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Druid Dungeon Run

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Guest HiThere

Hi, i tried going full jade, but C'thun showed up every time, and i was able to do 8/8 kinda fast, with Scepter of Summoning and Battle Totem, though i wasnt able to get any treasure card during the gameplay. With Battle Totem urs c'thun's buffers give +4/+4, and c'thun does his damage 2 times, so... if u buff him until 20/20, u get 40 dmg just by playing him, for 5 mana.


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Guest deemon

after like 2 days unsuccessful grind and trying with "excellent and good choices", finally managed to beat Xol  with druid with double battlecry + C'thun deck. Boots of haste was also excellent choice in this deck.

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