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Ele Sham Stats Question/Help

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My ele sham is roughly 622 ilvl, but I feel very unsatisfied with my dps output, or perhaps my ramp-up/cast time. When I look at my stats, it breaks down like this:


Intellect 2794

Spell Power 3589

Crit 10.40%
Haste 14.58%
Mastery 73.31%
Spirit 784
Multistrike 27.08%
Versatility 1.71%
Just eyeballing it, I feel I have an overabundance of mastery, and what I really wish I had was more haste. In dungeons it often feels like everyone else has cast 3 things before I get my first cast off, (so in many cases stuff dies before I get a good shot at it) but that could be a personal problem and I should simplify my default rotation. (EB, FS, LvB, LB)
My only avenue to get more of a stat seems to be a gem, or an enchant. I've changed all of my enchants to haste (factored into the above), and have 1 MS gem.
I have been getting a number of drops that boost mastery or multistrike at the expense of haste, and have been rather hesitant to equip them and watch my cast times get longer. Sims all tell me go for MS for everything.
I suppose I'm curious if anyone else feels like they don't have much control over this, or if anyone has suggestions on how to balance a bit more. In other threads people have mentioned maintaining 30% haste and I can't even see how to do that unless I get a crap-ton of gear to pick and choose from.  I might switch from EB to UF and see how that feels.
Thanks for any feedback!
EDIT: did my own testing against a target dummy, and figure I'll stick with the MS/EB setup as that brought me more single-target DPS than the other combos I tried.
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Intellect 3198

Spell Power 4154

Crit 10.15%
Haste 12.23%
Mastery 79.53%
Spirit 784
Multistrike 26.62%
Versatility 1.87%




Well I'm 636 ilvl and I feel very unsatisfied concerning dmg and cast time. The only time I feel satisfied is when I cast Elemental Mastery together with Ascendence and burst with Lava Burst.


I just switched from Elemental Blast to Unleashed Fury now just to try it out and because a friend of mine said it is better. 


I'm curious how this will end up in raids in the future. I will post if I experience something else.

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I've had the same problems with haste feeling to low.

Switching from Elemental Mastery to Ancestral Swiftness helped me a lot for this point. It's less bursty and more consistent in terms of cast speed, while the average haste you get from the talents is the same. If your gear gets better/more haste or you need the burst you can always switch the talents ;)


Also switching from EB to UF can be a small dps gain in stationary fights, so the first two bosses in Highmaul and i think some bosses in heroic dungeons. But both talents are perfectly viable, just try what feels better for you.

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Well, I'm glad its not only me, but I have some updates.


After doing a number of training dummy tests and comparing DPS when swapping around haste/multistrike etc, I've somewhat resigned myself to losing the haste and going with MS because of the DPS gain I saw.


I'm also sticking with Elemental Blast because swapping to UF for me was a significant DPS loss.


In a Highmail raid I was able to maintain 13k single target (on Kargath, before the Monday buffs) at 629 and at least for my raid, was ok with that - it ended up being about 85% of my sim so I was happy. We'll see how things continue to go.

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Haste feels low because it is low.  That's why a majority a elemental shamans are complaining that the class feels slow or clunky.  It's the illusion of going from 50% haste at the end of SoO to 12% haste now.  Problem is that if they lessened cast-times now, by the time we enter later tiers in WoD, we would be geared at much higher levels of haste and might feel too "fast" to react appropriately.  


I wouldn't worry too much about stat priorities at the moment by the way.  The Int increases on most pieces will outprioritize any secondary combinations.. even versatility.  Note that a majority of the pieces of gear in Highmaul have haste on them.  At my current ilevel (655), it stopped feeling "clunky".  So your problems/concerns with regards to this will be solved in about 20 or so ilevels.  Elemental mobile DPS continues to feel unrewarding, though.  


Majority of the time I use Ancestral Swiftness with the two UF talents.  Single target DPS is solid.  AOE is good, although very few opportunities to use Earthquake efficiently.  

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