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Our guild formed back in 2010 on the realm Burning Blade. The guild mainly exists of people with experience going all the way back to vanilla. Due to Dreanor's superior population we decided in 2014 to come over and continue our adventures here. With recruitment on Draenor being a great success we are currently 14/14(HC) and 11/14(Mythic).


You can expect a friendly atmosphere, mature members, jokes being made even at your expense however we all strive to work together to bring out the best in all of us.


Raiding :


Our Raid days and Times are :


Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday from 19:30 to 23:00 server time.


Voicecoms :


We use TeamSpeak 3 as our choice for voice communitcation, we do expect people to have a working mic and be able to communicate with us in English.


Recruitment :


Your current gear doesnt matter to us since WoD is around the corner however we do expect that you have experience in raiding from previous tiers or games.


We are currently recruiting towards Mythical raiding in WoD and are mainly looking for Healers and a couple of DPS to complete our 20man roster.


Contact us :


Visit: make an application or add Malvious#2342, Jescar#2175 or Rogaldorn#2908 to bnet for a chat.

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