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All Class Guides for Diablo 3 Season 20, Patch 2.6.8

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The Season of Forbidden Archives and its free-for-all Kanai's Cube slot usage is upon us today and it's time to check out what all classes have to offer in our build guide roundup! Most players will probably be focusing on Barbarian, Witch Doctor and Wizard, with the WD getting it's most powerful build to date, and despite those three classes getting the biggest changes and most new toys to play with,  there's plenty of interesting and powerful builds for the other classes as well.

You can also check out the most recent balance patch notes here or check out the Season 20 group meta, solo and speedfarming rankings.


Aside from the new Frenzy build based on the new set, the best Barbarian group build also got a big boost this season, as it's using the 2 part bonus from Horde of the Ninety Savages as well as the new season's power.


Crusaders stayed mostly the same at the very top, with the Condemn LoD build jumping quite a bit into 4th place, the Hammerdin Seeker of Light build going down a tier and the Akkhan versions of the Bombardment and Blessed Shield build getting dropped entirely.


The Demon Hunter got two new top dogs courtesy of both Rapid Fire builds, with the Sentry build dropping a tier, and finally the Marauder versions of Fan of Knives and Multishot got retired.


Monks see the return of the Support Inna build to the very top, with the two Tempest Rush builds moving up to the top 3, as the Uliana Seven-Sided Strike build moves up a tier.


The Necromancer has has a big shakeup at the top, with the Support build rising to the very top in Season 20 thanks to the season power, and the second best build, Poison Nova LoD, also being possible only thanks to the Forbidden Archives buff and using 3 weapons in the Cube.


Witch Doctors got the best deal this season, with another top tier entry in their build lists, as the new Mundunugu set performs very well, as the two Carnevil Posion Darts and Soul Harvest builds stay at the top as well.


Wizrds are the only ones this season to get the two new builds, Hydra-based ones, and the LoD version is a contender for the best build yet, but they did also lose their top build for a long time, with the Bazooka Wiz finally going down after many nerfs.

Now let's get started on the season and don't forget to try out your own builds as well!


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I'd classify the Frost Hydra Wizard (Typhon's Veil) build as Top Tier. I did a season pre-test with P1,000 and very mediocre gear (items complete, but only 1 ancient) and could do GR100 right away.

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5 hours ago, Nobbie said:

I'd classify the Frost Hydra Wizard (Typhon's Veil) build as Top Tier. I did a season pre-test with P1,000 and very mediocre gear (items complete, but only 1 ancient) and could do GR100 right away.

Not saying you're wrong, but there are several reasons a build could perform very well with low effort and still not scale up to pushing the highest rifts.  One of the biggest reasons is being unable to kill elites, including eventually the rift guardian.  Another reason is not being able to gain as much from Area Damage, the most powerful stat in the game, as many other builds are able to.  A GR130 takes over 100 times as much damage to clear as a GR100.  That said, it is still very new and we still don't know how far it will go beyond what we've seen on the PTR.

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I went with monk, Uliana was terrible to collect as I was struggling to fulfill the journey requirements.
I also got "lucky" and rolled inna's daibo instead of something nice to level in cube with.

I can see in EU the leaderboards a certain adjustments to the tempest rush justice monk are being played with the Istvan set swords.
I tried it out to see it was fairly competitive, but Sunwoko is currently sitting on top of europe. Have to say that tailwind is somewhat "boring". I guess I am missing the aggresive smashing animation of archon.

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None of these builds currently have included Community Event Buff variant options which basically opens a skyscraper of new combinative options for Kanai's Cube and greatly changes build math of every type.  Is anyone currently working on this?  I'm awful at strategic math lol.

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