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Armor Jade Druid Deck

Last updated on Dec 31, 2017 at 10:10 by L0rinda 32 comments

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With the addition of Psychic Scream in the KoboldsandCatacombs expansion, Jade Druid's matchup against //www.icy-veins.com/hearthstone/highlander-priest-archetype-guide became significantly worse. Armor Druid attempts to address that issue by gaining so much Armor that the Priest runs out of resources. Against other decks, Aggro in particular, the extra Armor is still valuable and does not ruin the main premise of the deck.

1. Armor Jade Druid Card List

This deck costs 8,360 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Druid Cards Neutral Cards

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2. Armor Jade Druid Mana Curve


3. Comments On The Armor Jade Druid Variation

This list does not use Wrath.

The primary aim of this version of Jade Druid is to generate more Armor than more standard versions of the deck. This is done with Oaken Summons, which is used to fetch Fandral Staghelm or Ironwood Golem. Other than that strategical change, the idea of the deck is the same. You are aiming to stall the game while you ramp up to cast Ultimate Infestation, and then develop bigger and bigger Jade Golems.

This version of the deck can be a little slow to develop onto the board, so Arcane Tyrant is included for some board presence. Branching Paths is extremely versatile in this build, and you should carefully consider your opponent's deck before using it. Against Priest, you will often want to use the Armor option. You can use the Card Draw option to negate a slow start, while you can use the minion buff particularly well in conjunction with Spreading Plague.

4. Strategy Changes for Armor Jade Druid

With no Jade Spirit or Wrath in your deck, you will not only develop your Jade Golems more slowly, but you will have less obvious removal. This means that Oaken Summons is a key card in this version of the deck. Fetching Ironwood Golem early on is a great way to slow down most opponents. If you hit Fandral Staghelm instead, it is almost the same thing as your opponent will be scared of a Turn 5 Nourish.

You should be careful to make sure there is always a Jade Idol in your deck. Without the Jade Spirits, you will not be able to generate huge Jade Golems without shuffling in some Jade Idol at some point in the game.

5. Pros and Cons of Armor Jade Druid

This version of Jade Druid is substantially better against Highlander Priest. It should be noted though, that it is far from invincible, and you should look to end the game before the Priest can hit you for large amounts of damage at the end. Basic principles from the main guide should still be applied.

The deck is less explosive than the main build. It does not occupy the board well, and is weaker in the mirror where the Armor gain makes very little difference and the lack of Mire Keeper will often put you behind in the race to cast Ultimate Infestation.

6. Further Variant

If you want to go even more all-in on the Armor plan, it is acceptable to change Fandral Staghelm for Kun the Forgotten King.

7. Armor Jade Druid Quick Mulligan Guide

You should generally mulligan for the following cards:

8. About the Author

L0rinda has extensive experience with Hearthstone. After starting out with Arena and becoming one of the most prominent streamers in that format, he moved over to Constructed and now primarily spends his time as a caster for Blizzard, Starladder, and Dreamhack.

9. ChangeLog

  • 31 Dec. 2017: This version of Jade Druid is very defensive and is build with beating Highlander Priest in mind.
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