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Battle of Dazar'alor M Race Day 7: Reverted Fixes

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You'd think there wouldn't be much to talk about this late in the race week, but today brought a bit of drama to the table. Method continued pushing further in on Jaina and got another best try, but Blizzard got in the middle of progression and implemented a hotfix that made the boss harder, which they then later reverted. There's also Limit's World First High Tinker Mekkatorque kill video to check out.

And so yesterday was another day of Limit, Method, Pieces, Exorsus, Alpha and 26 other guilds pushing their Jaina progress. We know that Pieces and Exorsus haven't gotten past the ice wall to go into Phase 3, we don't know what Limit have been up to, and so the only thing we really have to discuss is Method's progress.

Method have been using a so called "zerg" strategy in the final phase, basically ignoring the Tide Elemental and focusing their damage on Jaina in order to get her down to 5% without ever killing the elemental. They've been using the strat all day and it's served them well, although it's unclear whether they even can get to that low % with it. Late in the evening a hotfix was pushed that changed the way you had to handle the Tide Elemental's Frost Nova, as it was possible to do a kick rotation and completely disable it. The fix made it so you couldn't cancel it at all, forcing the raid to deal with the nova in different, more difficult ways. Apparently this was the intended way for it to function, but Blizzard hadn't noticed that it wasn't working correctly until the 7th day of progress. This change would completely mess up Method's strategy, while Limit commented that it didn't impact them at all (which presumably meant that they were either handling the Elemental without kicking, or actually killing it so the nova wasn't as much of a threat). This change wasn't announced anywhere, and it just showed up one pull:

This change basically meant the hours upon hours Method had spent perfecting this strategy weren't of that much use, as they'd have to completely change the way they handled Phase 3, as well as change their raid composition (which is very "execute" heavy). An hour or two after that, the hotfix was reverted, but it wasn't clear what the exact reason was, as the fix also caused some unintended consequences: Stormwall Blockade was now unkillable as there were now line of sight issues which meant you couldn't target the boss. Obviously Blizzard had to revert the changes but it was now unclear whether the "fix" to the frost nova would actually make it into today's hotfixes minus the Stormwall issue. Thankfully we got word that no, it was in fact all just a mistake and the nerf to Jaina wasn't intended:

After breathing a collective sigh of relief Method continued and had another best try ever, getting the boss down to 9.9% on their 296th try, showing that a kill could be possible:

They continued raiding pretty late into the night (2:30 AM GMT), presumably because they knew that come Tuesday and the US reset, the race would probably be over. Limit could start their raiding as early as 5PM CET today, and depending on how long it will take them to re-clear, and whether or not they run some more Heroic splits for even more gear, Jaina may die this afternoon. Method will start raiding at 11:30 CET, which will give them 6 - 9+ hours to get the boss down before Limit get to her again, barring some problems on the re-clear.

We also got some viewer info for the Method streams, which pushed WoW to the most watched games this week:

Since everyone is expecting Limit to defeat Jaina after they get to her again, which seems likely considering Method's progress on the boss and how far ahead Limit were to begin with, today will be incredibly tense, especially after 7 PM CET or so, and we'll probably see a whole lot of people following the stream.

So, do you think Jaina will die today after the Limit re-clear? Will Method be able to down here before that? And if they don't, what are your standards for World First/best?


Header art source.

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I'm NA.  /retired/casual I raided with some current Limit and WC Gaming guys back in cat / early mop.

It looks really bad that blizz can't or won't keep things coherent,  Regardless of whom it "favors"

raids should 1) start at the same time.  It's 2019 not 2007.  fix it,

2)Changes SHOULD NOT happen to any encounter unless really really broken.  i.e. boss goes broken/untargetable/immune/resetting.

Really Blizz?  where is the old blizz that would't release until ready and was ran bt real EQ gamers?

It's a Bobby Kotick shitshow.   we warned you.  a decade ago we warned you.  and here it is. a shitshow infront of the biggest live audience you've mustered,    


"small Indy Company" 

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I'm a very amateur theorycrafter, but I think it's fair to say Method's 3rd phase strategy looks really dumb - no harm intended. It's like trying to pry open a high-tech vault with a crowbar.


2 hours ago, dsc said:

Changes SHOULD NOT happen to any encounter unless really really broken.  i.e. boss goes broken/untargetable/immune/resetting.

Really Blizz?  where is the old blizz that would't release until ready and was ran bt real EQ gamers?

In all honesty, the Blizzard you are being nostalgic about never existed (or I just failed to detect the sarcasm). Hotfixes in the past used to be far more frustrating. Actually if someone does the fight as intended (or as we currently think it's intended to be executed) the Elemental change barely interferes with the strategy.

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