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hearthstone Lifecoach Wins Legend Race Against Thijs

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Lifecoach has won the race against Thijs to be the first to reach Legend in their bungee jump challenge. It took him a total of 39 hours to accomplish the feat.

We previously reported the challenge at the start of the season, and the race was as difficult as expected. Lifecoach took a very early two level lead, but Thijs fought back when they hit the more difficult part at rank five, which is where players stop getting bonus stars for win streaks. Towards the end of the first day, Thijs was rank 4 to Lifecoach's rank 6. Lifecoach seemed to manage his sleep better though, and then broke the back of the challenge when he went on a huge run, gaining 21 stars in just 4.5 hours to get to rank one. The push from rank one to Legend was a bit rockier, owing to several losses, but still he still progressed without any really serious setbacks. Upon completing the challenge, Lifecoach commented:  "I really hope that from this day on, the Ropecoach jokes will disappear".

Lifecoach played Dragon Warrior with The Curator for the overwhelming majority of his run. Sottle will have a guide up for that deck soon. 

At the end of the challenge, Thijs was still rank 4, despite his early lead. He will take the bungee jump later in the month. Meanwhile, Muzzy was the first player to reach Legend, and used Twitter to call out both of the players in the challenge 

Placeholder for tweet 771487717960065025

Maybe this will lead to some more excitement for us next month!

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Any info on what deck(s) Thijs was playing and how many games they both played before hitting legend?

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7 minutes ago, PaasHaaS said:

Any info on what deck(s) Thijs was playing and how many games they both played before hitting legend?

I watched Thijs a bit, while i was watching he was playing hybrid hunter (had like 44-20something), and then he switched to yogg druid. Don't know about the rest of the decks he used.

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