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Tempest Rush Monk (Patch 2.6.4)

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Guest Elwyn

I tried this build but it's almost impossible to get enough damage reduction. Trying a LoN build with Tempest Rush I found on the internet instead. Using Cesar's momento, Sledge fist (for the stun proc), Aquila Cuirass,Mantle of channeling, Hexing pants of mister Yang, Lorics crown (for the double resource reduction), frostburn and Kyoshiro (for the extra regen) gives a massive dmg and and dmg reduction. heavy resource reduction needed to get the Aquila Cuirass bonus but now with 50%+ resource reduction running high greater rifts with ease. Use this LoN build to farm as its relative fast and requires no effort (just push the channel button and run around).

Shoudn't this build be replaced bij de LoN variant using LoN. My experience is that the LoN set has way more survivability. 

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Some possible typos:

1) The description on the Gear section states that the quadrifecta gloves has Crit Chance, Crit Damage, CDR, and rolling off Dexterity for Area Damage; however, in the table, Dexterity is mentioned as the top stat priority for the gloves: should Dexterity be moved to the bottom of the list of gloves' affixes?

2) Since the speed farm variation adopts the Electric Field rune for Tempest Rush, its damage type turns to lightning: since this is correctly stated on the suggested Stone of Jordan ring, the table with stat priorities still mentions Cold damage on the bracers and amulet entries.

3) As usual, some explicit suggestion on which follower to use, which ring to use in place of Unity in multiplayer, and which potion to wear will be useful.

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