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No EQ graphic for friendlies?!

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This upsets me (unless I missed something somewhere):


  • Earthquake's visuals are no longer visible for friendly players.


Its hard enough to get the tank to stand in 1 spot these days (in 5 mans especially), but now that they can't even see the visual, its impossible for them to be smart and stop moving if they see it.


If a tank has no idea an AOE is going on, its a complete waste for us to use it if mobs are just going to be moved out of it. They buff EQ to make us use it, then hide it from anyone who'd actually need to know its there...


I get changing this for PvP, but not for PvE. I really hope they revert this change or at least show a ring on the ground if they don't want to show the full effects to friendly players sad.png


Sorry, bit of a vent there but does anyone agree? Am I totally crazy?

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Very true hah. The irony is not lost on me there. I guess I'm just confused at their logic. Even if it wasn't a spell we were using often, with its cast time, cooldown, and static placement, why make it harder to use effectively? If a lock is using reign of fire and no one sees it, at least it can be recast immediately if the mobs move. For us, we're stuck wasting it for the 10sec CD. In any case, I guess we'll see how that plays out.


A friend suggested I macro a flare to it, so at least you see where it might land hah. That or macro 'Casting EQ please don't move for 10 sec!' which would get annoying fast.

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Saw this - felt slightly better...


We'll likely hide Earthquake for allies of the caster (hotfix), and work on a chilled-out visual for a later patch. 

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