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Faction: Horde
Realm: Draenor
Guild Name: FíLTH
Contact: fenrir#1833 / MrRoboto#2229
Raids: Thursday & Sunday 20:30 - 23:00 Server Time (+1 GMT)
Progress: 3/8M 8/8HC 8/8NM

Recruiting: Ranged DPS!

Requirements: 8/8HC MINIMUM & ilvl 370+

Intro: FíLTH was created by friends to offer a social atmosphere, but at the same time want to gain some progression in the game.
We offer 2 nights a week raiding. Relaxed but fully focused on the boss in hand. In addition to raiding we enjoy PvP, even Rated BGs but nothing hardcore. We also cover old content as a guild, achievement runs, mount runs and content people may have missed.
If you’re looking for a solid raiding guild along with a great community, FíLTH is for you.

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Updated recruiting classes + added requirements paragraph

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Ahead of the curve! Now 8/8HC, pushing for 2/8M minimum by the end of this reset. Need Ranged DPS and 2x Healer (Pref. MW / Disc)

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We're currently progressing Zek, closest try was 0% as he had 17k HP left!!!
Get applications in or add me on btag to be part of the kill and/or future progress now.

Updated what classes we're recruiting as well as added a requirement paragraph.

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