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Silver Proving Grounds Advice

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Does anyone have any tips/tricks/advice on Proving Ground Silver, specifically for Ele shamans? 


I've heard that if you're under 615 ilvl, the scaling doesn't work as well and its actually harder to complete. Anyone experience that?


Any suggestions for which waves to drop a fire ele or ascendance or something? Always make sure to use Unleash Flame before a LvB?


I've watched the DPS vid, and mechanically I'm doing it right, but the dps doesn't seem to be there for me. I was trying at ilvl 598 and didn't have all my MS enchants on (whoops), but thought I'd check with the community. 


Just wondering. :) Thanks!

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I managed it at under 615 - 610 or so. Kept getting stuck at 7 or 8, depending on RNG. specific talents I used when I beat it were 60: Echo of Elements, 90: Unleashed Fury, 100: Liquid Magma.


Echo of Elements helps out quite a bit on the AoE packs with multiple Earthquakes laid down - also knocks down the tanks so that they reorient their shield. Make sure you charge up Earthquake with a Chain Lightning before you cast it. Unleashed Fury mainly because sometimes you can't hit something with Elemental Blast (tank mobs), and Unleash Flame gives a speed boost anyway. Liquid magma is nice when the mobs are grouped up, as each blob does splash damage as well.


I chose mostly passives because it's a gauntlet - you want sustained damage, not burst. Cooldowns are too long unless you save them for the end, or have things planned out as when to use what - which might not get you past things. Liquid Magma is up often enough that it's no problem to cast every other one or save if not needed.

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The dps requirement to finish silver isnt that bad so all that really matters is to cope with the mechanics.


1) Id recommend taking totemic projection so that you can throw your capacitor totem where its needed, may also want to use the cap. totem glyph.


2) Make sure you have wind shear up because you want to use it to interrupt the heals coming from the healer mob.


3) You can use the fact that one of the mobs spawns something that follows you and when it hits a target that target will become stunned and take increased damage. But more importantly make sure that you NEVER get hit by that thing.


4) I would recommend taking elemental mastery instead of echo because the aoe part isnt really where we struggle, its single target that is the problem and elemental mastery gives us increased burst ability when we really need it.


5) Make sure you use your cooldowns. Ascendance and fire elemental can help you a lot when you need a little extra dps.


6) Throw down an earthquake and searing totem just before the mobs spawn. Gives you a little extra that you may need.



I finished it with item level of 609 i think but it was on first try and i think it can probably be done with a lot lower item level.

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Side question - are we able to complete say, the healing silver achievement, but then queue for heroics as DPS? Or do you have to complete silver for the role you queue as?

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