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< Vindicta Nocturna > is looking for like-minded players to join their ranks ready for progression in Antorus as soon as it hits live servers. Currently we are in need of healers (Druid, Monk), range dps (Mages, Balance Druids, Hunters, Elemental Shamans) and mele dps (Rogues, DKs).

If you are interessted read the whole post and you can find our ID's at the end of the post.


< Vindicta Nocturna > is three day a week raiding guild located on Kazzak EU server. The guild was founded in August 2017, by a group of people that bonded together while exploring the contact of the game. Our main core of the guild consists of mature and dedicated players with 6+ years of experience that have raided before with multiple guilds on different servers. Our primary aim is to make a friendly, enjoyable, non-stressful environment for players to come together and progress contact that the game has to offer.

What are we looking for:
-People who while maintaining a very serious and focused mind on progress, can also be fun to have around and enjoy every aspect of the game.
-People that understand their class to the fullest extent and also the importance of team play and how they can contribute to achieving a common goal.
-People that will be on time and prepared, as well as be able to attend the majority of the raids as we are raiding only 3 days a week
-Mature people that are understanding and have patients as progression raiding can be both time consuming and frustrating

What can you expect from us:
-Stable raiding with experienced and mature people that are always ready to lend a hand when needed
-Good atmosphere within the guild and other activities outside of the main raids (we do Mythic plus runs, PVP, alt runs)
-Fair loot distribution/balance gearing.

Our raiding times are:

Wednesday 23:00 - 02:00 (Server time)

Thursday 23:00 - 02:00 (Server time)

Sunday 23:00 - 02:00 (Server time)

If interested:
You can apply on our website:
Or alternatively you can find us in game:
Dukas#1439 - Character name: Narigon
Bico#2764 - Character name: Brooklyx
Lajos#2289 - Character name: Stenaa
Trulex#2575 - Character name: Obina
Jindas#21399 - Character name: Cayinda

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to get it more specific and easy to understand

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      The ultimate two-day raid team on Kazzak!

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      Want to become victorious in the Tomb of Sargeras Mythic end-game?
      Willing to join us on Discord for a laidback atmosphere?

      Then we want YOU to join our guild!
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      druid (balance)
      monk (healer)
      shaman (elemental)
      shaman (restoration)
      warlock(PORTAL PLX !)

      We offer ToS HC zergs on wednesdays and on the other two raiddays ToS Mythic progression. Our raidschedule has limited time per week, so we want everyone to come in guns blazing to maximize our efficiency!

      Raiders with good knowledge of encounters and high survivability have the best shot on becoming part of the main raid team.

      Main Raids:
      Thursday 19:45 - 23:00 ST
      Monday 19:45 - 23:00 ST

      Optional Raids vary! Usually a ToS Heroic on Wednesday.

      If you are interested make sure you send an in-game whisper to
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      About Us
      Faction: Horde
      Realm: Kazzak EU
      Language: English
      Raid times: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8pm to 11pm server time, with occasional extra days for progress.
      Progression: 4/10 Nighthold Mythic
      First and foremost we are very friendly guild that joke around and have fun as well as making progress in raids. Our raiding is organised and everyone tries their best. We are currently 4/10 Nighthold mythic. We also run a lot of mythic+ throughout the week pushing to at least +10 with some going to +18 for the weekly chest.
      DPS Priority Fury Warrior and Hunter
      Healers Priority Resto Druid
      Players with 905+ item level
      Have time and willingness to learn tactics and improve yourself
      We require all raiders to use Discord while in raid and to have RCLootCouncil addon installed.
      Where To Contact Us:
      If you are interested, please apply at our website over at  or message me directly: Dahlvash @Kazzak or Ilenker @Kazzak Horde EU, or add me on Battlenet: Ilenker#2382
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      Hello there,
      I'm Seryd from Dreaming Vigil,
      we are a semi-hardcore raiding guild on the kazzak server looking to find people to complete our raid roster.
      We're currently recruiting all classes and all roles.
      Our raid times are Friday-Saturday 22-01 Server time.
      Our goal is to have fun together while progressing through the current mythic content,we accept socials too.

      If you're interested or would like more info on us,please add me so that we may talk.