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Deathbringer Saurfang

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1 hour ago, Karayan7 said:

Got him in the first attempt!Nice deck,thank you!

Congrats, we're glad you liked it. :) 

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I used a Reno rogue deck to beat this one. Reno Jackson was played twice (via Shadowstep) to keep me alive while my hero daggers and other weapons whittled away at his health. Shadowcaster gave me a 2nd Southsea Squidface, and Gadgetzan Ferryman on Shadowcaster gave me a 3rd Squidface. In the end, I achieved lethal by running my Squidfaces into his minion, buffing my Perdition's Blade to 8 attack. Also noteworthy: The battlecry from Perdition's Blade does affect Saurfang, so it pings for an extra 2 dmg, yay.

He will always attack your minions with his weapon, so I'd hold back on playing any until he uses up his charges. Better to take it to the face and heal with Reno than to lose the minions that you need to fight for board control. With that said, I had some stealth such as Stranglethorn Tiger in the deck. Those are safe to play while he has a weapon equipped, since he won't be able to attack them.

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Guest This game cheats

I don’t believe any of you. Seriously your all liars. This level can not be beaten. The game makes sure of that. Make a curve deck, draw nothing you can play for 4 turns. Make a synergy deck, draw no synergy ever. Make a YouTube deck, draw nothing useful till turn 4. On the off chance you make a play, what a surprise the computer has precisely what it needs to counter you, not almost, not just about, exactly what’s needed.


your all liars, the computer is programmed to stop you from winning. Doesn’t matter what you do, you cannot win this game. I doubt you are even corr ct about the deck it’s playing as I think it just creates the cards it needs to beat you.

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