[Skullcrusher] [H] <Questionable Morality> 2/10 Mythic Nighthold - LF Ranged DPS (and 1 Holy Paladin!)

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Hello and welcome to <Questionable Morality>!

Drinks are to your left, snacks are to the right. Bathrooms upstairs, second door down the hall.

We're a Horde guild on the linked realms Skullcrusher, Gul'dan and Black Dragonflight. I like to call it Dan Blackskull - sounds like a bad RPG character name.

We're hoping to welcome a few new people into our Heroic & Mythic Raiding team. We would drool over a holy paladin, (I've had all my shots, it's fine.) We'd also like to pick up a few more ranged, an ele shaman and warlock would be great, but the experience and that you make us laugh matters more than the class. We raid 7pm to 11pm EST Sunday & Monday. While most of our time is on heroic, that takes us less than 2 hours to clear. We want to fill in the holes in the roster so we can continue mythic progression. We are hoping you'll be the 20th steady member. So, yes this would involve a transfer. Not my rule, talk to Blizzard.

If you interested talk to me, while I check into this post, it's far easier to catch me in game. (BattleTag Tthrack#1350 - I killed the other 1349 Tthracks and took their quickening).

What else do you do? Outside of raids we do a lot of Mythic + runs, and an alt raid every other Wednesday. Many of us also enjoy a variety of other games. There's a bunch that go psychotic every time Diablo III has a new season. I'm currently Knee deep in Zelda, thanks for not letting me down Nintendo, because Andromeda was a soul crushing disappointment. I died a little inside.

What do you expect of me?

  • Leave the drama at home. You're already home aren't you? Leave it at work.
  • Improve your own play with each attempt. We want another guild member, not a carry, or another dictator! Wtf do you mean dictator! who wrote this? I am not a .... sure fine, yeah I guess I am. But a dictator with a heart of gold.
  • High attendance. We raid 8 times in a month - that's it. If you can only make every Sunday, you're missing 1/2 the raids.

In return you can expect us to:

  • Work with you to try and improve. Everyone always has room to improve.
  • Not go psycho and berate your parents or threaten you when you screw up.
  • Respect your time. We do not go late, I do not add days.

Ideally you'd be around 885 item level (my alts 880 and has not stepped in a raid, you can do it.) Being short isn't a deal breaker, but someone running at 835 is going to have a hard time making up the dps, heals, survivability (is that a word? who cares! it is now,) that is needed to justify a spot.

Details: We use Discord for our voice chat, yes we expect you to be on voice chat. We use masterloot (or guild loot now... Blizzard and the rebranding). I ask for rolls, it goes to the highest roll. I step in if someone is rolling on 3 dps trinkets in a row.

If interested, contact Tthrack#1350 (guild leader), anyone in Questionable Morality on Skullcrusher or drop a an app in on our Website

Thank you!

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