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I defeated Heroic Curator using an old Giant mage deck. It took just one attempt.


My deck shares a few similarities with the tempo mage posted on here, but I use giants as my muscle and utilize a boosted hero power (courtesy of Fallen Hero) as small removal. Secrets like Ice Barrier and Ice Block can buy you a few extra turns too, if you are in danger of dying. I did not use any in this match. (Ice Barrier was discarded when I played Soulfire, gifted to me by Spellslinger. I did not draw an Ice Block.)

The deck that I used costs 3200 dust. Here is the decklist, in case anyone is interested:

1x Arcane Missles

1x Ice Lance

2x Mana Wyrm

1x Mirror Image

1x Arcane Explosion

1x Fallen Hero

1x Flamecannon

1x Frostbolt

2x Sorcerer's Apprentice

1x Unstable Portal

2x Arcane Intellect

1x Counterspell

2x Duplicate*

1x Effigy

1x Flamewaker

1x Forgotten Torch

1x Frost Nova

1x Ice Barrier

2x Ice Block*

1x Spellslinger

1x Fireball

1x Frost Giant

1x Pyroblast

1x Mountain Giant

1x Molten Giant

*I think both Duplicates should be replaced with another Counterspell and another Molten Giant. Although I did not draw my Counterspell, they'd be very useful. Half of the Curator's minions are summoned via spell. Possibly replace an Ice Block too with either another Fallen Hero or another Frostbolt. Arcane Blasts would probably be good, but I do not own any.

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