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Guild Recruitment info | Divine Brilliance [Alliance]:

    Server: US Scarlet Crusade / Feathermoon(Merged)
    Realm Time(Zone): Pacific
    Raid Nights: Friday 8pm - 11pm | Sunday 7:30pm – 10:30pm
    Dungeon Nights: Thurs or Sat: anywhere between 6pm and 2am

About us:

    We are a late-night, semi-hardcore, social progression guild that puts life first. We are a team who has fun while raiding but are also passionate about pushing progression and being the best we can be. Mythic is our goal.

    Raiding is a commitment and our time is valuable so we ask team members to hold their commitments to each other: come prepared, work as a team to address and overcome opportunities and pull your own weight so we can progress to and through mythic content during this expansion.


    Our officers and raid leads have extensive experience developing raiders and are there to support in return for that commitment. Our ranks are filled with experience members and theory crafters on hand and can support any class conversation. We ask in return that members research their class, stay current, remain open to new approaches, and interact in a willing and collaborative spirit
    so we can work together.

    Communication style during raids:

    During raid times, outside of breaks, we prefer minimal chatter allowing members to focus and hear direction. Call outs by officers will be provided in an assertive approach that is on point and direct. We aim to not call individuals out directly unless we see repetitive behavior that goes unaddressed by the individual.
    Interested members who have raided will understand that there is urgency and frustration that can come up during raid sessions. We work to keep the frustration from the chat and to communicate in an assertive and respectful manner. When direction isn’t followed, conversation can be terse and pointed to get the required attention of those not following direction. As a progression guild, we need members to be able to handle an upfront communication approach with a highlight to individual accountability from our raid leaders before applying. That said, respect is at the forefront of our approach. There is no minimum age requirement, but maturity and ability to mesh with the team is a must.

    Guild culture:

    We have never complied with the standards of being a "pure" raiding guild. While it is our primary concern, our family friendly atmosphere allows for a wide range of players to hang out and have fun while taking down bosses and progressing on par to release of content. Our aim is to full clear Heroic Content and be working towards Mythic per tier.
    With that goal in mind, we run various other events (Older Content, Mythic Dungeons, etc.) to keep everyone at pace with the raiders who have ventured into current raids, as well as fun events like Rep Farms, Treasure Hunts, Races and Guild Drives (with prizes!) for those not really into the raiding scene. In the end, our main concern is that RL (Real Life) comes first and that everyone has fun.

Our Current Progression is:

    The Nighthold:
    Normal 10/10
    Heroic 10/10

    Tomb of Sargeras:
    Normal 9/9
    Heroic 9/9


    Druid - Balance
    Hunter - MM/BM
    Monk - Mistweaver
    Paladin - Holy/Ret
    Priest - Shadow
    Shaman - Elemental
    Warlock - All Specs

Anyone may apply, we accept in order of classes needed.
Cross-Realm players accepted | Transfers compensated.


    Conduct: Positive, mature, knowledgeable in class, willingness to Learn, maintain awareness to surroundings, 80%+ Attendance.

    Voice Chat: Mumble

    Loot: MainSpec > Offspec with Diminishing Returns*. Having your BiS list available and finished is preferred.

    Consumables: Enchants/Gems/Food/Flask provided if on Realm.



    Guild Master/Raid Leader: Lyrasanna - Lyra#1749
    Co-GM/Main Tank: Netharel – Halandar#1642

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