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Frost Mage Haste vs. versatility

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Hi. After reaching %33.3 Crit cap. What's your opinion stacking versa or haste.i go with versatility right now have %23.63/%11.82 versatility %16.71 haste %37 crit.i know i have little bit more crit but its good stat

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After 30%ish crit, haste/versa usualy starts to pull over crit by a minimal amount, and they usualy stay rly close to each other, i tend to prefer versa over haste because i play at 150ping, and lusti+icyveins with loads of haste at this ping is a little hard to pull off sometimes

You should go for what will give you the most dps imo tough, and NEVER, i mean NEVER get crit above 33%, its not a " good stat", frost doenst benefit from it past the shatter cap, crit usualy loses 40-50% its value on sims (at least mine) after the shatter cap, making it below everything else by a long margin

If you want numbers here it is:  (1dps per point. Ex: 37770 dps for 1000 versa)

Stat Weigths at 27% crit

Vers 37.77

Crit 36.26

Haste 35.42

Int 24.94

Mastery 23.72

Stat Weigths at 31% crit

Vers 36.16

Haste 35.81

Mastery 24.99

Int 23.15

Crit 19.35

Stat Weigths at 33.5% crit

Vers 35.58

Haste 32.17

Int 22.47

Mastery 22.13

Crit 14.37

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On 31/03/2018 at 1:11 PM, ygzumc said:

Hi. After reaching %33.3 Crit cap. What's your opinion stacking versa or haste.i go with versatility right now have %23.63/%11.82 versatility %16.71 haste %37 crit.i know i have little bit more crit but its good stat

Just sim this - Raidbots makes simming extremely easy now and it will give you the info you need immediately. You can alter the sims as you need to for multiple targets, but Vers and Haste are pretty close normally. I'm running full Vers enchants etc. on my Mage, but that's mainly due to having 970+ item level and lots of Haste gear.

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