Aggro Shaman Wild Deck List Guide (Rastakhan's Rumble February 2019)

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General Information

This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Aggro Shaman in the Rastakhan's Rumble expansion.

Aggro Shaman is a powerful archetype that has fallen in and out of favour many times throughout Hearthstone's history. It focuses on rapidly developing a fast early-game board presence and then transitioning into an all-out aggressive strategy by following up with a large amount of direct damage from cards like Lava Burst and Lightning Bolt.

In its prime, it was one of the most dominant decks in the game, rapidly snowballing out of control after playing early Tunnel Troggs and Totem Golems. However, after these cards rotated out of the Standard format, the deck saw very little play until the Rastakhan's Rumble expansion. The expansion allowed Aggro Shaman to come back in a big way by providing early-game board control with Likkim and adding in much more spell synergy through Totemic Smash, Zentimo, and Spirit of the Frog.

Despite Aggro Shaman showing a lot of promise during the early days of the meta, the deck has significantly dropped off in power as the meta has become more refined. However, the deck can still perform at Legend ranks and will catch more opponents off guard.

1. Aggro Shaman Wild Card List

This Aggro Shaman Wild deck costs 6,200 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Shaman Cards Neutral Cards
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2. Aggro Shaman Wild Mana Curve


3. Aggro Shaman Wild Mulligan Guide

As an Aggro deck, the Mulligan phase can make or break the game for Aggro Shaman. You should always be looking for your fastest possible opener to seize control of the game and begin pressuring your opponent.

In your opening hand, you should always look for Fire Fly and Likkim. If you already have both of these, you can also look for Unbound Elemental for a perfect Mana curve. Optionally, if you only have Fire Fly in hand, you can keep a copy of Flametongue Totem instead of Likkim.

Against Aggro, you can optionally keep a cheap spell like Zap!, Voltaic Burst or Totemic Smash to ensure you can control the early game.

Against Control, you can keep one of your high-value cards like Spirit of the Frog or Doomhammer to ensure you do not run out of steam in the mid game.

4. Aggro Shaman Wild Strategy

Although Aggro Shaman contains a large amount of direct damage in the deck, it is not possible to win solely with it. To account for this, it is important to get the fastest possible start in the early game to dominate the board and allow your minions to be able to deal the remaining damage. You should use Fire Fly, Unbound Elemental, and Flametongue Totem to establish a board capable of dealing repetitive damage. If necessary, you should use cheap spells like Zap!, Voltaic Burst, and Totemic Smash in addition to your Likkim weapon to protect your board and maximise the damage your minions deal.

Going into the mid game, you can compound your board position further using Thunderhead and slowly transition into a position where you are attacking your opponent directly. You should prioritise playing Doomhammer as early as possible so that you can continually hit your opponent with your weapon each turn. Conversely, you should hold onto direct damage like Lightning Bolt and Lava Burst until the end of the game as their Overload values will hinder your future turns.

Zentimo fulfils a very powerful role in the deck when used correctly. You should always try to pair it with Rockbiter Weapon or Earthen Might when you have at least 3 minions on board to gain a huge burst of damage. Additionally, when using Earthen Might, you should try and position it so that it targets 3 Elementals, such as Fire Fly, Thunderhead, Unbound Elemental, and Spark tokens. This will provide you with 3 random Elementals, many of which have Battlecries that deal damage, to keep pressuring your opponent.

Spirit of the Frog is another niche card used in the deck that offers a huge amount of value. Due to the large number of low-Cost spells in the deck, you will regularly find yourself in a position to draw a large number of cards with it. To maximise its value, you should try and use it on turns when you have at least 6 Mana spare and anticipate needing to use multiple spells. This way you will be able to start by using a Zap!, followed by whichever 1-Cost and 2-Cost spells you draw and finishing with a Lava Burst or Feral Spirit in hand.

Winning games will come down to a mix of repetitive damage from minion on the board and a large chunk of burst damage coming from spells and weapons in your hand. As previously mentioned, using your burst damage prematurely will Overload you in the mid game and hurt your overall tempo. However, there is also a secondary benefit. Holding onto your spells will allow you to potentially pair them with a Wrath of Air Totem for additional damage if you are fortunate enough. This also creates an exception to the aforementioned rule, if you are running low on cards and have plenty of Mana to spare, then you can freely use any damage spells you have on your opponent if at any point you roll a Spell Damage totem from your Hero Power.

5. Aggro Shaman Wild Card Swaps

Krag'wa, the Frog can be included to provide an additional way to generate more burst damage.

Knife Jugglers can be added to the deck to squeeze extra damage out of cheap minions and tokens in the deck.

6. Budget Aggro Shaman Wild Deck

Aggro Shaman is a relatively inexpensive deck that can be made cheaper by substituting the Legendary minions in the deck, Zentimo and Electra Stormsurge. The removal of these minions has no significant impact on the performance of the deck and it is more than capable of competing at high ranks without them.

Shaman Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAaoIAu4BjIUDDu8B4AL5A4YG4AbwB7EI68ICsPAC9vACj/sCm/8CnP8C9ooDAA== (copy to clipboard)

The addition of Knife Jugglers over the Legendary minions in the deck will allow you to have an even more aggressive early game. You should try to pair them with Voltaic Burst and tokens from Thunderhead for additional damage to chip away at opponents. With the removal of Zentimo, you can use Earthen Might much more liberally and can pair with early-game Elementals for strong tempo plays. Conversely, this change greatly lowers the value of Rockbiter Weapon and you should try to pair it exclusively with Doomhammer.

7. Wild Aggro Shaman Wild Deck

If you wish to Aggro Shaman Wild in Hearthstone's Wild format, there are many extra tools that you have at your disposal. A general deck you can play in the Wild format is shown below.

Shaman Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAaoIBO0FhBeZ+wKMhQMN7gHvAeAC+QPgBvAH1g+yFMoW96oCoLYCm/8C9ooDAA== (copy to clipboard)

This Wild variant adds in many minions like Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem and Flamewreathed Faceless for much more explosive openers. To maintain control of the board, there is also the tech of Maelstrom Portal and Bloodmage Thalnos to hinder other Aggro decks. Lastly, the deck has Crackle to add a significant boost to the final burst damage of the deck.

8. Quick Tips and Tricks

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10. Changelog

  • 08 Feb. 2019: Deck has been reviewed for the February balance patch.
  • 01 Jan. 2018: Deck has been reviewed for the January play season.
  • 09 Dec. 2018: Deck added.
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