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How to prevent game account get hacked

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there are many players game account got hacked every time.hackers log on your account,and steal all your gold,items. why so many people got hacked even they dont leak the password?

ok,i will teach you how to how to prevent game account got hacked

1.use a unique password for your game account

most game company system are safe.only few hackers can hack the game company system.so how do the hakcers steal your password?

if you register on some game forum,like wowhead.com,mmo-champion etc.those sites safe system is not good.because they are small company.so hackers are too easy to hack those sites’s database.and if you use same password to your game account password,then you got hacked.

so never use the same password on the game forum sites.use a unique password for your game account

2. never buy power leveling service

most player want to level up fast, so they buy power leveling service from farmers,and you need give password to farmers,so they can level it for you.this is very unsafe.even the farmer maybe reliable.but their powerleveling site is not safe,hackers will hack the database.

3. never click the email scam links

hackers will send email to you from

blizzard entertainment(noreply@battle.com)

look it is battle.com,not battle.net,offical site is battle.net

and their hack link is similar to game offical site,dont click it .when you click it,enter the password,you will got your password stolen.

remember use gmail for your game account,gmail is the most safe email,it can auto detect such email,such scam email can auto transfer to spambox.

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You should also look at getting an authenticatior and adding it to your account. An added layer of security never hurts.

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