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hearthstone Hearthstone: Europe Region April Ranked Play Season Results

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The final standings have been published for the Europe region April Ranked Play Season. Shaman specialist Loyan finished at the top, beating out Xixo in an exciting last five minutes.

We had previously reported on the close contest at the top of the standings, and listed Loyan's Shaman deck. On the final day, Loyan and Xixo both chose not to play until ten minutes from the end, when Loyan fired up a game and won. This meant that Xixo had to play to try to regain top spot, and he ended up losing that game. Loyan had started a second game, which he was behind in, but was able to run out the clock and hold on to his number one spot, which has now been confirmed by Blizzard. 


If you feel like you've seen this list before, it has a couple of similarities to the Americas region list posted a couple of days ago. PHONETAP was 14th on that list, while Crane was 11th. That's a lot of Hearthstone!


As with the Americas region, the preliminary qualifiers has too many notable players to list them all. The ones that most catch the eye outside of the top ten are: DrHippi, Pavel, Kolento, Ness, ThijsNL, AKAWonder, Cipher, Dethelor, sjow, Crane333, ikealyou, StanCifka, Blackout, Loyan, Ignite, Legendaren, Laughing, modernleper, Senfglas, Gaara, jambre, Nick Chipper, Ersee, Ostkaka, Cursed, Greensheep, superjj, and Tixuty. That is rather a long list of notables!

The Europe Spring Preliminary will take place on May 13-15. The Americas one will be on May 20-22.

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