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[Classic][H]<Forty Decent People> 18+ Competent Raiding

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We are an 18+ PvE Horde guild of goal oriented individuals who aim to clear all the PvE content that Classic WoW has to offer, and to have a good time doing it. With the ultimate goal of defeating Kel'Thuzad and C'Thun. Leadership is experienced in raiding and we are currently in the process of recruiting more Officers(Rogue), Raiders(application only), Backup Raiders, and general members of all skill levels.

The server type has been decided by vote:
The server type is PvP.

All raid times are EST. We plan to raid 2 nights a week so people do not get burned out. If there is high demand for raids outside of these times, or to extend the raid time to midnight, those discussions will be had once phase 4 is on the horizon because clearing MC, Ony, and BWL in two 4 hour raids is quite doable.
Tuesday 7-11PM
Thursday 7-11PM

Loot will be given out by loot council. Primary decision makers are the Class Officers, with other officers and Master Looter serving as oversight to (hopefully) prevent most drama causing decisions from being made.

No single person has ever carried a 40 man raid to victory. You do not need to be an all star to join us. However, you do need to be able to pull your own weight in the raid. If we can assemble 40 people who all pull their own weight, not a single raid boss will stand in our way.

If you aren't looking to raid, but want to be a part of a guild of decent individuals to run dungeons with or just hang out, you can simply join the guild. You only need to post an application if you want to raid.

Please, do not apply if:
- You cannot respect your fellow raiders, even if they have made a mistake that caused a wipe.
- Multiple raid wipes make you emotionally unstable or hopeless.
- You cannot speak on voice coms.
- You feel like playing for 4 hours 2 times a week is too much of a commitment for you.

Do apply if:
- You are a relaxed person who's fun to play with.
- You are willing to make a long-term commitment to take down Kel'Thuzad and C'Thun.
- You are dedicated to improve and build the raid team with us.

If you read this far, you may be the kind of player we are looking for, if you have questions you can ask them in our Discord, post here, or PM me on discord. The "get-applications-here" channel has instructions on how to apply. Everyone who raids with us applies. Even Shizune the guild leader.

Discord Server: discord.gg/jZCFDjW
Discord PM: Cows_n_Muffins#6526

The next two bumps include our application and updated recruitment roster.

Edited by Shizune

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Also, here is our application in case you're curious. It's not nearly as insane as the super hardcore raiding guilds, lol.

Copy the application text below the line into a text editor, answer the questions and post only the numbered answers in our discord server. **Keep in mind that the maximum discord character limit is 2000 as you type your application.**

1 How old are you? This guild is 18+, if you're not 18, you can apply if someone already in the guild sponsors you, but your performance will be their responsibility.

2 Have you read everything in the FDP GUILD INFORMATION section of the discord?

3 Are you a functional member of society in control of your play time? Killing C'Thun and Kel'Thuzad is a long commitment, is there anything coming up IRL that you KNOW will prevent you from raiding reliably?

4 Character name, spec, professions, why you are leaving your current guild, why you are applying to us.

5 Name and server of your previous raiding guild.

6 What position in the guild(Raider/Officer) are you applying for, and what do you want to accomplish as a member in this guild?
This can be as simple as wanting a stable raiding guild, to as grand as becoming a scarab lord.

7 What do you offer to the guild as a member that another applicant with the same gear and spec might not?

8 What raiding experience do you have? This includes everything from 2004 WoW to 2019 WoW and only then current content. Transmog farming does not count.

9 What bis list(s) are you using to gear your character? Provide links.

10 What do you enjoy doing in game that is not raid related?

11 Tell us a bit about yourself as a person, such as other interests or hobbies.

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Bump. We recruited 4 more raiders since last bump. New loot rule! Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros will be given to enh shamans! LF1M

Here is our current roster and what positions we are recruiting.
Current number of Raiders: 38
Current number of Backup Raiders: 14
Current number of General Members: 10

We are recruiting the following Officer positions:
Raid Lead: VACANT. Currently performed by Shizune.
Recruitment Officer: VACANT. Currently performed by Shizune.
Druid CO(Class Officer): Shizno
Mage CO: Moskeet
Priest CO: Nopulp
Shaman CO: Deflo
Warlock CO: Icyunvme
Warrior CO: Ezsnyper

Please note that with 40 people per raid some people will miss raids due to real life things, or possibly not even make it to 60. If you’d like to raid with us but do not see a spot for your class and spec available, please consider applying as a Backup Raider. You will be first in line to fill a vacant spot in the composition if someone stops playing, and if someone is absent on a given day you can fill in that raid, even if you're a healer and we need dps, you're going to the raid because you can contribute.

We are recruiting the following Raider positions:
1 Druid - Resto
1 Rogue

We are recruiting the following Backup Raider positions:
1-2 Warriors - Must have backup tanking sets for 4 horsemen, and other bosses with lots of adds.
1-2 Healers - any class, druid in high demand
1-2 Melee group DPS - Rogue, Hunter, Enhancement Shaman(You have top priority to get Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.)
1-2 Ranged caster group DPS - Mage, Warlock, Spriest

Edited by Shizune

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