards during one match.You are able to split the Cards up to different submatches of one match.
For example You want only use the Gnome Jungle Card in the first submatch of the Final(bo5) In the following submatches of the Final you may arbitrarily use the rest of the Jungle Cards.The ABSOLUTE RULE is :You may only use each of them 1 time during this match.

The 6 common Jungle Card releases which become operative for Cup#20:

Goblin Jungle Card: http://i61.tinypic.com/eb3i4x.jpg

Gnome Jungle Card: http://i61.tinypic.com/256wgmx.jpg
Additional information referring Gnome Jungle Card:
Exception for minions:
 -active abilites (Initial effects,Batllecry,various effects)
All cards are included, but cards with effects that you cant control and do initial damage: For example:
,Alextrasza,Mad Bomber).You can play them the certain following turn.
Card effects of the previous turn which you cant control are included too.(For example for Ragnaros the Firelord).
More Details you find in the Rules.

Dwarf Jungle Card: http://i57.tinypic.com/2hgerk6.jpg

Kobold Jungle Card: http://i60.tinypic.com/jttac4.jpg

Kyklop Jungle Card: http://i60.tinypic.com/ehiyp5.jpg

Panderen Jungle Card: http://i57.tinypic.com/15guhoz.jpg

The 9 class-specific Jungle Cards which become operative for Cup#20:

You can use them 1 time  in all matches(rounds) for all submatches .
Its a voluntary decision of each pariticipant to use the class-specific Jungle Cards or not.Besides, no agreement is required of both sites.The opponent may not ban them.










Course of the use of  the class-specific Jungle Cards (ingame):

You have to write the Card name which you wanna use  into the Chat,one turn before your opponent's next turn.  In consequence, the Card effect will be active for the next turn of your opponent.

If you have questions/demands(for instance about the Rules or the new Cards), please leave them under this thread here.

Greetings GrimBatol,Orko

Edited by Orko

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