[H][Area 52]<Mistakes Remade> LFM late night/weekend AOTC raiders 7/9N 1/9H

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RAID SCHEDULE: Saturday, Sunday 10pm-1am EST

PROGRESS: 7/9N, 1/9H (2/8M Uldir)

 <MISTAKES REMADE> is an adult only guild made up of dedicated raiders too busy to raid at reasonable hours of the day. Being respectful of others, yet comfortable with witty banter and having an adult sense of humor is important (i.e. light jeers, obscene humor, mixed in with dad jokes). We are a semi-casual raiding guild meaning we realize this is just a game; our goal is to have fun while pushing content. Our primary focus is to achieve AOTC for each raid tier, then spend the remainder of the tier accomplishing what we can on mythic.

 Not only are we are recruiting for raiders to join us for BoD but also those who want to push keys during the evenings and on the weekends.  




    Shadow Priest




    H Paladin

    H Priest

Your class not listed? We are always recruiting exceptional players- emphasis on those with a tank or healing offspec.


Must have previous raiding experience

Be able to commit to attending raids reliably (RL comes first- we do ask that raiders communicate when unable to attend)

Ability to follow instruction and stay out of the fire

A working mic for Discord

Meet the following gear requirements:  Normal- 370ilvl, 30 neck and Heroic- 385ilvl, 34 neck


Recruitment Officer: bnet: Mori#11143 or discord: Mori#5860

Alternative contact: bnet: Khema#1398



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