2 Realm First Mythic +15s + Other High M+ Vids

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Honestly and set sail for fail show us their Mythic +15 runs, plus a couple of other high ranked videos.


Mythic + has been one of the more interesting features of Legion, hopefully designed to add to the expansion's longevity, and groups have been hitting pretty high marks as of late. There aren't that many videos around of the high attempts (that I could find, anyway) so I thought I'd put a few in here to check out just how hard it is and what level of dedication and skill is needed to finish them.

Starting off it's the Realm First Mythic +15 by Honestly in Neltharion's Lair, followed by set sail for fail's +15 Black Rook Hold (which is one of those dungeons that gets declined on the boosting circuit quite often, making it even more impressive). The BRH video also has some handy instructions to go with it!


Then we have a couple of 10+ clears, but do let me know if you can find any higher ones (from live servers).


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