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Monks ganking warlocks

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Hello, I am new here. I am leveling a new alt, a WW monk, currently lvl 46. Last night I was camped by an Undead Warlock Horde and I struggled to kill him. Does anyone have a good sequence to get rid of Fear and other spells, in order to get in close and kill a warlock?

Thanks guys. Great site.

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Warlocks are a pain unless you have ranged attacks. I would assume you are on a PvP realm but if not my first suggestion would be to not be flagged for pvp combat.

You can use some of your movement tricks like roll and flying serpent kick to get in close and then interrupt with jab. Otherwise its just a matter of trying to beat them down as fast as possible. Try to keep them wasting mana for junk so they have to life tap and stop the use of harvest life so they have a had time healing. When you are feared aim and roll in to mele range asap.

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