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<Oversight> is a Horde guild on EU-Magtheridon.  We’re currently at 9/9 HC ToS and recruiting to venture into mythic territory and prepare for Antorus!   We are looking for people who have the basics down already, avoid puddles, dodge beams, get out of fire, stack when told and spread when needed. We are not here to teach people the basics as our team has those down already.

The guild atmosphere is aimed more towards a mature (18+) group but we’re a friendly bunch who love to raid and also push through mythic keystones.  When we’re raiding we enjoy a laugh, but when that ready check happens we want people who are focused and ready to give it their all.  

We do expect you to be geared to a minimum ilvl of 920 for our progression team and as part of the application process we also ask that you supply us a link to your logs at Warcraft logs so we can look at your performance.

These are our requirements however we are willing to give some consideration to people who are just returning to the game but show promise on their logs but are under-geared. If you fall into this category we will discuss the situation with you privately.

We raid Thursday and Sunday at 7:15pm (server time) with the first pull of the boss to be at 7:30pm.  We also run social/alt raids on a Tuesday night so a social guild application is also welcome!

Current Recruitment Preferences:

Druid - Balance (High)
Hunter - Marksman (Medium) / Beast Mastery (Medium)
Mage - Fire (Medium) / Frost (Medium)
Priest - Holy (High) / Shadow (High)
Sharman - Restoration (High)
Warrior - Arms (High) / Fury (Medium)

If you do not see your class/spec listed above, you are still welcome to apply for consideration.

For any additional information or to apply, please visit our website at http://oversight-gaming.com.

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