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Holy Shotgun Crusader (Patch 2.6.4)

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Do you really think it would be better to roll off CDR on gear in Season 16?  I think maybe dropping Gogok of Swiftness might be better, but I'm not sure how powerful attack speed is compared to other gems.  I think Bane of the Powerful, Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard, or even Mutilation Guard might be better than a couple more rolls.

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Guest Dark

This build is very bad. It is a big mistake that it is put into "High Tier" list, because other builds from the list are MUCH stronger, such as Blessed Shield, Blessed Hammer or Thorns.

Holy Shotgun is very bad because its damage depends on how often you are getting hit, and some rift guardians do no hit you often enough to get enough damage from player back. Also, this build does not have any movement skill, which makes it super slow in comparison to other Crusader builds.

I've tried all Crusader builds from this site, and this one is one of the worst.

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Some question & notes:

1) In the Introduction page this build is said to be "high tier", while it is labelled only as "mid tier": which one is correct?

2) In the Skill page it is written: "this skill can juggle nicely with the Indestructible passive to keep you safe and alive in high Greater Rifts". However, Indestructible is not among the recommended passives...

3) In the Gear page it is written: "Note that in this build, you will be using Gogok of Swiftness as one of your Legendary Gems, allowing you to lose CDR rolls from two major slots — ideally weapon and belt — in favor of other offense stats". However, the belt cannot roll CDR, and for the weapon CDR is still one of the recommended stats...

4) The Compass Rose has "Block Chance" among its stat priorities, but it cannot roll it.

5) In the speed farming variation page, Ring of Royal Grandeur is recommended for the cube, not as an "alternative" (and without alternatives): this seems to mean that using the Sage Set is the default recommendation with this build variation, not simply an "alternative". Thus, two Sage's Set items should be mentioned as "Best in Slot". If Sage's Set is not a "must" but only an "alternative", another jewel should be the "Best in Slot" for Kanai's Cube; moreover, if the non-Sage build is a viable alternative, RoRG should be labelled as "Alternative DB farm" in the cube...

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