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In Need of Help: How to Defeat Archon Illusionists?

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Hey everyone, 

I'm kinda stuck dealing with those nasty Elite Enemies, especially the ones with that Illusionist thing. Man, those fights get real messy real quick! It's like I'm fighting a whole army with all those copies popping up, and those fire attacks just make things worse. I've tried a bunch of stuff, you know, like focusing on the real deal, dodging those fiery chains like I'm in a dance-off, and blasting 'em with skills that hit everything nearby. But dang it, I keep biting the dust and losing precious time. So, I'm reaching out to you all for some help. Any of y'all got tips or tricks for taking down those Archon Illusionists? What skills or builds should I be packing? And hey, are there any killer items or legendaries that can help me kick their butts? I'd really appreciate any advice you can throw my way. Thanks a bunch in advance!

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