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Assassination Rogue PvP 8.3

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Guest John

I feel like you should change your kidney burst rotation from cheap first then get combo points into kidney. That drs kidney, which, you don’t really want. You should start with the kidney then dr the cheap. 

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EDIT (7/4)
2: (PvP Talents) The description for Maneuverability says that you can replace Honor Among Thieves with it, but nowhere in the PvP Talents section does it say anything about Honor Among thieves. Every other talent further down the list says you can replace Maneuverability with those talents.
The implied build is Smoke Bomb + System Shock + maneuverability (or Mind-Numbing Poison, or Creeping Venom)

1: Talent cheat sheet at the top of the talents section has the wrong talent marked for tier  3.
2: (PvP Talents) The description for honor among thieves and why you should use it is just flat-out wrong.
3: Worth noting that if you inspect a rogue, the part of the shiv tooltip that says it applies all of your poisons is missing. Since honor among thieves only works if your teammate(s) gets offensive crits, it's nowhere near as good in 2s with a healer as it could be, so shiv is probably a way better option.

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Guest Opener

Pretty new to rogue but i really don't understand the opener in the guide, use marked for death and then garrote, mutilate and cheap shot before a finisher.. doesn't that just completely waste the free CP from marked for death since the garrote and cheap shot would get you 5 CP anyway?

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Guest Sicarius
  1. Use Marked for Death IconMarked for Death.
  2. Use Garrote IconGarrote.
  3. Use Mutilate IconMutilate if you do not have 5 Combo Points.
  4. Use Cheap Shot IconCheap Shot.
  5. Use Rupture IconRupture.
  6. Use Mutilate IconMutilate until you have 5 Combo Points.
  7. Use Envenom IconEnvenom.

This opener is stupid. Why MFD then garrote? thats a CP waste. If MFD is chosen talent, it should me MFD > Kidney > Mutilate > Garrote > Rupture > mut until 5 CP, envenom.

If MFD is not chosen; Cheap Shot > Garrote > Mutilate > Toxic Blade > kidney, refresh dots as needed.

Also enchants need to be updated. Should be Force Multiplier on MH and Versatile Navigation on OH. Haste around 20%, then focus Mastery/Versatility.

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