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Question on using Earth Elemental

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Hey - was thinking, is it worth weaving earth elemental into the rotation for extra DPS as an Ele sham?


At start of fight you would drop fire elemental, and once its done, searing totem. However, while Fire Ele is on CD, the CD for earth finishes, so is it worth dropping earth elemental as well for any DPS he'd do, or is it so negligible its not worth it? (Earth Ele would be down same time as searing, not in place of)



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I'm not sure how they are in this pre-patch phase but assuming it is similar to last patch, it is a negligible gain...If you cast in place of a Lightning Bolt and it can attack the boss for its full 1 minute duration then it is a slight gain.  I have actually been using lately when I'm on the move and cant cast...I've been using those times to refresh Searing, Earth Ele, HST, Flame Shock, Earth shock, etc.

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