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Arcane Giant Grim Patron Warrior Wild Un'Goro Deck

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The following guide outlines how to play Arcane Giant Grim Patron Warrior. This deck features more board control and card draw than more traditional Midrange Grim Patron decks. To compensate for the lack of minions, the deck uses Arcane Giants to synergise with the Spell heavy nature of the deck and to provide powerful late-game turns.


Arcane Giant Grim Patron Warrior Wild Un'Goro Deck

Our deck costs 4,400 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Warrior Cards Neutral Cards
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Mana Curve



Grim Patron Warrior is a deck, as the name suggests, built around the incredible combo potential of Grim Patron and the synergies it has with various Warrior cards. This build of the deck steers away from the more common Midrange variants of the deck, which uses strong minions to pressure the board during the mid-game, and returns to a more combo oriented style that was used before the nerf to Warsong Commander.

During the early-game you are only looking to control the board. Fiery War Axe is nearly always the best choice for dealing with any early aggression your opponent may throw at you. While Blood To Ichor and Slam gain additional value if the target survives, you should not hesitate to remove a threat if they are your only options. Although your cards like Whirlwind and Inner Rage are fantastic tools to use with your Grim Patrons or Grommash Hellscream later in the game, you should not be afraid to use them to help control the board early. Since you play such a huge number of Whirlwind and 1 Damage effects, you will usually have at least 1 or 2 in your hand by the time you wish to activate a combo.

You should be looking to get value out of Acolyte of Pain where possible. With Arcane Giants in the deck, it is usually best to play Inner Rage or Blood To Ichor immediately onto your Acolyte as this not only guarantees an additional card draw but also contributes towards lowering the cost of your Arcane Giants allowing them to be played sooner.

On turn 4 you should be looking to play Death's Bite in most situations. The 4 attack of the Weapon is able to deal with almost any minion played at this stage of the game and is also a key card to have available for future turns. Having the Weapon equipped is often a key part to replicating your Grim Patrons due to the Whirlwind from the Deathrattle, because of this it is usually best to not use the second charge of the Weapon until you are ready to play a Grim Patron. Although the Weapon is an excellent board control tool, if you are planning on playing a Grim Patron the following turn then it is important you expend a charge weapon immediately, even if there is not a good target to attack, to ensure you have access to the Whirlwind effect on the following turn.

From turn 5 onwards you should be looking for opportunities to get value from your Grim Patron. As a general rule, you should be looking to get 4 into play and leave your opponent with an empty board. The most common way to achieve this is to use a single damage spell such as Inner Rage or Blood To Ichor combined with Whirlwind effect from Death's Bite, Wild Pyromancer, or Whirlwind. Where possible, you should aim to draw cards from the combo by playing Acolyte of Pain into the Whirlwind effects or playing Battle Rage afterwards to refill your hand. As you are performing your combo it is important to note that replication happens before dead minions are removed from the board. This means that if you damage a Grim Patron and kill another minion at the same time, you will to miss out on extra Grim Patrons if your board is full. To prevent your opponent from taking advantage of this mechanic, it is important to always leave space on your board for new Grim Patrons to spawn.

This deck uses the Wild Pyromancer and Commanding Shout synergy as a powerful tool to draw cards and control the board. The Commanding Shout creates an immortal Wild Pyromancer for one turn, which allows you to repeatedly deal 1 damage to all minions on the board as long as you have spells to play. As your minions do not die, you can get huge value out of Battle Rage guaranteeing a minimum of 2 card draws, which can be invaluable to cycle cards in games where you cannot get anything to stick on the board.

As a recent addition to the deck, Arcane Giant creates an extra win condition against opponents that are able to deal with your Grim Patrons. Most decks will exhaust their resources dealing with your Grim Patrons, this makes it unlikely for your opponent to have an answer to a big Tempo play with Arcane Giants. The Spell heavy nature of the deck means that they will be free or cheap to play in the late game, which allows you to play multiple large threats in one turn either by playing multiple Arcane Giants together or playing one alongside Dr. Boom or Grommash Hellscream.


Synergies & Combinations

Wild Pyromancer can be combined with Commanding Shout to provide a flexible board clear when extra Spells are added to the mix.

Playing Spells throughout the game will help decrease the Mana cost of Arcane Giant .

The Whirlwind effect cards, such as Whirlwind and Death's Bite, along with the 1 damage effect cards, such as Inner Rage, can be used in combination with:


Mulligans & Matchup Specific Strategies.

In all matchups you should be looking to keep a copy of Fiery War Axe to help control the board. You should additionally look to keep a copy of Death's Bite as it is a key card in activating your combos and also provides excellent mid game board control. If you have both of these cards, you can additionally look for copies of Acolyte of Pain or Slam to allow you to start drawing through your deck.

Against Aggro decks, you can additionally keep a copy of Blood To Ichor in your opening hand to help control the board. In these matchups, your only goal should be survival and controlling the board should be prioritised. Getting 2 Grim Patrons onto an empty board also provides a quicker win condition as aggressive decks usually lack the necessary removal to get back onto the board.

Against Midrange decks, you should be aiming to win by flooding the board with Grim Patrons. You can keep your opening hand if it consists of exactly Death's Bite, Grim Patron, and Inner Rage as this will allow you to activate your combo on turn 5 before your opponent is able to create a board that can deal with it.

Against Control decks, you can additionally keep Execute in your opening hand to deal with any big threats. Drawing through your deck should be the priority as you will need to rely on your big threats to win the game. You should still combo your Grim Patrons to force resources out of your opponent, however you should never expect to get value out of them and therefore should only use excess combo pieces with them, ensuring you have the tools to continue further into the game.


Card Swaps

Sir Finley Mrrgglton can be included over Dr. Boom for more flexibility.

A copy of Inner Rage can be swapped out for a Ravaging Ghoul or Unstable Ghoul.



  • 02 Apr. 2017: The deck has been reviewed and deemed appropriate for the Journey to Un'Goro expansion.
  • 23 Dec. 2016: Deck has been reviewed and deemed appropriate for Means Streets of Gadgetzan meta.
  • 27 Oct. 2016: Deck added.
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