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Combat Rogue Pre-Patch

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Hello, new to rogue. A few questions that are unclear to me after reading the guide:

1. Does the rotation involve using Killing Spree in ST or is it a DPS loss to use it?

2. If Killing Spree should be used in ST, should I start with it and then use Adrenaline Rush + Blade Flurry after it to get the most out of the energy regen + attack speed they provide?

3. Should I use Shiv instead of Sinister Strike if my Deadly Poison stacks are just about to fall off to refresh them?

4. The guide suggests to spend the last 5 points of the talent tree into Relentless Strikes, is it really better than spending them on 3x Ruthlessness and 2x Blood Spatter or is that an oversight?

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