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Good Morning all! Team [Project-X] is recruiting!!! [Newly Formed]

Project X is night Mythic progression team with a mindset of not only killing the bosses but also forming a bond within the team and having fun doing it.
Our goal is to be able to get Cutting Edge each tier of progression at a reasonable pace.
We are a serious team with a laid back atmosphere during trash and a serious one during boss fights.
If you’re looking for a Mythic team with a Cutting Edge mindset, then you have found your home.

We are Currently looking for.

* Death Knight any spec
* Demon Hunter any spec
* Druid Feral, Balance
* Hunter Beastmastery, marksman
* Mage any spec
* Monk Brewmaster, Windwalker
* Paladin Protection, Retribution
* Priest any spec
* Rogue any spec
* Shaman any spec
* Warlock any spec
* Warrior any spec

Must be 375 to Apply.
But all qualified(ilvl) classes feel free to apply so we can talk things out.

*NOTE* Even if you are Horde, please consider us. 🙂


Bnet: viz#11820 | Discord: dead#0666
Bnet: Mav#11709 | Discord: MAV#2862
Bnet: SirRamtin#1455 | Discord: bettyspaghetti69#0097

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