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EQ Procs not Usable?

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Quick question - as I'm sure I'm misunderstanding something here. Running with Echo of the Elements:


I have noticed that if I use up my first two EQs, and they're on cooldown, when I proc another EQ, I can't actually use it because of the cooldown. If I'm reading the tooltip right, its supposed to grant me a new charge. But I can't actually use that charge until CD is up. LvB procs reset the CD - or at least give me that extra cast immediately the way I'd expect, but EQ procs definitely do not. I sit there waiting to use a proc until the second charge comes off CD.


Is this normal? Could anyone explain why that is? Maybe I'm missing something.


Thanks much!

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The Echo of the Elements tooltip says: For Elemental Shaman Lava Burst and Earthquake spells now have 2 charges. Other effects that reset their cooldown will instead grant 1 full charge.


So you can use Earthquake twice with (instant) or without (non-instant) proc of Enhanced Chain Lightning and then have to wait for its CD to reset.


It looks like for Lava Burst you just combined different additional cast sources: additional charge from EotE, Lava Surge proc and maybe even Elemental Shaman T17 Elemental 4P Bonus that gives instant Lava Surge with Fulmination.


So, yes, you get much more procs of LvB, but they are not from EotE.

EotE only gives you one more cast of LvB and EQ.

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