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Bombardment Crusader (Patch 2.6.4)

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Some questions and notes:

1) Leoric's Crown is said to be in the Kanai's Cube in the Introduction page, but not in the Gear page (where the choice of other armor powers is well detailed). Thus I think the Introduction page should be corrected.

2) In the Gear page, when talking about wearing 2 Sage + 5 Akkhan pieces, there is an "example setup", which is different from the setup detailed in the Introduction pag. It's not a big difference (Sage's Purchase instead of Apogee), but the two setups should be made the same for aestethic reasons...

3) In the Gear page it is written that "The jewelry cube slot is necessarily taken by Ring of Royal Grandeur": this seems to mean that using the Sage Set is the default recommendation with this build, not simply an "alternative". Thus, two Sage's Set items should be mentioned as "Best in Slot" in the table of stat priorities. If Sage's Set is not a "must" but only an "alternative", another jewel should be the "Best in Slot" for Kanai's Cube; moreover, if the non-Sage build is a viable alternative, RoRG should be labelled as "Alternative DB farm" in the cube... Following what's Best-in-Slot now, one will end up with 7 Akkan Set pieces AND a cubed RoRG...

4) In the Gear page and in the Solo Progression page "Physical Damage (if Stone of Jordan)" is among the stat priorities also for Unity, Avarice Band and (in the solo page) Convention of Elements: it should be removed from all lines that do not include Stone of Jordan as an option...

5) In the Solo Variation page it is written: "In Greater Rifts, the armor Cube slot is interchangeable between Leoric's Crown and Aquila Cuirass depending on your better rolled item". The table of gear pieces with stat priorities should be modified to include both options: not only Helm of Akkhan + Aquila Cuirass, bt also Leoric's Crown + Breastplate of Akkhan...

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